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Cumbag at the horse ranch 2

  Cumbag At the Horse Ranch
Chapter 2
By Steve Dema
The huge black stallion whinnied as he was lead to Cumbag. With her head locked into the 
yoke, Cumbag watched the stallion with hungry eyes. Finally she was able the see the 
horse’s huge, black balls that hung down over a foot from his belly. The slow swinging of 
his long, low hanging balls fascinated Cumbag. It reminded her of a long, black clock 
pendulum, except this one was made of horse balls. Which meant horse-cum to the 
beautiful slut. Blackie was tied to a post that was in the center of the stable floor. Cumbag 
smiled at the men as they untied her hands.
“Oh thank you for coming back for the cunt. The slut was afraid you guys were mad at it. 
Your horse is Ssssoooo PRETTY!…Will you let it fuck me?…Can I suck his cock?…I’ll suck his 
big,  black horse cock so good!…THANK YOU!…Cumbag hasn’t had a nice horse cock to 
suck or fuck in SO LONG!…Hi pretty horsy!…The nice men say I get to be your cock- sucker. 
I hope you like me, horsy. I’m a good cocksucker. You have pretty balls horsy…Are they full 
of cum for your slut?…Hmmmm?…Does the horsy have lots of cum for the slut? The cunt 
hopes your pretty balls are full of cum…Full of cum for Cumbag! Say guys?…If I have trouble 
getting a lot of his cock in my mouth, will you help me?…Just do whatever you have to me 
to get his pretty cock down my top-cunt….Oohhh HURRY!…I want to be a horse-cum 
Cumbag now!”
The men laughed and spit on Cumbag as they rolled her under the
stallion. Cumbag felt riding crops bite into her firm, up-turned ass while they rolled her. 
Cumbag's eyes concentrated on the huge ball-sack of the horse and the sheath that hid 
his cock from her. She stared with her mouth open as the balls came closer and closer. 
The men pushed Cumbag under the giant horse until her nose was touching his cock- 
sheath. Cumbag inhaled deeply, savoring the aromatic sweet, musky scent of the horse. 
The horse jerked slightly as Cumbag closed her hand around the horse’s ball-sack. She 
held it just above the two orange- sized balls, slowly tugging on it.
As she nuzzled her nose around on his cock-sheath, she pulled his heavy balls to her lips. 
Cumbag extended her flat tongue and began to lap at the sweaty horse-balls as the men 
began to shout at her.
“Lick that horse’s nuts, you stupid CUNT!”                      “You fucking horse-slut!”
  “Fucking BITCH!”      “Clean that horse’s balls good, fuck-
meat!”          “YEAH!”
“Come on, PIG! Suck those horse balls!”          “This bitch sure is one SICK cunt!”
A mini-orgasm shot through Cumbag’s body at hearing the men’s vile comments about 
her. Cumbag lapped the huge, heavy horse-balls like a big black ice cream cone. She 
stared at the balls intently, watching every twitch they mad. As Cumbag sucked her spit off 
of the horse’s balls she managed to stick her nose into its cock-sheath. She found the 
piss-slit on the horse’s cock with her nose. She wiggled her nose into the slit as she 
lapped his huge nut-sack. Cumbag could feel the horse’s cock stiffen against her nose. 
The horse’s pre-cum began to run into her nose as Cumbag cooed to the horse’s cock 
and balls.
“Oohhh…Such pretty balls for the slut….Mmmmm…Are they full of horse-cum for the bitch? 
The bitch wants to eat LOTS of horse-cum…Uugghh…So salty… Mmmmm…so 
GOOD!….Oh!…The horsy LIKES his little fuck-pig! The slut feels your cock getting 
hard…Come out pretty cock…Come out for the whore…The slut is waiting…Uuhhmmm…Come 
on big boy…Feed your cock to the slut! Feed the cunt!…Mmmmm….Do you like the way I lick 
your balls?….mmmm… You’ll love the way I’ll suck your cock!…Come on!…Give it to the bitch!”
The horse’s cock began to swell. Cumbag's nose was forced out of his cock-sheath by the 
ever-expanding huge cock. Cumbag slowly pulled on his balls as she licked the sack. Flies 
were buzzing around Cumbag's head but she didn’t seem to notice. Cumbag stopped 
licking the horse’s ball to watch the cock emerge. She was squeezing his ball when a glob 
of pre-cum, or something hit her left eye. Cumbag quickly blinked the burning blob away 
so see could see the cock pop out.
