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Dad teashes me part 1

  Dad Teaches Me Part 1

Dad And Me

 When I was fourteen years old, I went into the barn and caught my father
fucking the dairy cow. Dad had his head tilted back and his eyes closed as he
pumped his hard cock in and out of the cow's cunt, so he didn't see me watching
him at first. I wasn't shocked by what I saw because I liked the sex show in
front of me. I had been beating off for almost a year at that point, and my
dick hardened instantly while I listened to my father's soft moans and the
slurping noises his ram rod dick was making. I quietly got closer and closer,
rubbing my crotch and squeezing my dick through my pants. 
 I always knew that cow's had big pussy holes, and wondered if the snatch was
tight enough for dad, but as I looked closer, I understood. I could see that
good ole pop had a huge cock, as thick as my upper arms from what I could tell,
therefore he filled up that damned cow's cunt just fine. As dad lowered his
head, he opened his eyes and saw me watching him fucking. I smiled at him
first, then he smiled back at me before saying, "Shouldn't be sneekin' up on a
man when he's plowing his cow there, son." 
 I watched him pumping his dick and answered, "Sorry. I thought you were in the
field." He closed his eyes again, so I asked, "Can I watch up close, Dad?"
 He said, "Sure. It's time I taught you how to fuck anyway." He looked at me
and ordered, "Take your pants off son and show dad if you've inherited his big
dick or not."
 My pants were off in a flash, and I stood next to my dad sporting a hard six
inch boner. I instinctively began to stroke myself and I watched my dad's cock.
I'm not sure, but I believe that it was at that very moment that I realized
that I liked a man's dick. I wanted Dad to finish so I could see all of his
cock. I almost came right then, so I let my dick loose and squatted in front of
the cow's pussy and my father's huge cock.
 Dad told me, "I'm about ready to shoot, son. Watch me fill her up with my cum,
now." And with that said he slammed his rod all the way in and yelped while he
pumped his juices in the cow's snatch. He came quick, and when he finally
pulled out of her, I saw his sperm dripping from her hole, but mainly, I
watched the cum dripping from dad's pee hole. His softening dick was at least
eleven inches long, capped by a purple, round knob. I didn't know much about
men's dicks then, but I did know that dear daddy had a dick that truly excited
 Dad leaned back on a bale of hay to relax. His dick stayed long as it flopped
between his thigh and his big nut sack. I grabbed my dick and beat it hard
while I was wishing that I could put my lips on my dad's dick head. I came
quickly, shooting a small wad of sperm since my balls didn't produce much back
then, but as soon as I was done, dad sat up, looked my naked body over, and
grinning, he said, "Looks like I got me a fuck buddy now, eh kid?"
 Not quite sure what he meant, I simply nodded and gave him a quizzical look.
 He said, "Don't that sound fine to you?"
 I had to answer him, "I guess so, Dad, but what do you mean?"
 He chuckled and said, "I mean you and me being fuck buddies. You know what a
fuck buddy is, doncha son?"
 I said, "Not really."
 Dad continued, "Fuck buddies go out together to stick their dicks up some hole
or another."
 Realizing that dad was offering me a chance to see his beautiful cock some
more, I told him, "Oh, all right. Yeah. Let's be fuck buddies then, dad."
 He stood up and grabbed his overalls, and while he dressed himself, he said,
"Yeah. Fuck Buddies with my son! Come on then with me and help me to finish up
what I was doing before I got hard. Think you're up to your first fuck later
tonight, son?"
 We were both dressed and leaving the barn when I answered, "Fuck yeah, dad." I
didn't really care about getting my dick in some hole as much as I was wanting
to see my dad naked again, but I was very afraid to tell him that.
 All throughout the afternoon as I helped dad do the farm work, my dick
remained semi-hard. I tried not to think about sex, so that it would go down,
but every time I glanced my dad's way, I couldn't help but see that bulge in
his pants. We worked in silence, so I had lots of time to think about my new
found feelings for men, and what that meant, but every time I wondered if I was
a freak of nature, the vision of dad's wanker appeared and I was off
fantasizing about getting my hands and/or lips around it. I thought of some
other guys that day too and realized that man sex was for me.
