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Have you ever wondered exactally why you lust after animals. ever check out that dog walking down the street, unstead of her female owner. Well, here is Equanimae's "The Ancient Origins of Zoophilia and of the Taboo Against Zoophilia" , a compelling essay about his theroys of zoophilia.

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The Ancient Origins of Zoophilia and of the Taboo Against Zoophilia


by Equanimae - 5 August 1998


The origins of Zoophilia


When did zoophilia or zoosexuality begin? It must have been a long,

long time ago, BEFORE the beginning of recorded history. However, in

REALLY ancient times, (say, 3 million years before the present to some

50 thousand years ago) tribes or bands of hunter-gatherer humans would

probably simply have killed and eaten any animal they managed to get

their hands on.


Why is there a Taboo against Zoophilia?


Human sex with animals has been practiced AND enjoyed by both the human

and animal participants since very ancient times. There can be no doubt

that, using a minimum of common sense, the practice of zoosexuality was

and is, soul-gratifying, wholesome, and safe.

The questions that come to mind are then, WHY did such practices stop?

- or, HOW was it that zoosexuality became forbidden, and since WHEN did

it become forbidden? WHY is there NOW a social taboo against zoophilia?

The answers to these questions are discussed in what follows.


The evidence for ancient Zoophilia


There is ample evidence for Zoophilia in prehistoric times - there are

rather beautiful cave paintings, reliefs and other artifacts from the

paleolithic era. However, the MAIN evidence is the way that human

sexuality works at the present time - Humans are the most highly sexual

beings that we know of, and humans are also extremely VISUALLY sexual

(if you doubt that humans are visually sexual, simply notice that the

most profitable internet business sector so far is the sex-industry

sector, or notice the growth in recent years of the sex-video industry,

or watch a few MTV music videos).


Visual sexually arousing shapes for humans


Apparently, humans are instinctively pre-programmed to be sexually

aroused by certain visual SHAPES, for example, the front of the female

torso (with the round breasts and hairy mount of Venus); the rear of the

female torso (with the back and rounded buttocks); and the erect male

penis with the rounded testicles or balls - note the great similarity

between these two last shapes, which is recorded in many paleolithic

works of art. There is also the shape of the open female vulva, showing

the clitoris and inner labia surrounded by the hairy external lips, and

that of the open female genitalia, showing the anus, vulva and vaginal

opening, flanked by the twin rounded buttocks. The viewing of these

shapes can induce a HYPNOTIC state, which was called FASCINATION by

ancient Roman authors. Of course, the whole naked female or male body,

are also sexually arousing.


The malleability of the human sexual instinct


However, in humans the sexual instinct is not absolutely pre-programmed.

The form of expression it will take in the adult depends heavily on

cultural indoctrination during childhood and on the first sexual

encounters (IMPRINTING) that the individual has (before and) during

puberty, which is the reason for FETISHES. Additionally, the human

psyche is SO malleable that with certain kinds of upbringing and

environment it is possible to produce adult humans that cannot be

sexually aroused (FRIGIDITY or IMPOTENCE, for example, if the individual

has NO gratifying sexual encounters, before or during puberty), or even

with an AVERSION to sex.


Ancient human sexuality


If modern humans are so strongly sexed, this necessarily means that

prehistoric humans were also strongly sexed. Because of this,

prehistoric human tribes or bands must have had a social organization

similar to that of the modern Bonobo monkeys, in which sexual

gratification forms a part of almost any encounter between individuals

(See below for some links on Bonobo social organization and sexuality).


The domestication of animals


But, as soon as domestication of animals began to happen, zoophilia HAD

to occur - it was just too handy and attractive not to. In fact, that

is how the very first domestication of animals had to have happened.

The bond between say, dogs and humans began with attraction, love, and

sex between dogs and humans - and the same for the bond between humans

and horses, donkeys, reindeer, goats, sheep, bovines, and so on. The

animals learned to love the humans, and stayed with them. This would

have happened mainly with SOME species of animals - mostly with MAMMALS

(their shapes and psyches are similar to ours) and only with those

species and individual animals that were "turned on" by human contact.


