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Free users can download 22Mb a day. You can buy downloads if you would like to download more and support the site ;)

Movies updated: 1st April

25 Feb 2014
I have fixed streaming on Apple mobile devices when using chrome web browser. Quite a lot of work to rewrite the webservers authentication handlers to get around googles bug, but quite some time has passed since they broke it and they don't appear to be fixing their end :)

12 Jan 2014
Added ssl :)

26 Dec 2013
We're on a new server, Please let me know on if you notice anything strange. Hopefully there's nothing different at all that you can see :)

11 Jun 2013
There's currently an issue with streaming to iphone/ipod/ipad etc devices in the members section. I'm working on it :)
UPDATE: It appears only the newly updated Chrome browser is having the problem, please use the built in Safari browser until I can work something out for chrome... or until google fix what they broke! :)

4 Nov 2011
Sorry for the downtime for the last few days guys, the server crashed and our hosts remote access equiptment didn't function correctly, it took a few days to correct.

29 October 2011
Apple Ipod, Iphone, Ipod Users!

After MONTHS of research and work I have a new server running which allows viewing of our videos on Apple devices. Currently all the videos are Medium quality which is aimed at devices on WiFi connections. In the future I can have low/med/high but that would require purchasing more equipment, so I'm going to watch and see how popular this is and if Apple people decide to join the site and support it then I can put money towards expanding it :)

I have an Iphone4 which I've done all the testing on, I'd love to hear some feedback from people especially with other devices, Iphone 3, older ipods, ipads, all that stuff.

Not all movies work but most do. Movies ending in .rm, and movies with “&” in the names, I'm continuing to work on this of course :)

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25 September 2011
Hi Guys, It's been a while, everyone has bigger hard drives and faster internet connections, so I've added a heap more downloads to each of the members packages :)

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24 June 2011
I noticed that no matter how many movies I added, when I went to a section such as "Horse Woman" it still looked the same, because of all the 10e1p,11e1r,11e1s etc at the top. So I've added a Sort by feature that sorts by name(default), date or popularity. Date is the date the series was added or last updated, popularity is the amount of downloads per day. I'm contemplating adding a total downloads field, but it'll obviously be biased to the older series which have been up for over 10 years being downloaded so I'm not sure it'd be of any use.

9th June 2010
Hi Guys, Zoohaven is over 10 years old! Although a lot things have changed in the background the way the site operates hasn't really changed over the years.

When Zoohaven opened (originally called it was aimed at Dialup users, being one myself I was always annoyed at how little I could get in 30 days compared to broadband users :) So Zoohaven gave people the chance to download what they'd paid for at their own leisure and not worry about auto-rebills! (which we have never done)

I'm certainly off dialup now and so are over 99% of zoohaven users, and it seems downloading at 1KB/s is no longer as attractive as it was back in the Dialup days. This is why I have drastically changed the Free Area downloading.

In the past you'd have to spend all night waiting for files to download before watching them, now I've switched that around so you can download the files FAST then wait afterwards until you can download more. (or purchase downloads)

This has been running for a few months already and I can tell you it is a success as far as giving more to our free users. Bandwidth on the free server is easily ten times more than it used to be, confirming my suspicions that when files used to start downloading at 1KB/s people would say, "WTF" and leave. I would ;)

Thank you to all Zoohaven users, especially paying users who have supported the site and allowed it to remain open for more than a decade!!


6th June 2010
I've made a few changes for Safari users, the site works now as i've disabled some features that safari didn't support. I'd still recommend using Firefox on a Mac ;)

26 May 2010 It has just come to my attention that Safari doesn't work properly with the new site. If you're having problems please download FireFox for Mac while the problem is looked into.

21 March 2010 We're on the new server, at a new webhost, and have a freshly rewritten site :) We have done extensive testing but there's a chance you may find a bug, if you do please email because we don't know about it :)

- Email isn't quite working yet

Male animal genitalia pictures is now hosting my favourite site on the net (other than zoohaven of course :)

Makloo's Male animal genitalia gallery. Might not be everyones cup of tea but it sure is mine :)

Server updates
Hi guys, the members section is now on a new server. Everything looks good, and fast. If you find any broken URL's or weird stuff please let me know at As usual there's a credit bounty for point out my mistakes :)

10th December:
When joining with eCheck don't forget to include your email address, or you won't get the credit.
If you've done this email me and i'll fix you up.

4th December:
If it appears i'm not responding to your emails, your ISP's spam protection is probably too strong. Try emailing me from another account. I'm lookin at you :)

29th October:
Whoops, billing was broken last two days. Fixed now though, so lets all go buy some credit :)

18th August:
25% off downloads for a limited time if you use our new server at Please give us some feedback on the message board, or

11th July:
Free server is being updated on Saturday, there should only be a few hours downtime.

8th May:
The server has been getting thrashed recently, we're working on a new server for free users. Members won't notice any changes :)