 We stopped working right before dusk, and while we walked back to the farm
house, dad's conversation inevitably led to sex. He said, "We got a few sow's
around here that might do you just fine." Then he asked me, "You ever thought
about poking some sow's twat with that boy-dick of yours?"
 I answered and asked, "Not really. Don't they get hurt?"
 He said, "Naw. I've seen many a pig cunt get plowed, and they don't get hurt.
In fact, some of 'em get to likin' it."
 I then asked dad, "So have you fucked with a lot of these animals before?"
 He laughed out loud, "Why you horny little fuck head. You want to hear some
stories about sex, don't you?" And without hesitating, he added,  "Well after
dinner, you and me will come out to the barn and we'll have us a little chat.
But, not a word to your mother or little brother about this now. This is man
stuff strictly between us, all right?"
 I agreed, "I get it, dad."
 By that time, we were approaching the house, me still with a raging hard dick
in my drawers that was aching to be freed. Once inside, dad and I went right to
the dinner table where my bulging crotch was hidden and where I could rub my
cock from time to time during dinner. I ate quickly and as soon as I was done,
dad announced, "The boy and me have some work in the barn before bed." He stood
up and ordered me, "Come on boy, let's get this done."
 I followed dad to the barn where he turned up all the lights even though dusk
was an hour away. He walked over to his home made desk and unlocked the top
cabinet. I was standing behind him and watched him take out a huge stack of
magazines which he put on the table top. He turned to me and said, "This here's
my stash of fuck books. You're welcome to look at them as long as you don't get
'em messed up."
 My eyes were wide as dad pulled out a magazine. He said, "This is my newest
one, so I'll keep it for me." As an afterthought, he asked me, "So what's your
pleasure? I've got all kinds of sex books here. You want to start off with
pictures of pussy? Or how about some real good ones of pussy gettin fucked?"
Then he asked, "You do like pussy don't you boy?"
 I stammered, "I guess so." Then I added, "Yeah, I like pussy, but I've never
seen one up close. You're the only person I've ever seen naked."
 Putting his magazine down, he looked me square in the eyes and asked me, "And
what did you think of your ole' man's cock?"
 I was a tad afraid to admit to him that I really liked his cock, and I tried
not to answer my father's question by saying, "I think I'll look at that one on
top." I pointed to the stack of porn magazines.
 Dad handed it to me and asked me again, "Well boy. Did you like looking at my
dick today?" I nodded yes, and he said, "Do you want to see it again?" I nodded
once more. Dad smiled and walked to me and stood right in front of me. He was
two feet taller than me and as he looked down at me he said to me very gently,
"Don't be embarrassed. I'm glad that you want me that way, because I want to
see my son all naked and excited too."
 With that said, my father took his shirt off, and I followed his example. Then
he surprised me by grasping at my pants and unbuckling them. Then he unzipped
me and pushed my pants down to my knees. My hard on stood out straight in my
underwear until dad pushed them down as well. He was smiling the whole time as
he took his pants off in front of me. Of course I did the same and there we
were, me and my father standing face to face , our erect penises almost
 Dad stepped back to glance me up and down before saying, "You're a fine
looking boy for your age, son. Have you ever measured that thing between your
 I said, "No. Not yet. Have you ever measured yours?"
 He chuckled and replied, "Sure I have." And he turned to the desk and grabbed
a measuring tape from a drawer. He turned and handed the tape to me without a
word. I knew what to do, so I placed the end of the tape on the base of my dick
and ran it up the length of my shaft where I pinched the measuring tape between
my fingers at the tip of my dick head. I pulled the tape up and announced,
"Almost seven inches." I looked up to my father and smiled proudly. Dad then
told me, "Seven inch dick. Wow. And you're only fourteen, so you still have a
few years of growing left. And trust me , son, your dick will grow also. Hell,
maybe you'll have one as big as mine some day."
 Intrigued by this, I asked my dad, "How big is yours, dad?"
 He said to me, "Almost an entire foot. Pretty big, huh?" I nodded, and he
continued, "Yeah, I'm proud of it, but most women get scared when they see it
for the first time."
 I quickly asked, "Why?"
 He answered, "Because they're afraid that it'll hurt 'em. You see, son, Most
women's cunts are small, and when they see this big beauty, they know that it's
gonna stretch 'em open wide. That's why I go for the farm animals like a cow.
