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Animal farm orgy

  PB-267 Animal Farm Orgy 
by Author Unknown

Chapter 1

Reverend James Walker had been the minister in the rural community of Woods Fork for the past
six years, and both he and his wife, Abby, were highly thought of by the congregation. Standing
on the church steps talking to some of his church members, one Sunday after the services were
over, he was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the conversation.

Pretty little Marci Wilks was standing with the morning sun behind her, and her sexy young
figure was deliciously silhouetted through the thin material of her Sunday dress. The outline
of the youngster's shapely legs was making the man's cock throb wildly in his pants.

Reverend Walker had enjoyed sexual favors with many of the more attractive women in his flock,
but the one girl he wanted to fuck most of all was this cute youngster. The man knew it was mad
to want to fuck this teenager, but he'd been secretly lusting for her cunt ever since she first
reached puberty.

Reverend Walker was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the conversation as he watched
Marci standing with her big brother, Kirk. The two young people were obviously waiting for
their father to bring the car around from the parking area behind the church. They lived with
their widowed dad on a small farm, and he always brought his son and daughter to church with
him on Sundays.

When old man Wilks finally drove away with Marci and her brother, the reverend was suddenly
conscious of Laverne Crain chattering next to him.

"You must read it," he heard her say. "I've never been so upset in my life."

"Read what?" he muttered, embarrassed that he hadn't been listening.

"I've already told you," she said in an exasperated voice. "It's that letter I found in my
husband's coat."

"Where is he today?"

"That's just it," she continued with tears in her eyes. "He's out of town, and I think he's
with another woman."

"Oh, Laverne," he scoffed. "Frank would never do anything like that."

"I didn't think he would either," she half-sobbed. "But that was before I found this letter."

"Are you sure it's not just your imagination?" he asked. "You're a young and attractive woman.
I can't believe Frank would cheat on you."

"Oh, Reverend Walker." She began openly sobbing. "I need your help."

"In what way?"

"I want you to read the letter and advise me what to do."

"Do you have it with you?" he asked.

"No," she answered, dabbing a handkerchief to her eyes. "It's home, but I wondered if you could
stop by the house this afternoon."

"I really don't know," he said, hesitatingly. "I have several things to take care of."

"Please," she whispered. "It will only take a few minutes."

"Okay," he finally agreed. "I'll stop by around three o'clock."

Later that afternoon, when Laverne opened the door for him, the reverend was a bit shocked by
her appearance. The woman was a very attractive person in her early thirties who habitually
wore severe clothes and tied her red hair on top of her head, but this afternoon she was
wearing a soft, green robe with her long red hair falling down around her shoulders.

"Thank you for coming, Reverend," she said, leading him into the living room.

"I just hope I can be of some help," he murmured as she handed him the letter.

Reading it, the man was thoroughly shocked by its contents. It was obviously from a woman to
Laverne's husband, and it unashamedly referred to the intimacies they were enjoying, including
oral sex.

"Whew!" gasped the reverend as he handed the letter back to her. "They must have had quite a

"Reverend!" she snapped. "Don't be so flippant about this."

"I don't mean to be flippant," he explained. "I'm just shocked."

"Imagine what a slut she must be to indulge in oral sex with him," she went on, wringing her
hands in disdain.

"Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that," said the reverend. "Sexual mores have changed in
the past few years, and these things are more or less accepted today."

"Are you condoning them?" she screamed, her eyes flashing with anger.

"No," he calmly answered. "But I'm not condemning them either."

"I can't believe you," she whispered, her body trembling as she stepped in front of him.
"You're a man of God, and you're condoning their filthy behavior."

"I'm a minister," he softly said. "I'm not the judge."

"YOU FILTHY BEAST!" she screamed, hysterically slapping him across the face. Momentarily
stunned from the unexpected blow, he grabbed the woman's shoulders and began shaking her.

"I hate you!" she sobbed, unaware that the front of her gown had fallen open from the wild

"That's quite a set of tits," he commented, boldly staring at her deliciously exposed nipples.

"My God!" she gasped, pulling the front of her gown together. "You're no better than my filthy

"Laverne," he said in a cold, steely voice. "No wonder your husband had gone to another woman."

"What do you mean?"

