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Joy of horse sex

   Whinny all equine fans!

 Here is the updated and, thanks to Actaeon, revised version
 of my guide "Joy of Horse Sex"

 Have safe fun with your lovers,




(Original text by Gobbel, translated by Navarre, revised by
Actaeon and a friend)

*Sex with horses - As old as history itself*

   The horse has been a companion of man for thousands of years. It served
him has a source of food, as "military equipment", as an animal to work and
to ride, but also as a sexual partner: In Greek mythology gods take the
shape of stallions to have sex with human women and mares. In ancient Rome
the act between human females and stallions (and other animals) was part
of the games in the circus - mostly in the form of brutal rape. In ancient
Germany there was a ritual where the head of a tribe had sex with a mare
that was then butchered and eaten by the tribe to conjure up magical

   Many devices of the equestrian sport (such as crop, boots, saddle and
bridle) play an important role in many people's sex-life. But also in
contemporary and historic pornography of all epochs sex between man and
animal is a popular topic. Mostly the intercourse between women and
stallions is presented - in reality, intercourse between men and mares
might be much more common: Inquiries concerning sexual behavior have shown
that especially in the country there is a remarkably high percentage of
people who had a sexual contact with an animal.

*How's sex with equines possible, anyway?*

  Many people who work with horses are fascinated by the sexuality of these
animals - but they won't admit it even when asked. There is hardly a more
intense form of sex than that between stallion and mare. Unlike many other
animals horses show their sexuality very clearly, even towards men: Mares
in heat spread their legs, lift their tails, open their pussies and squeeze
out their juices everting their clitoris; stallions like to show what they
have got between their hind legs, often even without a sexual partner. Many
people discover that they wish to do more than just  look at those arousing
   Indeed, it is possible to have sex with horses (or with single-toed
ungulates in general). Usually, in contrast to other large animals, most
horses are used to humans. But not all horses are suited for sexual games -
their readiness should be carefully checked. On the other hand, animals
that have found that they like the treatment can be very devoted -
especially stallions. That can be a problem, for example if he tries to
"seduce" his partner with an impressive erection - in presence of other
   Mares have indeed very large, but also very adaptive pussies; in
addition, the pussies of little ponies or young animals are more narrow.
All mares have a big, very moveable clitoris that can cause additional
joys. Many animals actually appreciate being stimulated by hand or orally.
That can cause the development of heat symptoms with some mares, but that
will be discussed later.
   In contrast to other animals, many mares like sexual intercourse with
humans, even when they are not in heat and when they would chase a stallion
away. Many mares that are not in heat also won't chase off a man, if they
know sex with humans. But they have to be carefully trained for it.
   Attention: In their hindlegs (in contrast to the name!), horses have
the power of many horse-powers that concentrate on a few square inches of
their hooves when they kick at you. There are cases in which people were
killed when they approached a horse too rudely or who lacked experience.
Sexually aroused horses don't pay attention to humans - even in artificial
insemination many technicians and veterinarians are hurt or even killed
every year, despite extensive security steps having been taken.
   Especially younger, just sexually mature mares are suitable for sexual
games, since they do not have a fully developed cycle and did not have
formative experience with a stallion. The best way to approach the animal
is from the side and from the front, so that one is fully visible to the
mare at any time. You stroke the animal's neck and work your way down to
the more interesting regions (flank, belly, region of the tail).
   It is very important to keep an eye on the horse's reaction: Slight
displeasure is shown by swishing its tail. But when it points back its ears
or even lifts a hoof, things are getting really dangerous. Unfortunately,
there are horses, especially mares, that change their minds rather quickly
and make their displeasure known to you by kicking or biting.

*How to become a stallion*

  Having worked one's way down to the mare's hindquarters, and if she
allows you to stroke her pussy without resistance, and even lifts her tail,
then you can carefully clean her pubic region with a sponge and some warm
water. Now you should massage the lower part of her pussy with the inlying
clitoris at first. Many mares cannot resist this stimulation and allow
different manipulations.  If the mare doesn't try to escape your efforts,
you carefully open her labia and try to insert a single finger (with well
trimmed nail!). Some mares are very difficult to cope with in normal life
(cleaning, loading) but will be like a lamb when teasing their genitals -
but this behavior is rather the exception.
   If the mare allows you to open her labia without negative reactions,
and if you can insert several fingers in her pussy, you can try to
penetrate her. If it's large horse or a large pony, you will need a safe,
raised stand. A bale of straw will do fine because you can find it in
nearly all stables. The mare is used to it, so she will not be frightened,
and a fearful reaction of the animal will not be produced.  Nevertheless,
some mares are frightened when big objects are moved behind them, outside
their field of vision. You have to be very cautious when moving a bale of
straw and careful when you mount her - the sudden change of your height may
be another cause of fear for the mare.
   After mounting her you should at first carefully spread her labia with
your fingers, then insert your dick. If the mare is not in heat, some KY or
different lubricant may be of help - saliva will do as well. The actual act
between mare and stallion lasts just a few seconds, so many mares will get
restless when you are trying for too long. You do not need to hurry, but in
most cases lasting copulations are not possible. If you're lucky, the mare
will create additional stimuli by moving her clitoris, especially if you
are `working' in the lower part of her pussy.
   Don't hold on to her tail! Horses are especially sensitive to pain here
because their backbones continue into the upper part of their tails. Flanks
and the upper parts of their hind legs should be used instead. Also: You
shouldn't have more than one animal partner a day because you could
transfer animal venereal diseases.
   Some mares - and also geldings (neutered stallions) - allow anal sex as
well (Don't forget a lubricant - you can also use a condom for hygienic
reasons if you prefer). Their sphincter is much more narrow than the
pussies, therefore it must be manually widened (Mind the animal's
reaction!). Especially if the anal intercourse lasts longer, some horses
try to get rid of your dick by squeezing out dung. Others feel
uncomfortable if the 'intruder' pushes too hard or with too long strokes.
Anyway, you should be aware that some animals urinate and defecate at you,
especially if you are `working' for some time.