They have a big enough cunt hole to handle me."
 I had to ask him, "And what about mom?"
 Dad said to me straight forwardly, "Your mom won't let me fuck her anymore,
but the first time I fucked her, I hurt her. Then after a few weeks, I guess I
stretched her wide enough that she could take it better. And after you were
born, she had an even wider pussy." He stopped then added, "And I must tell you
that she always liked getting dicked by me."
 It was then that I burst out saying, "I really like it too dad. Will you let
me touch it?"
 I looked in his eyes and saw them soften before he told me, "A man shouldn't
have sex with his son, but if this is what you want..."
 I said quickly, "It is. And is it what you want too, dad?"
 He breathed in deep and said, "I've never had sex with a male before. And even
though this goes against what I was taught, Yes my son, I surely would like for
you to play with my dick. That is if I can feel yours too?"
 I said, "Fuck yeah, you can."
 Then I grabbed my father's hard cock with both hands. My right fist was
wrapped around his cock just below his big mushroom dick head, while my left
fist was under my right, and with both fists wrapped around my dad's cock I
still didn't have the entire thing covered. I squeezed a little as I felt for
the first time the wonderful feel of another man's hard dick. My hands felt up
and down the whole dick shaft while dad watched me. 
 He let me do this for five minutes before he leaned over and wrapped his right
fist around my dick. The feeling was incredible. My knees weakened, but I used
the rock hard cock in my hands to hold my balance while my dad's strong hand
stroked my dick. Dad leaned to my ear and asked, "So how's this feel? Like it?"
 I gasped, "Oh yeah. It feels sooo good."
 Dad then said, "Good. Let me beat you off then, 'cause I like the way your
dick feels in my hand, son."
 I didn't want to let go of his cock, but he pulled back and walked beside me
to get a better grip on my dick. Then dad pulled me up against him with his
left arm, and with his own cock at my right hand side, dad started to pump my
hard dick. Dad was a good meat beater, and I fell back onto his body for
support as he squeezed and stroked my cock. My head went back, my mouth opened
and I tried to breathe with the pleasure my dad was creating. I think we both
knew that I was going to cum soon, so dad rested his chin on my shoulder as he
looked at what he was doing to me and said, "I want to see you shoot your boy
 I uttered, "O.K. dad. Soon."
 Dad's pace quickened on my dick and right then I was spurting male cum. I held
back the urge to scream in delight while my father milked the sperm from my
dick shaft. He milked me like a cow's udder until I was dry. I opened my eyes
as dad let go of my dick and saw that his hand was covered with my cum.
Gathering my strength, I turned around and told dad, "Now I get to do the same
for you."
 Once more I wrapped both fists around his shaft, But this time, dad covered my
hands with his and squeezed. I fell to my knees in front of the massive cock
and pushed and pulled on his rod. Dad's hands were all over mine rubbing them
or squeezing them as I stroked him and then all of a sudden he grabbed one of
my hands and wrapped it around his dick head. Then with his hands overlapping
mine his whole cock was surrounded by a fist. Dad started slow, and went faster
and faster while we beat his foot long cock. 
 After a few minutes he said, "Get ready." And with that said, he aimed his cum
hole at my face and shot his wad. The first blast of sperm hit me in the left
eye, so I positioned dad's erupting tool to squirt onto my extended tongue. Dad
shot a whole lot more than I did, covering my chin with his male goo until his
spasms stopped and his cum dripped from his big piss hole. Dad let go first,
then I reluctantly let his cock drop down, still dripping cum. I loved the
taste of my father's cum, so I lapped up all I could around my lips, then I
shoved more cum in my  mouth until I was licking my fingers clean.
 My dad was watching me do this while I was watching his foot long tool soften.
I wanted to lick his prick head with my tongue, but decided not to do this
quite yet, as I was sure that soon dad would let me try to suck him off. It was
then that I noticed that I was as hard as a rock again, so I stood up stroking
my rod.
 Dad said, "I see you got a hard on again. When I was your age, my cock was
always getting hard too." He turned to the still unused stack of magazines and
told me, "Here. Why don't you knock yourself out with these for a while." Then
he added, "That is if pictures of women excite you. Come over here." 