"You're a beautiful person," he answered. "But you're the coldest bitch I've ever met."

"You're nothing but a filthy pig!"

"Laverne," he sighed. "Have you ever really let yourself go with your husband?"

"That's none of your damned business!" she snapped.

"Maybe not," laughed the man. "But there's nothing wrong with you that a good hot fuck wouldn't

"Let go of me!" hissed the beautiful redhead, trying to twist away from his grip.

"You need a big, hard cock in your cunt," he sarcastically announced. "A nice, big, thick prick
that would twist around deep in your pussy, a nice, big cock that would fuck in and out ... in
and out until you were screaming with ecstasy. Yes, you need a big swollen boner that could
fill your juicy little cunt with jizz."

As disgusting as he sounded, Laverne found that his lewd descriptions were faintly exciting
her. The possessive way he was holding her, and his obscene, but vivid descriptions of sex were
bringing exciting tingles to her pussy.

"Let go of me!" she sobbed, trying to push him away as a warm glow began faintly burning in her

Suddenly excited by a strange, burning fire in her eyes, the reverend grasped her waist,
pulling her soft, warm body up tightly against him.

"NO!" she shrieked, feeling his hard prick pressing against her through his pants.

The front of her gown had opened, and Laverne could feel her pussy hair rubbing against the
material of his trousers. She knew this was all wrong, but she suddenly felt a strange
excitement, realizing that only his pants separated his throbbing cock from her cunt.

"Feel it?" he panted. "Can you feel that big, hard prick? God, how I want to fuck your cute
little pussy."

"You filthy asshole!" she panted, trying to push him away.

"Stop, being a fool," he whispered. "You know you'd love to have this hot, live cock stuffed up
your cunt."

"Please let me go," she sobbed, his obscene words starting to arouse her in spite of her
disgust for him.

Ignoring her pleading, the reverend thrust his hands through the front of her gown and,
reaching around, grasped the soft cheeks of her ass, pulling her squirming cunt up tighter
against his throbbing hard-on.

"No! No!" squealed Laverne, pounding his chest with her clenched fists. "Stop it! You've got to
stop it!"

Trembling violently, the lovely redhead could feel his hands massaging and kneading her
deliciously bare ass while his fingers goosed into the soft fleshy crack between her asscheeks.
A hot, damp helplessness began flowing through her body as the hard bulge in the front of his
pants continued rotating suggestively against her warm, naked pussy.

Laverne knew this was wrong, but when he lowered his mouth down toward her, she raised her
lovely face and offered him her softly parted lips. With their tongues entwined in a deep kiss,
Laverne began passionately grinding her pussy against his throbbing hard-on.

"Feel my cock, honey," he panted hotly into her mouth. "Take my cock."

As if she'd completely lost her own will, Laverne obediently reached down and lovingly caressed
his big prick through the front of his pants.

"Now that's better," he whispered, picking her up and carrying her over to the couch. With all
resistance gone, the beautiful redhead closed her eyes and lay her head back as his fingers
crept deliciously up between her thighs. With her gown completely open in front, the minister
stared excitedly at her slippery little cunt that was so provocatively exposed between her
slightly parted legs. The juicy, pink lips of her pussy were swollen with lust, little drops of
oily cunt juice glistening on her slick, soft flesh. Her quivering pussy was a sight to behold,
deliciously exposed in the soft nest of her fiery-red pussy hair. Her hot, fleshy little cunt
was quivering with excitement as the warm pussy juices of her womanhood oozed out, trickling
down between the soft cheeks of her ass.

Trembling with lust, he gently parted her thighs and lowered his face into the fragrant warmth
of her musky crotch.

"Ooooooh!" she squealed, experiencing the feel of a tongue on her cunt for the first time in
her life. "What are you doing?"

"Licking your juicy little cunt," he whispered.

"That's awfully naughty," she said, giggling. "But it sure feels good."

Having never experienced anything like this with her husband, the feel of the reverend's tongue
on her clit was almost blowing the beautiful woman's mind. She'd always thought oral sex was
filthy and disgusting, but having her cunt licked was the most heavenly thing she'd ever

"Oh, Jesus, Reverend!" she squealed, writhing wildly around on the sofa. "I've never felt
anything so good in my life."

