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If your having problems with ZooHaven, please contact the webmaster at

As I hear of any problems that customers are having, I will add the remedy to this page.

Playing problems Incomplete downloads General Movie player guide

Playing problems

Q: Your movies won't play.
Q: I get sound but no picture.
A: The media players that come with your computer can only play basic videos, to play all files you should use VLC media player. It is free, and you can get it here VLC. It is by far the best media player on every system and it's what everyone uses now :)

Q: This mpeg file is all screwed up
A: Your probably trying to watch it in RealPlayer, it screws up some mpegs, it is a REALLY bad program. I also find Quicktime player very limited. Thankfully there are alternatives, if you install Real Alternative then you can watch RealMedia files in Windows Media Player and you won't have to use that horrible RealPlayer again. There is also QuickTime Alternative which allows you to watch quicktime in Windows Media Player.
For some old man/animal clips you'll also need Indeo codecs

Incomplete download problems

Some movies on Zoohaven are quite large and it's not uncommon for people to be disconnected from the internet, or their computer crash half way though a download, these are answers to a few common questions asked after this occurs.

Q: I started downloading a movie but got disconnected from the internet, how can I continue the download instead of starting again?
A: You need to use a download manager that's capible of resumeing downloads. We recommend free Getright. The trial version is all you'll need.

Q: I restarted a download and now my credit has gone down more than the size of the movie.
A: If you half download a 100Mb movie then downloaded that movie again from the beginning rather than resumeing then you have downloaded 150Mb rather than 100Mb. Please resume downloads using a download manager like Getright if you do not want this to occur.

Q: My internet connection dropped out half way though a download but my account has been charged the full amount!
A: The server is not instantly aware when someones internet connection is interupted, it will wait for a few minutes before giving up on the last download. When the connection times out the remaining credit will be refunded to your account and you can resume the download.

Q: I downloaded a 100mb file but I've been charged 500mb!!!
A: You are no doubt using Download Accelerating software. Download Acceleration download managers download the file 5 times at once, so your temporally charged 500mb. Once the download finishes your credit is fixed to 100mb.


Q: How come I can't download from the free section? I get error....
A: The free section has a user limit, only 250 people can download at once. Some browsers (internet explorer) return incorrect error messages when the limit has been reached, such as "password not accepted", or "connection refused" etc.

Q: How long will my membership last for?
Q: How do I cancell my subscription?
A: On Zoohaven your purchase Megabytes of credit. Your membership lasts until you have used all your credit, accounts are not time restricted or rebilled, you could be a member for years :) If you want to purchase more credit, you must "join" again. ( you can use the same username and the credits will be added to your current credits)

Q: How come the Chat won't load?
A: You need to have Java(JRE) installed, you can download it from

Movie Player Guide

  All movie players below are free, there are no movies on zoohaven that cannot be played with a free player.

The standard media player that comes with your computer cannot play many types of videos simply because the companies couldn't come to an agreement.

The best way to fix this is to install a better media player. VLC is availible on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, OS/2 (and more). They're a non-profit organisation and the media player can play almost anything with no hassel.

Download VLC

If you're using Windows you can instead choose to install software called Codecs which will teach windows how to understand these video files. This has the advantage of integrating into windows better, so all of your software will be able to decode the movies.
I've used K-Lite codec pack for many years and it's a very good pack. You can Hereread more about it Here or go ahead and download it Here. There multiple versions, i'd suggest getting Mega as it includes RealMedia of which there is a lot of on this site :)

The only movies that need a special player are VIV movies, you can get the player here VivTV4.exe