Cumbag was mesmerized at the wrist thick cock pooped free of its sheath. The head of 
the cock was the size of an apple. The piss-slit was at least two inches across. As the cock 
continued to grow, the colors changed. The head and first 12 or 14 inches of the cock was 
as black as midnight. Then, white patches started to appear on the shaft. The giant cock 
slid along Cumbag's face as it grew and grew. Finally all of the horse’s cock was in the 
open. His cock fell off of Cumbag's smiling face and dangled in front of her.
Cumbag just stared at the 30-inch wrist thick cock in awe as lust overtook her.
“Come on you fucking whore. Suck that cock, bitch!…You don’t have all day…Well…You have 
all day, but not all day with THIS horse…Heh, heh, heh… We have a LOT of horses for you to 
fuck…SLUT!” Tom said with a sneer.
Cumbag cooed as she grabbed the thick dangling cock about a foot from its huge 
cock-head. It was so thick her hand could not completely close around it. The stallion 
snorted and stomped his hind legs at her touch.
Cumbag lifted the heavy, pulsing horse-cock and pointed at her face. She stared into the 
inch-wide piss hole and saw that it was shiny with pre-cum. Cumbag stuck her tongue into 
the slimy mess, swirling her tongue. When she brought her tongue back into her mouth, a 
thick strand of the horse pre-cum stretched from the tip of her tongue to the horse’s 
piss-hole. The horse stomped again causing the thick, grey strand of his cock-juice that 
connected his cock to Cumbag’s tongue to break. Cumbag slurped the strand into her 
mouth with a loud, wet sucking sound.
“Uhhmmm…That was good…Do you have some more yummy cum for your slut?…Do you?…I’m 
your little cum-whore, you know…Want to feed your cum-whore?… Please?” Cumbag asked 
the pulsing cock in her hands.  Cumbag pulled the cock back into her face and started 
lapping her tongue all around the groove between the horse’s cock-head and shaft. 
Cumbag scooped off the horse’s cock-cheese and slurped into her mouth.
“Oohhh…YUMMY!…Horse cock is so good!…Does the horsy like Cumbag licking it’s pretty 
cock?…Do you like the way this slut licks your cock? … Am I a good little horse-slut?…I’m such 
a nasty fucking BITCH-cunt! ….Mmmmm” Cumbag went back to  lapping the horse’s 
Tom started to work his fingers into Cumbag's dripping cunt.
“Does the little pig want some nasty horse cock?…Does it?…Aaahhh…Does the whore want 
the horses to rape it?…Hmmmm?…Would the stupid little cum-catcher like me to stretch its 
slut-cunt for the nice horse?…Huh?… Look boys…See the Cumbag shake its’ slut-ass!…Do you 
guys think this stupid fucking cunt wants me to loosen its cunt for it?...Yeah, you're 
probably right...I think the bitch does too....” Tom said with a laugh. Cumbag groaned and 
arched her ass up, urging him on. Pedro and the other three men surrounded the horse’s 
haunches for a better view of the horse-cock-loving slut.
“Here little horse-puta!…Nice Pedro will help the slut out!” Pedro said with an evil laugh. 
Pedro slapped Blackie hard on the rump. The horse snorted and lurched forward. 
Blackie’s cock speared between Cumbag's lips and lodged in her throat. Cumbag's eyes 
flew open in panic as she choked around the thick, multi-colored horse cock. The horse’s 
sudden jump moved the platform Cumbag was tied to back a couple of feet. Tom was 
almost knocked backwards, off of his feet. Luckily for him, when Cumbag was forced back, 
his hand was forced deep inside Cumbag's wet cunt, helping him keep his balance.
“You stupid fucking WHORE!…Try to knock me down, huh?” Tom shouted as he fucked his 
fist into Cumbag's cunt. The other men looked down at the choking slut and began to point 
and laugh at her.
“Fuck her throat, Blackie!”                          “Let that horse fuck your throat, PIG!”
        “Wow, man!…Look how the cunt’s throat bulges!…Ain’t that COOL!”
“Hit Blackie again, Pedro!…See if you can get him to fuck more of that horse-cock in 
her!…Let’s see how much this stupid slut can take!”
  “Ream the whore’s throat out Blackie!…Fuck her throat, boy!…GET HER!!”
The horse snorted and stomped his hind legs in the dirt floor of the stable. Cumbag's hot 
throat held his cock tightly as her throat muscles gently milked at the horse’s giant cock. 
Blackie began to fuck Cumbag's mouth, causing the men to cheer. His thrusting caused 
the platform that Cumbag was bound to, to jump about bouncing Cumbag's head around. 