At about some 50 thousand years ago, domestication of animals began,

although bands or groups of humans were generally still nomadic. But,

what a great advantage to a nomadic tribe to have horses or donkeys for

transportation! And goats and cows gave milk, and canines gave

protection. Because of these advantages, domestication of animals (and

sexual relations with them) must have spread like wildfire throughout

human communities (the "me-too" phenomenon). It must have been a great

prestige when groups of humans that had domesticated animals met for

socializing or trading with groups that didn't - young animals must have

been given as gifts or in trade. Or, once they saw that it could be

done, groups that didn't have animals set out to catch some for

themselves. The domestication of animals by humans represented a

technological advance as powerful as the domestication of fire had been

some tens of millenia earlier, providing obvious advantages to those

human groups that adopted this new technology. The ancient Romans

recognized that "Knowledge is power." However, we can now see that it

is SHARED knowledge that provides the power to change the course of

human history.


The origins of farming and civilization


It wasn't until the domestication of plants (that is, the discovery of

AGRICULTURE) at about some 15 to 10 thousand years ago, that human

groups had a good reason for staying in the same place for extensive

periods of time. - It was only then that the first farms, and eventually

cities were founded (what we now consider "ancient" civilizations,

before even the Sumerians or ancient Egyptians - these came in at about

5 thousand years ago). Domestication of other animals, fowl, rabbits,

cats, and so on, probably occurred after humans were settled down at the



The Love-Sex Religion of the Mother Goddess


The development of human intelligence was a VERY slow process. As

previously mentioned, in the beginning bands of humans must have had a

social organization and sexuality similar to that of the Bonobo monkeys.

As women were the ones who bore, suckled, and nurtured each of their

children, each human had a natural bond with his or her mother - the

mothers were the NATURAL authority of the tribe. Also, because of their

beards or facial hair, all adult MEN were essentially faceless, somewhat

lacking in individual identity. As human intelligence began to develop,

these factors must have given rise to the ancient Mother Goddess

Love-Sex religion, some 100 thousand years ago, or perhaps as early as

several hundred thousand years ago.


The Adoration of the Face of the Mother Goddess


Early on, some intelligent woman must have recognized the hypnotic

effect the shapes of her body had on the other members of her tribe.

She must also have recognized that sexual pleasure HAS to be a "gift

from the Gods." She must have started some ceremonies, to make sex more

interesting, and to give thanks to the Gods for this gift. At first,

these rites must have been rather simple, but with time, they could have

become more elaborate (Remember, this happened over the span of

millenia). One of these early rites must have been the "Adoration of

the Face of the Mother Goddess," in which a simple "altar" was made in a

suitable place, probably a tree with a couple of sturdy branches forking

out at about eye-level, or a little higher. The tribe would gather in

front of the altar, and the priestess, covered with a fur or robe, would

squat down with her feet on the branches and her back on the tree-trunk.

Slowly, maybe with tom-toms beating, she would open the robe with

downward stretched arms, showing her body, the "Face of the Mother

Goddess," her breasts becoming the Eyes and her open vulva the Mouth of

the Goddess. The tribe watched, completely fascinated.


The Little Mother Goddess


In this position, her body and robe were also replicating the shape of

the "little Mother Goddess" that every woman has in her open vulva, with

open arms and love for all her children. Then the priestess (who had

now become the Goddess) beckoned her children to come forward, and they

did, one by one, to look up close at her open vulva, and at the lovely

"little Mother Goddess" within. Each one came forward and smelled Her

"love-smell" and kissed this "little Goddess," and felt him or herself

in communion with the Goddess and with the tribe. On special occasions,

such as the initiation of a young one to sexual adulthood, a wonderful

thing would happen as the young one put his or her face to the "little

Goddess" - A jet of clear liquid with the smell of the Goddess would

gush forth and bathe his or her face and body; it was the Goddess's

"water of life," signaling the Goddess's approbation and love for her

child. This was probably the origin of baptismal ceremonies. During

such rites, the members of the tribe would obviously become quite

sexually aroused, and after the ceremony they would have sex with each

other, which would cement their feeling of communion with each other and

with the Goddess. Much later, other religions have copied this shape of

the "little Goddess" for their own goddess representations.