Clutching her lurching hips, the man tried to hold her still as he pressed his face deeper into
the hot, moist fragrance of her oozing pussy. His experienced tongue lapped deliciously around
the slick, soft ridges of her cunt walls. Her warm, tangy pussy juices flowed over his tongue,
filling his mouth with the heavenly flavor of her hotly aroused cunt. Twisting his face from
side to side like a rutting animal, he forced his tongue deeper and deeper into her juicy pussy
while his upper lip continued deliciously teasing her lust-swollen clitty.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried, using four letter words for the first time in her life. "I can't stand
much more of this! Oh, shit, it feels so fuckin' good!"

Having never experienced such intense joy in her life, Laverne was pinching and squeezing her
own swollen nipples, completely crazed by the man's sucking, slurping mouth.

"Suck, honey, suck!" she squealed, frantically pounding the cushions with her clenched fists.
"Oh, fuck, it's so shittin' good! So good! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!"

Laverne had lost all contact with reality and was conscious of absolutely nothing except these
agonizingly delicious sensations that were screaming through her pleasure-racked body. As the
mind-blowing ecstasy mounted, her long red hair flailed wildly around her beautifully flushed

"Shit, Rev!" screamed the half-crazed woman, pushing down on the back of his head, pressing his
face deeper into her spit-soaked crotch. "I'm coming ... coming! Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus, how

Her quivering body twisted and jerked through her frantic orgasm. It was several minutes before
she started to recover from her wild climax.

"God!" she whispered a few moments later. "I guess you were right. That was the first time I've
ever really let myself go."

"I'm glad," said the reverend, "because we're just getting started."

"Oh, good," she giggled, looking down at the big hard-on bulging out in the front of his pants.
"Because I sure need that big fuckin' cock in my horny little cunt."

When the reverend stood up and began removing his clothes, Laverne slipped out of her gown and
lay back bare-assed naked on the couch. As he rapidly disrobed, the preacher couldn't keep his
eyes off of her naked, squirming body.

"Oh, Reverend," she whispered in an awed voice when he finally dropped his shorts, revealing
the big lusty prick thrusting up from between his legs. Except for her husband's cock, this was
the only other cock she'd ever seen, and she was completely fascinated by the sight. As he
moved toward the couch, she had a strange and urgent desire to lick his big shiny cock-head.
Years ago, when her husband had asked her to suck him off, she'd been highly pissed off, but
today she had a strong urge to taste this big blue-veined prick.

When he was standing beside the sofa, the beautiful redhead reached out and lovingly grasped
his throbbing cock-shaft in her soft hand, tenderly drawing him toward her. The feel of his big
meaty prick throbbing hotly in her hand only added to her mounting lust. Gently running her
fingers up and down the thick length of his swollen cock, she lovingly explored every sinewy
bump and pulsing vein on his magnificent boner. Excitedly squeezing the big gnarly hard-on,
Laverne could distinctly feel the hot blood pumping through the distended veins just beneath
his tightly stretched cock-skin.

Clutching the thick base of his rigid prick-shaft, Laverne lowered her head and lightly ran the
tip of her tongue across the shiny, hard surface of his big cock-head. The aroma of his prick
was strong but exciting, and she found the taste extremely stimulating.

Clutching tightly to the base of his boner, Laverne began passionately licking the entire
surface of his hard, spongy cock-head. When her swirling tongue came in contact with the
sensitive underside of his big dome-shaped prick-head, she felt his body tremble with pleasure.
Realizing that she'd discovered an erotic nerve center, she began teasing his cock with
feathery-light kisses. Finally deciding to leave that sensitive area for a moment, she began
licking up and down the entire length of his quivering prick-shaft.

When his thick cock was completely soaked with her hot, wet spit, she moved her sucking mouth
down into the hairy tangle of his swollen balls. Wildly stimulated by the musky aroma and taste
of his sac, she began playfully sucking his balls in and out of her hot, slurping mouth.

She suddenly wondered why she'd never done anything like this to her husband. She realized how
much the reverend was enjoying her tongue, and she wondered if Frank would be in bed with
another woman now if she had paid more attention to his sexual needs.