 I stood next to my father as he opened a mag to the center where there was a
woman with her legs wide apart and her fingers on the side of her pussy lips.
Dad said, "See that pussy there boy? There's nothing like 'em. Don't get me
wrong, I like what we were doing, but I do love pussy as well."
 I realized that the picture was doing nothing for me, so I turned the pages.
Dad sensed my apathy and retrieved another rag.  He said, "Maybe you'll l like
this one. It has a bunch of dicks in it."
 I opened the rag to the third page where I saw a man's cock half way up some
cunt hole. I kept turning the pages and found a close up of a hard dick about
to enter a pussy. The dick in the picture was thick and about eight inches
long, but I thought it was beautiful. The next page showed the rest of the guy,
and I felt a twang as I thought that he was the most handsome man, with a very
handsome cock on him. 
 Dad was leafing through his own magazine next to me, and brought me out of my
revelry by saying, "Look at this one, son. What a pretty pussy she has." It was
all right, but it wasn't a cock, and dad continued, "Why, I's like to stick my
tongue so far up that hole." He looked at me and added, "You don't like pussy
do you?"
 I decided to be honest, and answered, "No dad, I don't. I guess I found out
just today that I like men. I'm a queer, dad. I'm sorry, but it's true."
 My dad then told me, "I didn't think that you might be gay. I'll just get used
to it, right?" I nodded.
 Dad then said to me as he looked at the page I was on, "I suppose you like
that guy's dick then, right?" Again I nodded. He asked me, "You've never sucked
a dick before?" I said, "No." 
 Then dad asked me, "Would you like to suck on mine?"
 I said, "Oh yeah. I sure would, dad." And I added. "If that's all right with
you anyway."
 Dad then muttered, "My son. A cocksucker. A honest to god cocksucker. Well,
look here then. Until you move away from here, you only suck on my dick. We
keep this quiet. No one else should ever, ever find out about you."
 I agreed, "Fine with me."
 Dad said next, "I'll teach you how to give good head, and when you're ready,
I'll pick out the men that you can blow. Deal?"
 I smiled widely and answered, "Deal."
 We shook hands and when dad let my hand go, he reached for my hard on, gave it
a tug and said, "So my teenaged son, are you ready for your first lesson?"
 Happy, I simply nodded vigorously. Dad warned me, "There aren't too many women
that have been able to do it to me, and your mother never wanted to, so take it
easy at first." Then he led me to a bale of hay where he sat down and I knelt
in front of him. He opened his legs and said, "I can't believe that I'm about
to let my own son suck my cock."
 I smiled and said, "Believe it, dad. Because your own son wants to suck your
dick." I leaned down face level with his dick, scooted up close, cupped his big
ball sack, and lifted his dick to my lips. It was still semi soft until I
lapped at the head encircling it until it was all wet. It hardened fast. The
head swelled out like a cobra. I wrapped a fist at the base and pressed my lips
against the spongy flesh of my fathers prick head. It felt warm and soft and
hard and wonderful. My tongue darted out to feel the contours of the mushroom.
I took half of it in my mouth, then the other half, and then I opened as wide
as I could and swallowed the whole head, my lips gripping the underside hard.
My tongue lapped all around the head, and then I tried to swallow more cock. I
took in too much and gagged violently. My head flew off the cock as I tried to
gasp for air. Dad was quietly laughing at  me with tears in my eyes, then he
told me, "Take it easy there boy."
 I smiled up at him and dove onto his prick, lips open wide. I was able to get
almost two inches of shaft in my mouth when dad said, "Now try to suck back on
it like a baby's bottle." 
 I sucked. And I sucked more. And more. And even though I only had the tip of
his cock in my mouth, he was encouraging me to suck harder and harder on the
head. I did this for a while before dad stopped me by lifting my head off his
tool. Then he fell forward on top on me to lay me flat on my back. Dad then was
rubbing my outer thighs and he bent in to lick my hard dick with his own
tongue. As he settled in between my legs, he looked up at me and said, "This
will be my first time too. Now, pay attention to what I do so you can do it
back to me."