As time passed, the altar and ceremonies must have become more

elaborate. For example, in other ceremonies the priestess must have

presented her posterior for the adoration of the participants, on all

fours with her rear up in the air, showing the glorious dark starburst

of her anus on top of her wide open vulva-lips - another of the

beautiful faces of the great Mother Goddess - they may have even painted

"eyes' on her rounded buttocks to make this "face" of the Goddess more

easily visible. The altar would have been a simple platform, or

suitable tree branches, so that the priestess's vulva would have been at

the face level of the participants. Again, the members of the tribe

would have come forth to smell and kiss this face of the Mother Goddess,

and to receive Her water of life. In later ceremonies there must have

been alternation between the headwoman and other women of the tribe at

the altar, singing, music, erotic dances, feasts of food and drink, and

so on.


The adoration of the Phallus - the consort of the Mother-Goddess


Eventually there must have been ceremonies in which a man or young boy

was placed squatting up on the altar. The priestesses would come forth

and slowly begin to smell his sex, making his penis become erect - then

they would slowly kiss his balls and erect phallus, continuing until he

ejaculated, showering them with this other form of the Goddess's "water

of life." These ceremonies would cause tremendous sexual arousal on the

watching members of the tribe, who would then have sex with each other.

Tribes that practiced these rites would have ensured their fertility and



The first Zoosexual encounters


The domestication of animals must have begun when a woman brought in a

young orphaned filly to the tribe's camp or cave. She must have begged

the tribe's headwoman to let her keep the animal. The headwoman finally

consented. Eventually, the filly became a mare, accepted as part of the

tribe. When this mare became fertile, she must have escaped to mate

with a wild stallion - but she then returned to give birth with her

human friends of the tribe. The mare may have repeated this several

times. One of these births was a male colt. These young animals were

considered as members of the tribe, lived with the tribe, and slept

where the people of the tribe slept (since they had been reared with

humans, the animals probably considered themselves as human).


It must have been a lovely morning, some 50 thousand years ago, when a

young girl awoke and looked up to see the young colt standing near her

head. Then, something wonderful happened - a long phallus began

slithering out from the between the rear legs of the colt! The young

girl looked at this wonderful thing, mesmerized. The colt peed, and she

smelled the lovely aroma of the horse-pee. She moved closer to see

better, and reached out to touch the colt's phallus - it was something

WONDERFUL, this enormous phallus and balls! At that moment, the young

girl had an epiphany, feeling the many thousands of years that women

like her would have in the future, consorting and having sex with such

lovely gifts from the Goddess! As she had seen in the Phallus ceremony,

she began to caress and kiss the colt's phallus and balls. Since the

colt was used to her, he didn't flinch, but began to enjoy the sexual

arousal he was beginning to feel His phallus became fully erect,

enjoying the young girl's kisses and caresses And once he'd felt this

delicious feeling for the first time, he would come back again and again

for more. It may not have happened during the first the first

occasion, but eventually the girl let the colt mount her - it was

wonderful! - he was so BIG! And when the colt came, he filled her to

overflowing This was quite a wonderful experience, both for the girl

and for the colt. The girl and the colt must have repeated this many

times - the tribe's headwoman decided that this was indeed another gift

from the Goddess, and accepted the horses as members of the tribe, and

the stallion-phallus pleasuring as one more of the tribe's customs and



Animal Sex Religion


After this happy initial encounter, the tribe must have begun to catch

more horses, started its herd - and in meetings with other tribes, they

must have traded them, or given them as gifts. With the horses came the

having sex with them, so this custom spread to other tribes. And once

humans realized that some animals could be domesticated (TECHNOLOGY)