With every plunge of the horse’s cock into Cumbag's throat, Tom’s hand was forced 
deeper into Cumbag's cunt.
Cumbag stared blankly at the huge black balls swinging in front of her face. The giant 
horse-cock buried deep in her throat was blocking her air. Cumbag desperately snorted air 
through her nose as she retched and her whole body shook with every fuck-thrust of the 
Everything became surreal as she was nearly suffocating around the horse-cock. In the 
distance she could hear the men laughing at her. She heard them calling her a cunt, a slut 
and a whore. She could hear the men encouraging the horse to fuck her throat harder. 
Cumbag thought it was wonderful.
When the horse fucked into her throat, Cumbag trembled as Tom’s hand fucked into her 
cunt. When the horse would fuck backwards the platform she was tied to would pull back 
also, pulling Tom’s hand almost out of her cunt. But the horse-cock in her throat barely 
moved. Instinctively, Cumbag reached for the huge swinging balls and began to massage 
them. Cumbag began to mewl around the throat stuffing horse cock.
Suddenly, Blackie began to whinny and fire his cum straight into Cumbag's belly. When a 
quart of horse cum erupted out of Cumbag's nose, Pedro shouted at Tom, “The horse is 
coming…WOW!!…LOOK!!…Pull the slut off of his cock!”
Tom yanked his hand out of Cumbag’s cunt, grabbed the platform she was bound to and 
pulled. Cumbag felt the huge spurting horse cock pulling out of her throat. Blackie’s cock 
was still firing cum as the cock left her throat, and the cock-head rested in her mouth. 
Cumbag's cheeks puffed out like balloons as her mouth filled with horse-cum. Thick 
horse-cum shot from her nose coating the thick, black stalk of the horse’s cock sticking in 
her mouth. When the horse’s cock pulled free of her mouth cum flew everywhere. Cum 
poured from her mouth as the twitching horse-cock fired volley after volley of cum into 
Cumbag's face. Cumbag gasped for air as her mouth, throat and nose became clogged 
with thick, hot sticky horse-jizz.
The men cheered as Cumbag was hit squarely in her face with the fire- hose of 
horse-cum. Cumbag's face was completed covered in cum as Blackie continued to empty 
his huge balls in the bound beauty’s face.
“Splatter the slut, boy!”                        “Take that cum, you fucking horse-whore!”
“GET HER, BLACKIE…GET HER BOY!”            “Squirt the bitch!…Good boy!”
“DAMN!…That’s a LOT of fucking cum!”                        “Fucking DROWN her!”
Cumbag was blinded by horse-cum. The young whore’s face was
unrecognizable under the heavy coating of horse-cum. Cum dripped from her hair onto the 
back of her neck. Cum poured from her forehead and onto her cheeks and nose. A river of 
horse-cum poured from her slack mouth down the yolk her head was fastened to, and on 
the platform. Every breath the cunt took sent giant bubbles of horse-cum swelling and 
popping from her nose and mouth.
Every pop of cum just added more horse-jizz to her already cum-crusted body. Thick, 
white strings of horse-jizz bobbed off of her cheeks until they broke free into little 
cum-puddles on the stable’s floor. The groaning slut’s arm were striped with cum that 
flowed up her arms, to her chest, joined the horse-cum that already coated her neck and 
“Hey…CUNT!…How does that horse-cum taste?…You like that BITCH!…HUH?… What did the 
slut say?…Did the whore say ‘ Please fist-fuck my cunt some more?’…Huh?…OK 
pig…Whatever the stupid fuck-meat wants!” Tom said with a laugh as he went back to 
fist-fucking the bound whore’s cunt.
Cumbag wasn’t sure where she was. Her eyes were burning and she thought she was 
looking through a frosted window. As she recognized the gamey flavor of the horse-cum in 
her mouth, Cumbag remembered where she was. Cumbag mewled through a mouth-full of 
horse-cum as she arched her ass for Tom’s fisting of her cunt.
Through the haze of cooling horse-cum she stared at the distorted, thick, black horse-cock 
that was twitching a few inches in front of her. She watched the small puffs of white that 
appeared at the tip of the cock, only to become a thick stream of horse-cum that extended 
from the cock to the floor. Cumbag wiggled her long pink tongue around in her cum-filled 
mouth and swallowed. And swallowed again…and again…and again. It took Cumbag seven 
huge swallows to finally clear her mouth of horse cum.