Finally sliding her lips back up along the underside of the man's big, tasty prick, Laverne
opened her mouth and closed her hot, juicy lips down over his throbbing cock-head.

"Jesus Christ!" whimpered the man, unable to believe that Laverne was catching on so rapidly.

With her passionately ovalled lips sucking and pulling so sensuously on the man's prick, she
was thrilled that a cock could taste so delicious. The way his thick prick filled her mouth was
absolutely fantastic, and she was becoming more aroused by the second as her tongue swirled
lovingly around the bloated head of his prick.

Moving her slippery lips up and down over his spit-drenched boner, the beautiful redhead could
feel his bloated cock-head nudging at the back of her throat. With each plunge of her bobbing
head, she was taking more and more of his wonderful prick into her mouth. Feeling how the
minister's legs were trembling with joy, the aroused woman sucked even harder on his throbbing

"Oh, shit!" he gasped when Laverne momentarily removed her mouth to take a deep breath of air.
"Don't stop now, honey! For Christ's sake, don't stop! I'm ready to shoot my wad!"

Thrilled at the prospect of tasting a man's hot cum for the first time in her life, the woman
sucked faster and harder on his bursting prick- shaft, anxious to feel his cock-cream squirting
into her mouth.

Almost out of his mind from the intense pleasure he was feeling, he curled his fingers into her
long red hair, pressing her mouth down tighter over his lurching prick-pole.

"Oh, fuck!" he suddenly gasped, drilling his exploding prick deeper into her throat. "Here
comes the jizz!"

The inexperienced woman wasn't prepared for the flood of hot cum that suddenly exploded from
the end of his cock-head. The startled redhead had to swallow rapidly as the first gush was
followed by spurt after spurt of his thick fuck-cream. Though the salty, bitter-sweet taste of
his cock-juice was a new experience for Laverne, she found the flavor and texture extremely
exciting. She continued sucking passionately on his spurting prick, not wanting to waste a
single drop of this tasty fluid.

It wasn't until she'd sucked the very last drop of jizz from his slowly shrinking cock that his
trembling legs finally buckled and he dropped onto the sofa with her.

"Jesus Christ, that was good!" he whispered a few moments later as he slowly recovered from his
tumultuous climax.

"I'm glad," she cried, happy that he had enjoyed it so much.

Curling up in his arms, Laverne began caressing his limp, wet prick and within a matter of a
very few minutes, his cock began throbbing back to life in her fingers. Wanting to get his cock
fully erect again as soon as possible, she leaned down and began once more sucking on his
prick- shaft while the man's fingers lovingly goosed into the wiggly flesh between her soft
asscheeks. Her smooth, bare ass quivered with delight as he lightly trailed the tip of his
finger around the sensitive ring of her little, puckered asshole.

"Okay, Reverend," she excitedly whispered, releasing his hard cock from her mouth when his
prick was fully erect again. "Now I need a hot fuck."

Rolling onto her back as the man crawled up between her open thighs, Laverne could feel the hot
head of his prick brushing against the creamy flesh of her soft inner thighs. Reaching down,
she grasped the thick base of his cock-shaft and guided his cock-head toward her slippery

"Oh, baby!" she panted, grinding her hot, sopping cunt up against his big cock-head. "Give it
to me, honey! Give it all to me!"

Feeling her hot, juicy cunt-lips closing around the end of his hard cock-head, the preacher
gave a lunge and drove the entire length of his boner into her pussy with one thrilling stroke.

"EEEEEEEEEEEGGGHHH!" the wildly aroused woman shrieked with delight as his thick prick plunged
into her hungry cunt. She screwed her juicy crotch up tighter around the base of his cock-shaft
when she felt his warm, lusty balls nestle in the soft, wide crevice between her creamy

After two or three initial thrusts, the man began fucking into her with long, deep rhythmic
strokes. Sexually alive for the first time in her life, she was thoroughly enjoying every
cunt-filled second of her hot fuck. With her arms and legs wrapped passionately around him,
Laverne could feel his big, hairy chest rub deliciously against her tits as he lustily fucked
on and on and on.

"Oh, Rev!" she squealed, pounding her bare heels against his back. "Fuck me harder, honey! Oh,
shit, it feels so fucking, fucking good!"