then they would try to domesticate others. Soon canines, bovines,

donkeys, goats and other animals became part of human tribes. As these

were seen as gifts from the Goddess, having sex with them was seen as a

form of thanking the Goddess for Her goodness and love for Her children,

and as a normal part of their life and their religious ceremonies. The

animals, and their bodies and genitals, came to be seen as part of the

Mother Goddess herself, or as her divine companions. With time, the

ceremonies must also have become more elaborate, with preparations such

as washing of the animals' genitals, anointing them with scented oils

and perfumes, dressing them with garlands of flowers, and so on. The

men of the tribe must have also participated in these zoosexual

encounters and ceremonies. This state of affairs continued for some

FORTY thousand years.


The care of the animals


Such animals lived with the tribe, and since they were sacred, they were

honored members of the tribe. Some tribes may have felt a special

kinship with a single species of animal, and considered them their

TOTEM. Since the woman who had sexual relations with an animal was in

charge of caring for that particular animal, (much like a mother is in

charge of each of her children) then these women learned how to care for

these animals. In this way the lore of "animal husbandry" began to be

accumulated. Their learning was passed on to their daughters, who

passed on to theirs, and so on. In time, these women were the ones in

charge of the tribe's sacred herds, kennels, and so on. This may have

been the origin of the image of religious persons as a "shepherds" or



The young girls' vaginal dilation


It must have been a great honor for a girl-child to be selected by the

headwoman to be in charge of the young animals that were born to the

tribe's herds or kennels. Some young girls must have begun their sex

lives with young horses or donkeys, and the girl's vaginal size slowly

got bigger and bigger as the animal and his organ grew. Of course, if a

woman can give birth to a human baby, then her vagina definitely has the

capacity for large-size objects, especially if it is stretched slowly

over a period years - it may have even resulted in easier childbirth for

these women when they became pregnant and gave birth to human children

with larger brain sizes. This must have provided an important survival

advantage for those tribes that practiced zoophilia. These women must

have copulated with their horses or donkeys during the tribe's religious

ceremonies to the Goddess - such ceremonies must have been tremendously

sexually arousing to the spectators, again assuring the tribe's

fertility and growth.


The drinking of animal semen


Not necessarily all of the women of the tribe practiced religious

zoosexual penetration. Since the penises of equines are so long, in

other rites women priestesses may have simply practiced fellatio on

horses or donkeys, getting them to ejaculate and then drinking their

copious semen (another form of the "Water of Life"). Fellatio of dogs

and other male animals, and the sucking and drinking of their semen,

their "Water of Life," must have also been practiced. Since semen is

so highly nutritious, this must have enhanced the health of these holy

women, proving to themselves and to the rest of the tribe that they were

indeed "favored by the Goddess."


Why did the Religion of the Mother Goddess disappear?


History tells us that the REALLY ancient gods were all female. Then,

apparently something rather traumatic happens. Over a period of time of

maybe about one thousand years (around 10 to 15 thousand years ago) the

nurturing female gods are replaced by very stern MALE gods.


The ancient religions that accepted sex as a link to the gods, or as

part of the divine, were replaced with religions in which sex is evil

and/or a sin - something VERY bad. And if for these religions ordinary

human sex is bad, zoophilia is EXTREMELY bad. If the religion of the

Mother Goddess was so wonderful, Why did it disappear? How did this

terrible thing happen?


Permanent human settlements and the accumulation of riches


Part of the reason was the humans own intelligence and success as a

species. Once humans discovered agriculture, they had to stay in one

place to harvest the crops they had planted. Instead of nomadic living,

humans began to stay in the same place. Since it was possible to

produce an excess of food, there was an increase in the population

living around the farmed areas. People began to build houses, and they

kept stored grain, extra clothing, beautiful objects and other valuables

in these houses.