*How to hold a stallion's rod*

    BE CAREFUL WITH STALLIONS! Most male horses are geldings that have been
neutered before they were sexually mature. True stallions are held nearly
exclusively for breeding purpose. Many stallions are quite touchy around
their genitals. Even if you just touch their belly, they will bite or kick
at you. After an appropriate training, some stallions like it when their
penises or testicles are stimulated.
   Young stallions, especially those that are just sexually mature (i.e. at
the age of approx. 1 year) and have never mated with a mare can be trained
for humans, and they are very open to sexual games. These pubescent animals
often are clumsy or rude, although they are already very strong. When
aroused, they tend to mount their human partner and to "rape" him (or her),
which can be very dangerous. You shouldn't stop the young stallion being
interested in mares, especially if he is to breed later. Older ones are
usually better-behaved and easier to handle, but it is more difficult to
train them.
   In contrast to many other big animals, stallions have a penis that is
not erected all the time; its function is similar to the human penis: An
erection is achieved by pumping blood into the penis and then stemming its
flow. When ejaculating, some centiliters will be emitted; even an
ejaculation of up to 200ml is possible. To give a comparison: A bull gives
only 1 to 2 ml.
   A stallion's penis is a very complex organ. It has a double-folded
prepuce and is normally held back in the belly by a retractor muscle. The
penis of big horses has an overall length of 1 meter, the visible part is
about half as long. There are extreme differences in size as there are
between humans.
   The penis is - if it is not cleaned regularly or `used', which is the
case for breeding stallions - partially covered by a dark, greasy, bad
smelling substance (smegma, `horse cheese'). When urinating or sexually
aroused, but also when bored, relaxed or exhausted (!) the stallion will
partially drop his penis.
   The stallion can partially erect without decovering his glans, or can
show his glans without getting a full erection. Most `play' with their
penis and by doing so learn how to masturbate. This `misbehavior' is -
sometimes painfully - suppressed, especially if it is a breeding stallion,
to save semen: In contrast to their legendary reputation stallions are
rather horny but not very potent. Compared to other hoofed animals they
have a very low rank; they are able to have only 4 to 5 ejaculations a day,
which is not surprising looking at the amount of emitted semen. A bull can
ejaculate dozens of times a day; sheep and goat rams even more often.
   During the act of covering the penis will be extended, then it will be
tensed by the retractor muscle while mounting. The actual act is rather
short in duration; after a detailed foreplay (sniffing, licking, nibbling)
the stallion needs more than one mounting attempt, but once he has found
his target, he will need just a few powerful thrusts to ejaculate.
   After penetration, the size of the glans swells to two or three its pre-
intromission diameter before ejaculations start. Even breeding mares have
been injured under this enormous pressure and were killed by internal
bleeding. And if a woman thinks that she could be able to insert a
stallion's penis, she will not be able to bear the size of the glans,
particularly because the stallion will thrust with his whole strength.
Allowing a horse to orally stimulate your genitals is also risky: Horses
are only interested in human genitals if they smell interesting. If you put
honey or anything else on them, you have to expect painful bruises caused
by the herbivore teeth of the lustful animals; sometimes it may be even
   The manual or oral stimulation of the stallion's penis is also very
dangerous. Some stallions will get in a mood where mating reflexes can be
triggered, and they will mount the stimulating person with all of their
power. Even if the stallion is tied, he will tear the rope and halter -that
can turn out deadly!
   In general, you should only try this with small stallions (Shetland
ponies etc.) and make use of a safe mating stand (in most cases only on
stud farms), with which you are separated from the animal by a half-high
wall. Anyway, many stallions can only be stimulated by a mare in heat, but
then they mount the mare at once. If you get some heat juices or urine of
mares in heat, some stallions can be sexually aroused, and in some cases
you can also make them masturbate (that is, stroking their penis against
their belly).
   Which scents interest a stallion you can tell from the intensity of his
"Flehmen": In this special behavior the stallion will hold his head up,
curl up his upper lip and breathe in using an extra olfactory-sensitive
part inside his upper lip to identify the smell. If the animals are
stimulated by scent and manual manipulation follpows, an imprinting on
humans can be achieved. Even an imprinting on human sweat and love juices
is possible if you're lucky.
   In some porno movies women can be seen that take a stallion orally or
seem to take him vaginally. These animals have been specially trained and
are held by several persons, which can be seen in some movies. Probably
some of the horses are under the influence of drugs: Several medicines have
the effect of completely calming down horses; a relaxation of the penis
muscle is also achieved which causes a partial erection.
   Some videos show special "mating stands" that are alleged to be used in
animal-brothels. After the stallion has mounted, they allow a relatively
safe manipulation of the penis, but they can be accessed only by few
people. Real mating phantoms for artifi-cial insemination are extremely
expensive, and their existence - apart from on stud farms and mating
stations - brings up questions.
   If you really want to approach a stallion sexually, only the lower belly
and the prepuce should be touched; if the stallion gets a partial erection,
only the shaft of the penis should be manipulated. If you touch the glans
or pull on the penis too long, most stallions will draw back their manhood
at once, although a few like strong stimulation of both the shaft and the
tip according to the Crump method: Apply pressure to the glans, especially
to the very sensitive spot on the upper part (at the 12 oclock position)
while stroking the shaft near the preputial ring. In case they retreat,
many stallions can be persuaded to erect their penis again by stroking
their lower belly, their prepuce and the region between their testicles and
their upper hind-legs. Very daring characters also tried 'docking', also
known as sheath fucking: the insertion of the penis into the prepuce of a
gelding or stallion. This stunt is only for 'zoo professionals' with a
perfectly trained stud.
   Another 'high-end' technique is oral stimulation by a horse: Both mares
and studs have a part of the gum with no teeth. This so- called 'diastema'
is located between the molars and the front teeth. Intromission of the
penis is possible there - but maybe only for the first and last time. I
tried it myself, but most horses are rather reluctant, so it *is a quite
dangerous kind of fun*. If you're lucky you may find an equine willing to
lick. Whatever you do: *Don't use any flavours!* Horses can 'bobbitize'
your gender organs, too, but they don't just cut it off, they will munch it
into something that certainly can't be restored by a 'stapadictomy'.
   To the people that think they have to insert a stallion's penis in one
or the other cavity of their body, or between their own legs: Go write your
Last Will! You have to expect a broken back-bone because many stallions lay
their whole weight on their partner when they penetrated, and they thrust
into you without consideration. Another thing to consider is that stallions
become quite noisy when aroused: They whinny, grunt and stamp their feet.
This may tend to make also other horses nervous - the risk of being spotted
is much higher then.