 I watched my dick slide in my father's mouth further and further until he had
all of in. His mouth was hot and slippery, and I saw him gag on my dick
slightly. Then he backed off and bobbed his head on my dick head for a while
before he started his suction exercises. He slowly sucked down onto my shaft, 
and sucked harder as he came back up. The feeling was overwhelming, almost as
much as the sight of my own father sucking me off. I leaned back and groaned
loudly, where dad made one more stroke and then my cock was flopping onto my
 Dad lifted me up to his face, and said, "Looks like we're both cock suckers
 I reached for his wonderful big dick and pulled it to my mouth. Dad stood up,
his hands on my shoulders as I Sucked down more of his cock than before. He
said, "Suck, son. Suck my dick!"
 I was getting into the sucking better now. I imitated what dad had done to me
and was bobbing and sucking pretty good. I then reached around and grabbed both
of his butt cheeks to pull them towards me and forcing more cock down my
throat. I gagged slightly at first, but that feeling stopped, so I sucked in
some more cock. I could see that I had at least half of his foot long prick
inside me and then I began to suck as hard as I could. I backed off in order to
increase the pressure on dad's dick head and sucked. I must have been doing
good, because dad soon was rocking his hips in a circle while he uttered a few
moans and groans. His hands reached up behind my head and he took over pushing
and pulling me off his knob while I maintained the same amount of suction.
 Soon, dad was saying nothing but, "Oh god." And, "Oh yes." My right hand
reached from his ass to cup his balls, so I was sucking hard and playing with
his nuts while he face fucked me.
 I then heard, "Want it now?"
 I cocked my head to look at his face and nodded as well as possible,  noticing
that dad's face had a very happy look on it. I knew what was coming next and
braced for the shove of cock further down my throat. I tried to catch my breath
through my nose and before I knew it dad was yelping, his balls were
contracting, and I could taste his jism filling my  mouth. Dad pulled back a
little as he shot and I gulped in his male sperm. I felt his balls spurt in
time with his cries of pleasure until his nuts were dried up. As I pulled off
of the cock, I kept my lips tight and sucked up all the overflowing jizz as I
could. At last his cock was out of my mouth and flopping before me. This time,
I lapped up all the goo dripping from his pee hole, darting my tongue inside
the tiny hole as dad milked his shaft to squeeze out all of the same sperm that
had given me my life.
 Dad fell on his butt, his dick spent, his face glowing. I sat on my haunches
below him and watched him breath heavily, trying to smile at my between
breaths. I started to beat off, but dad told me to stop and stand up. I did so
and he pulled me to him and gulped down my dick in one fell swoop. With his
strong arms around my waist, dad sucked my dick, but only for a few minutes
before I came as well. I shot my wad in his mouth, the feeling so incredible
that my knees buckled in dad's grasp while I came in his mouth. 
 When I was done shooting, he lifted me to the ground and pulled my face up to
his.  I thought he was going to kiss me, but he said first, "Would you like to
taste your own cum from my tongue?"
 Before I could respond, he was on me, giving me my first deep kiss. Our cum
flavored mouths mingled as we tasted each other, dad's tongue deep in my mouth.
Later in life, after kissing a few other men, I realized what an excellent
kisser father was. But for now, I was getting off on his scruffy face and cum
filled mouth.
 When he pulled away from me, he was shaking his head, muttering, "Can't
believe it. My own son."
 I was confused by this, and I wanted him to know how much I liked it with him,
so I spoke up first, "Dad. Please don't worry. I loved having sex with you. I
want to do it again and again, because I think that you're more handsome than
any other man around." He just looked at me, so I kept on, "Tonight was great.
Don't you think? And besides, there's nothing to be ashamed of since I wanted
to blow you more than you wanted it."
 He lightened up and told me, "My problem is that I liked it too and I want to
blow you again and again." He looked deep at me for a response. I said flatly,
"Well then dad, it looks like we better get used to the fact that we're gonna
suck on each other's dicks all the time. Especially me, because I want your big
fat cock in my face every morning, afternoon and night." I decided to open up
more, "I love this dick of yours. And those huge balls you have. And I think I
want you to fuck me in the ass some day soon. . Dad rested his hand on my
shoulder and said, "You're almost a grown man, and you're my personal cock
sucker." He smiled down at me and finished by saying, "I'll get back to you
about fucking your ass...I just might have to be the one to break you in."

End of Part One
Parts Two and Three Follow.