The development of hierarchies


For millions of years, humans had lived in bands of some 20 to 60

persons - they knew personally all of the members of their band - But

now there were hundreds or even thousands of people living in each of

these agricultural settlements; it began to be no longer possible to

know everyone who lived around you. Religion began to get more

elaborate - no longer did the headwoman or chief priestess know

personally all the people in her community - a hierarchy began to

develop, with sub-priestesses, acolytes, helpers and so on. The chief

priestesses no longer felt a direct BOND with each of the members of

community. What caused the downfall of the Mother Goddess religion may

have been something subtle, such as he chief priestesses having

developed an excessive love for riches, and have begun to demand

tributes or gifts to allow people to attend the religious services, or

to participate in the ceremonies. The people may have then begun to

feel that the love of the Mother Goddess, which had always been free,

was now being withheld from them if they weren't rich enough to pay the



The male-underclass society - Amazons


Or, it could have been something more direct and oppressive, such as the

active discrimination of the males, which may have begun with small

details. However, this discrimination, if unchecked over a time span of

several generations or even several hundred years, would have slowly

turned the males into a slave or servant underclass - What were men good

for anyway? They were not MADE in the likeness of the Mother Goddess.

Because of their beards or facial hair, all adult males were essentially

faceless to the ruling matriarchs anyway - they all looked the same!

Eventually, the priestesses must have decided that the men were good

only as slaves, and to fecundate the women, so that they could have more

girl-children - the boy-children that were born would have been a

relatively worthless by-product. We may have some inkling of such a

situation in ancient myths or stories of women-dominated tribes like the

Amazons (though, the story of the Amazons dates from many thousands of

years after the height of the Matriarchal age).


The rebel conspiracy


In either case, the people (or the men) would not have stood up for this

forever - they were just as smart as the ruling priestesses, even if

they did not have any power within the tribe. They must have dreamed of

the day in which they would be free from their oppressors, and prayed

for someone to come and lead them out of this terrible situation - a

underground rebel conspiracy against the ruling priestesses must have

smoldered in the human settlements for generations. They must have

approached some of the matriarchs, asking them to change their ways - to

go back to the way it was before, with the love of the Mother Goddess

being free and equal for all of Her children, both male and female - the

matriarchs laughed at them. After such rebuttals, the conspirators must

have planned in great detail how they would go about their revolution,

and what they would do afterwards so that the matriarchs would never

rule again. Among other things, they decided that they would re-write

(so to speak) history, ERASING from the memory of mankind the epoch of

the ruling of the matriarchs. All records or artifacts relating to the

sex-religion of the Mother Goddess were to be deliberately destroyed.


The coveting of riches - the desire for War


Eventually, one of the conspirators must have noticed that all the other

settlements that they knew of were without any kind of defense. They

could have ALL the riches of these other settlements, if only they could

convince the ruling matriarchs of the need to put together an army to

attack and rob them.. The conspiracy grew hotter - the leaders

convinced new converts telling them of all the riches they would have if

they would help in the revolution against the matriarchs.


Some rumors of this conspiracy must have reached the ears of the ruling

matriarchs, but to them it was simply UNTHINKABLE that the people would

revolt - the people had ALWAYS been subservient to the priestesses, for

as long as anyone could remember, and anyway, the Mother Goddess would

never permit such a thing.


The revolution against the Matriarchs - and the beginning of the

Patriarchal age


Nevertheless, the day came in which the rebels began a very bloody

revolution - killing ALL the ruling matriarchs and any woman that

belonged to the priestly hierarchy, and probably keeping only very young

girl-babies, so there would be no memory and chance of the old regime

coming back. After so many generations of being oppressed by the

matriarchs, they would NEVER let women have power again.