*Some personal words...*

   The basic precondition for the sexual contact with horses is that you
know the animal very well and have them trained carefully, i.e. made them
used to your approaches. If they react by refusing your sexual approaches,
you have to leave them alone. Any attempt to "rape" them against their
will, is dangerous and in vain - and a sign that you're not an caring
equine lover. If you take this advice to heart, you are not going to molest
the horse - the opposite is actually true: Some mares like your treatment
so much that they stand still during intercourse with you even when they
are not in heat, so they do not have to be tied somewhere. Some say that
gauchos and other shepherds have made their animals willing for work by
sexual stimulation; similar can be heard rumored of equestrian sportsmen.
   Anyone has to deal with moral reservations by himself (or herself). In
my opinion, in sexuality everything that you like is allowed - as long as
your partner also likes it and is able to show his or her displeasure if
necessary. The legal ban has been repealed in many countries, but you
should inform yourself of the laws which are applicable in your area. If
you follow my instructions there should be no reasonable or sensible
objections from animal right activists: You can have sexual experiences
with horses, presupposing you have such tendencies and care for your equine
lovers, without causing harm to the animal in any way (the opposite is more
often the case!).
   Many horses are already attached to humans and do not take long to learn
having pleasure of sexual games with men and women - especially if they do
not have the chance of natural satisfaction, which is true for most riding
horses. Reimprinting of those animals is in many cases easier than the
imprinting of different animals (cows, sheep, etc.).
   The joy of sex with humans (androphily?) can have embarrassing side-
effects, if a horse tries to make approaches to its human partner in
presence of other people; especially stallions tend to do so. On no account
should you underestimate the danger of getting caught: Although you cannot
be prosecuted by law in many places, as a "mare fucker" or "stallion
wanker" they'll be finished with you in circles of riders, breeders or
veterinarians. If you approach someone else's animal without the owner's
permission, you have to expect an extreme reaction of him. Remember: Many
farmers own a gun!
   Nevertheless, have much fun with you four-legged friends - in whichever
way ever this may be. Oh, yes, one final clue: A long and wide pullover may
become handy just in case you have to cover certain parts of your body very

   Have a good time, and take care,