As they frantically increased the tempo of their wild fucking, the man could feel that familiar
buzzing in his balls that signaled the approach of a seething climax.

"Oh, shit!" Laverne screamed, frantically throwing the back of her knees over his shoulders,
exposing the whole furry length of her open cunt to his fucking cock. "I'M COMING ... COMING!"

Feeling his own ejaculation about to explode, the man began fucking harder and deeper, the top
ridge of his stiff boner slithering deliciously against her tingling clitty.

"OOOOOOOOH, JESUS!" she screamed, her orgasm becoming more intense as his hot fuck-cream began

Shuddering violently, Laverne writhed her cum-filled cunt up tighter around the base of his
spurting shaft as the man filled her glowing pussy to overflowing with his thick jizz. This was
the first total orgasm the beautiful woman had ever experienced.

Chapter 2

Reverend Walker's wife, Abby, was an exceptionally attractive brunette in her late thirties,
but she was a complete opposite to her husband. While the preacher had been into the pants of
most of the desirable women in the parish, Abby was very straight-laced and proper. On the rare
occasions when she had sex with her husband, it had to be under the covers and with the lights
out. She considered it very improper for him to see her nude body. Because of her wishes, sex
was only performed in the missionary position, and never on Sundays.

In spite of her sexual hang-ups, Abby Walker was a kind and generous woman. Whenever anyone was
in trouble, she was always the first to offer her help. Highly respected in the community, she
made an ideal preacher's wife.

On the Sunday afternoon while the reverend was lustily sucking and fucking Laverne Crain, Abby
was home preparing a cold supper they could have after the evening services. While she was
busily working, she suddenly recalled that she hadn't seen Mae Langford in church this morning.
Mae was a rather voluptuous middle-aged blonde who lived alone with her big collie dog. She had
been deserted by her husband a few years ago, and Abby always worried about the lonesome woman.
Wondering what had happened, the reverend's wife decided that she would stop by Mae's house
tonight after church if the woman didn't come to the evening services.

When Mae didn't show up that evening, Abby walked to her place after the services were over.
Walking around the side of Mae's house, toward the front door, Abby noticed the light on and
the shade up in the woman's bedroom.

Casually glancing in the window as she passed, Abby almost fainted when she saw Mae spread out
naked on the bed. The woman was on her back with her legs wide apart and a large pillow stuffed
under her ass. She was frenziedly pulling and twisting her big, swollen nipples as her huge
furry collie hungrily licked her cunt.

Abby's gaze was next drawn to the enormous erection thrusting out from beneath the dog's furry
belly. The woman stood completely stunned as she watched the collie's pink tongue lapping a
frothy, wet path up and down between Mae's wantonly spread thighs. The obviously aroused dog
was whimpering excitedly as he hungrily licked his mistress' hotly oozing slit. Abby could
plainly see that the woman's gold-fringed pussy was swollen with desire, drops of creamy, hot
cunt juice glistening against the slick pink tissues.

"Oh, yes, Scotty," the voluptuous blonde was softly moaning as the dog drilled his tongue
between her widely spread legs, licking and lapping up the sweet nectar of her pussy. Slurping
up the horny cunt juices from her feverishly aroused slit, the well-trained animal was
obviously half-crazed by the erotic taste of Mae's overheated cunt.

Still shocked as she silently watched them, Abby could tell that Mae's collie wasn't licking
her pussy for the first time. It was more than obvious that the animal had gone down on her
cunt many times before.

"Oh, sweet, Scotty," the depraved blonde was moaning. "Lick me good, honey! Make me come!"

Nearly out of her mind from the intense pleasure she was feeling, Mae was writhing all over the
bed as the dog hungrily slurped on her hot, open cunt.

"Oh, shit, Scotty!" she squealed, pinching her nipples harder. "It feels so fuckin' good,

Twisting his face from side to side, the long-nosed collie drilled his tongue even deeper into
the hot depths of her slippery cunt, his snout deliciously rubbing against her erect clitty.

"Oh, shit, baby!" the naked blonde sobbed, curling her fingers into his long, furry coat. "I
can't stand much more, Scotty! It feels so fuckin' good!"

Hearing the dog whimpering with excitement, Abby could see that he was reveling in the taste
and aroma of Mae's heated pussy.