And once the fear of killing had been overcome in their own settlement,

it was easy to attack OTHER settlements and kill THEIR priestesses. And

once the demon of WAR had been let loose, there was no way to put it

back in the bottle. An age of war and carnage must have prevailed for

generations, and all human communities either became warlike or

enslaved, or perished. Humanity fell back into a state of semi-savagery

- the first Dark Ages had begun.


From now on, all the important gods would be male. And ANY kind of

female sexuality would definitely be suppressed - lest it lead back to

the bad old days of the Mother Goddess religion. Girls would be kept as

virgins until marriage, or their clitoris or vulva mutilated or

amputated, so their sexual capacity would be stunted. From this time

on, the women would be servants or slaves to the men.


Remember, all of this happened many thousands of years before the

beginning of recorded history - even the stories of the Bible do not

begin until several thousands of years after these events.


Witches and Sabbats - Centaurs, minotaurs, satyrs, and fauns...


Specially suppressed would be any kind of zoophilia - Stories would be

made up, of how devils or anti-gods would appear, in shape of animals,

to temp women to have sex with them. Of how REALLY evil women, witches,

would have sex with these devil-animals in horrible orgies called



Scary stories would be told to young children, about centaurs,

minotaurs, satyrs, fauns, and other half-human half-animal beings - so

that any girl would be afraid that, if she ever had sex with an animal,

they would become pregnant with such a monster, and their guilt would

eventually be evident to everyone in their community as soon as they

gave birth.


And, if anyone, man or woman actually had sex with an animal, the

religious laws indicated VERY severe punishment, or even death (for

example, read the Bible...). And from that time on, the male-dominated

societies would use their animals for war, not love.


Ethics and the nature of Evil


What one can see here is that the epoch of the Mother Goddess, which

lasted for perhaps more than a HUNDRED thousand years, was a period in

which human life was wonderful - each human child was cherished, and

felt to be a gift from the Goddess. Humanity lived in harmony with

nature, taking only what was needed. Sex was one of the greatest gifts

of the Goddess, to be enjoyed and savored, be it with other human

beings, or with the animals that the Goddess had placed in this world

with us.


What caused the expulsion of humanity from this paradise was NOT sex, or

riches, or technology. The problem began when the Matriarchs began

acting as if they themselves were goddesses, and not merely the

representatives of the Goddess, and began taking the goodwill of the

people for granted. And, that is the true essence of EVIL - Evil is the

ABUSE of power. That is, EVIL exists when someone who has power through

position, knowledge or technology, uses that power to HARM those that

depend on her or him, or through inaction, ALLOWS harm to occur to them.

And, as this very painful example shows us, ignorance is no excuse. The

Goddess will not suffer fools. She expects us to use our intelligence

to think things through; if WE don't, then it's our hide and those of

our descendants.


The rebels may have felt justified in their bloody revolt against the

Matriarchs, saying that it was the Matriarchs' sin against their people

that caused them to do this terrible thing. Nevertheless, there can be

no doubt that the FAR greater sin was the rebels' crime against

humanity, bringing about the age of WAR. We may have some inkling of

the immense guilt and regret that the rebels' survivors and descendants

felt, in later religious stories in which they attempted to blame the

temptation of "woman" for the "original sin" that caused humanity's

expulsion from paradise.


The present age of enlightenment


Through the centuries, there have been sporadic attempts to revive the

ancient religions - but these have either been persecuted or have

succumbed to warlike aggressors. Notice the persecution of "witches" in

the Middle Ages. Notice also how in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the

"devil" is usually represented as an anthropomorphic ram or goat, such

as the "Goat of Mendes." It is not until the present "age of

enlightenment" that zoophilia or zoosexuality can again be practiced

without great fear of persecution... How long will this enlightenment

last? It can be that we don't WANT to remember the past, and are

consequently condemned to relive it...


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Dedicated to Joachim Persson, whose wonderful drawings inspired me to

write this essay.


Equanimae - 5 August 1998


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