Cumbag shook her head from side to side to clear the horse cum from her eyes. Cum 
splattered the belly of the horse, as she was finally able to see the arm thick horse-cock 
that dangled in front of her face clearly. Cumbag grabbed the horse’s thick cock and 
stared at it intently for a moment through her still stinging eyes. When a fresh drop of 
horse-cum appeared at the tip of the horse cock, Cumbag lost her composure. The young 
whore attacked it with her tongue. The blonde slut scooped the thick drop of horse-cum 
like it was a small ball of vanilla ice cream.
“Oohhh…YUMMY! Give me more, horsy…Give your slut more of your yummy 
cum….MMmmmm….(smack)…Oohhh that’s so fucking GOOD!…(slurp)….Was Cumbag a good 
cock-sucker for you?….Was I?…Oohhh…MORE CUM!….(slurp)…Uuhhmmm… Thank you Mr. 
Horsy….Can I have some more?…Hmmm?…Oh LOOK!…I can!…SEE? He’s giving his whore 
some more yummy cum!…(smack)…Oh…Yes…Fist-fuck this pig of a slut. Fist-fuck my cunt 
while I slurp down this wonderful horse-cum like the nasty slut-bitch I 
am!….Ggghhh…YEAH!…Ream my fucking slut-cunt OUT!!! Turn me into a horse-slut!…Are you 
guys watching?…Can you see the slut eating the horse-cum…Watch me be a real pig-whore! 
Am I nasty enough?…Am I?…Am I good little pig-slut?…Watch me suck this horse-cock some 
more!” Cumbag screamed as she opened her mouth wide and began sucking the horse’s 
cock again. Every punch of Tom’s hand in her cunt drove more and more of the horse 
cock into Cumbag's mouth.
Cumbag was swallowing constantly. As thick, lumpy strands of cum slithered down to her 
already cum-filled belly, Cumbag drove almost two inches of her tongue into the horse’s 
piss-slit. Blackie began to fuck Cumbag's face violently again. Cumbag fucked her ass 
against Tom’s fist as she heard the men cheer again.
“See?…Blackie’s not done with his puta!”                “Fuck her mouth again, boy!”
“Yeah!…Make that slut take every drop of cum you
got!”                “FUCK HER!”
“Eat that cum, you stupid fucking slut-whore!”    “SLUT!”      “Get her!”      “PIG!”
Cumbag held on to the huge stalk of the horse-cock with both hands, trying to keep 
Blackie’s cock in her mouth where it belonged. The young whore kept her mouth as wide 
as she could to make sure her teeth didn’t hurt the nice cock in her mouth. She wished 
Steve would hurry and have all of her teeth pulled so her mouth would be more of a cunt. 
For some reason, she remembered how much men liked to fuck her mother’s mouth after 
Steve had all of her mother’s teeth pulled.
Cumbag began to see stars as her head was bounced from side to side. Cumbag gagged, 
and swallowed, and mewled for more.
“Let’s help the whore out a little!” one of the men said with a sneer. While Cumbag was 
choking and gagging on the horse-cock, he took his riding crop and smacked the 
horse-sucking slut’s tit. The riding crop whistled through the air until it smacked against 
her left tit with a loud, wet splat. When he raised his crop for another hit, he laughed at the 
thick string of horse-cum that seemed to connect his riding crop to her tit. Cumbag came. 
As her cunt started to squeeze around Tom’s fist, she mumbled around the horse cock 
fucking her mouth.
“glluugg…hit…the…slut…gglluug…yesthhh…uuhhmm…hit the …ggllugg…pig”
The men laughed at her babbling as Pedro joined his friend in whipping her tits. The two 
laughing men kneeling by the horse’s haunches began to spit on Cumbag's face as they 
encouraged Tom, and the two men whipping the horse-sucking slut’s tits. And of course, 
for Blackie to fuck her throat.
“Fist that bitches cunt, man!”        “SLUT!”      “Fuck your whore’s mouth, Blackie!”
“Hey Pedro!…Can’t you hit that pig-slut’s tits harder than that?…Come on, man!”
“Hey Bill…Let’s spit in her eyes. OK?…Ready?…On three…One…two…” (splat)
“That was fun!…See how the slut blinks!…Let’s do it again…One…two….” (splat)
“Suck that horse cock, you fucking pig…You fucking whore slut!”
Cumbag was in slut heaven. Tom was pounding away at her cunt, her tits were being 
whipped viscously, men were spitting in her face while they called her vile names, and a 
horse was fucking her mouth like it was a mare’s cunt. ‘This is GREAT’, she thought.
Cumbag felt the platform she was tied to shake. Through her lust fogged mind she 
realized Blackie had stopped leaking cum into her mouth, was stomping the floor of the 
stable, and snorting. Blackie had stopped fucking into her mouth but Cumbag continued to 
nurse on his cock while the Tom fist-fucked her, men whipped her and spit on her face as 
they all mocked her. Cumbag was lovingly cleaning the horse’s cock of every trace of cum 
when something happened.
Cumbag was rocketed back from Blackie’s cock. The platform rushed backward knocking 
Tom to the floor with his arm buried to his elbow in Cumbag's cunt. With Cumbag moved, 
the two men whipping her tits missed their intended targets, whipping their riding crops 
down on Cumbag's face instead as she shot past. Nobody cared.
“THERE HE GOES!!!!…DO IT BOY!!!…FUCKING DO IT!!” someone yelled.
With Blackie’s balls now empty the horse did the next best thing. He had started to piss. 
Cumbag mouth had turned into a water balloon of sorts as the fire-hose onslaught of horse 
piss had caught everyone off guard. Pedro laughed even louder as he looked at Blackie. 
He could have sworn the horse was smiling as he pissed in Cumbag's face.
Cumbag sputtered around the two-inch wide stream of hot horse piss that had knocked 
her backwards. Tom used the hand he had stuck deep into Cumbag's cunt to raise 
him-self from the floor. Once on his feet, he quickly yanked his arm from her spasming 
cunt to get out of the way of the powerful stream of horse piss. Tom was still slinging 
Cumbag’s cunt juice from his arm as he walk around for a better view of the horse pissing 
in Cumbag's sputtering face.
Cumbag was disoriented. Her cumming cunt was now empty. No one was whipping her. 
The only thing that mattered to the groveling cunt was the huge rush of piss from the 
horse’s cock, right into the center of her face. Cumbag extended her arms in a vain effort 
to grab the giant pissing cock to better aim it at her face and mouth. But…She was too far 
away. She just rolled her face from side to side, opened her mouth wide…and guzzled 
mouthfuls of hot, stinking, yellow-green horse-piss. The men roared with laughter at the 
drowning slut before them.
Blackie’s pissing cock bobbed up and down and sideways. Even though the horse-piss 
stung her eyes, Cumbag kept them locked on the wide stream of horse piss. Cumbag 
followed the swaying pissing cock as well as she could with her head still strapped to the 
head-yolk on the platform. She fought to keep her young, beautiful face a clear target for 
the pissing horse.
Horse piss shot up her nose. Horse piss burned her eyes. Horse piss filled her ears. 
Cumbag relaxed her throat and widened her mouth to let the horse piss shoot straight 
down her throat, into her cum-filled stomach. Cumbag's cumming cunt was opening and 
closing like a fish’s mouth when they are pulled out of water, but no one noticed. The five 
men were busy being entertained by watching the slut slowly drown on horse piss.
“MORE!…Give…(glug) me more piss!….Hhmmpph…Piss in my slut face!… hhmmfgth…Show me 
what….ggllughg…kind of a pig-slut…I am!…Guys!…Piss in my face 
too!…PLEASE!…gglug…EVERYBODY!…PISS ON THE PIG!!!….Ggllugg…Use the 
toilet-slut…Hhmmmppph…Please!…Piss on me!…Piss right HERE!” Cumbag wailed around the 
pissing horse cock.
The five men looked at each other and laughed.
Cumbag was already beginning to pass out. The rush of piss from the horse’s cock had 
kept her from breathing for too long. Begging the men to join the horse in pissing in her 
face took the last of her strength. Cumbag didn’t even have the energy to follow the 
horse’s piss flow with her face anymore.
Cumbag's head leaned slightly to the left in the head-yolk. Her mouth hung open with her 
tongue hanging out. The piss stream from the horse’s cock seemed to center on that small 
place between her nose and upper lip, splattering her whole face. The horse cock still 
slightly, though, sending spurts of piss from her chin to the top of her head.
Cumbag's beautiful, fine blonde hair was now soaked in horse piss. A clump of her hair fell 
across her face, into her mouth. Cumbag's lips closed around the piss-wet hair before the 
horse’s piss washed it aside. The young slut absent-mindedly sucked the horse piss and 
cum from her hair as the horse’s piss stream began to slow.
Cumbag began to pass out. The last thing she remembered before
blackness engulfed her was the five piss streams of the laughing men joining the fading 
piss stream of the stomping horse.
Cumbag just opened her mouth wider for the five men to piss into before the dreams took 
her cumming body and mind over.
Dreams of cocks, and degradation, and cum, and piss, and gang-rape,…and horses. Lots of 
To be continued…..