Unaware that she was being watched, Mae was writhing around on the bed in a wanton state of
total ecstasy. Men had been sucking and fucking her since she was a teenager but none had ever
given her the pleasure she got from her beautiful collie. Her husband had left her when he
discovered she was having sex with the animal, but she didn't give a shit because Scotty was a
better lover than any man.

"Oh, Scotty!" she panted. "That feels so shittin' good, baby!"

As the heavenly pleasure increased in her writhing pussy, Mae was excitedly squeezing her
deliciously naked thighs against her dog's face. No longer caring about anything but his
fantastic tongue, Mae was wantonly enjoying the agonizingly beautiful sensations that were
burning through every part of her body.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm coming!" she suddenly squealed, throwing her wide- spread legs into the air.
"I'm coming, Scotty! Oh, fuck, how I'm coming ... COMING ... COMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!"

The woman's voluptuous body wrenched and twisted through the heavenly climax, and when her
orgasm finally ended, Mae slumped back on the bed.

"Oh, you sweet fucker," she sighed a few moments later when Scotty pulled his juice-drenched
face out of her steaming cunt. "You sure know how to make mama happy."

Watching through the window, Abby was shaking like a leaf. As filthy and depraved as the whole
thing was, she was finding the disgraceful scene strangely fascinating. The woman couldn't
understand why, but there was an odd, tingling sensation between her legs that she'd never felt

Abby knew it was sinful for her to be watching anything so filthy and evil, but she couldn't
seem to tear herself away from the sight. Watching as Mae slowly recovered from her intense
orgasm, she was a bit surprised when the naked blonde scooped the big, shaggy collie up into
her arms. With the animal on his back and his head resting between the woman's big tits, Abby
could see his bright-red boner sticking up under his furry belly.

Abby could feel her heart pounding in her throat as she watched Mae's hand move slowly down
over the collie's stomach until her fingers found his hard cock. The reverend's wife watched
breathlessly as the voluptuous blonde's long, tapered fingers fondled and stroked the throbbing
hardness of his slippery, hard prick.

Abby could hardly believe her eyes when Mae suddenly lowered her head and lightly licked her
tongue across the tip of his cock. Whispering something to the dog that Abby couldn't hear, the
depraved blonde took his cock-shaft in her fingers, then holding his prick straight up, she
began hungrily licking the cock-head.

Momentarily deserting the end of his prick, Mae began licking up and down the slimy length of
his long, red cock-shaft, deliciously saturating his prick with her bubbling spit. The animal
was soon shaking violently in the woman's arms as she lowered her head further and began
licking around his furry balls. Enjoying the texture of his cum-swollen ball-sac, Mae began
sucking his balls in and out of her mouth.

When she finally had his balls thoroughly drenched, Mae lovingly nibbled back up along the
sensitive underside of his slippery, wet cock-shaft. Then, opening her mouth wide, she took the
head of his hotly oozing cock into her mouth.

Watching through the window, Abby felt a hot, itching sensation in her cunt. She knew it was
sinful to touch herself down there, but she just had to scratch her pussy to make the itch go
away. Raising her skirt, the woman wormed a finger up through the leg opening of her panties
and began lightly scratching her pussy.

Unable to believe what was happening, she saw Mae start pumping her lips up and down over
Scotty's hard boner. With each plunge of her head, the depraved blonde was taking more and more
of the dog's prick into her throat.

Suddenly seeing a rivulet of slimy cum oozing out from between Mae's cock-squeezing lips as the
collie began jerking and whimpering, Abby realized the dog was coming in her mouth. Horrified
at what was happening, she saw Mae smack her lips and wipe her mouth with the back of her hand
when Scotty pulled his limp wet cock out.

Thinking the obscene performance was over, Abby was just about to leave when she saw that the
dog suddenly had another horrendous hard-on as he stood with his paws on the edge of the bed
barking at Mae.

"Now what's the matter?" giggled the blonde as she reached under the dog's belly and tickled
his brand-new erection. "I'll bet you want a fuck."

Excitedly listening and watching, Abby continued scratching her pussy as that itching sensation
seemed to increase between her legs. Unable to believe what was happening, the reverend's wife
just stared open- mouthed as Mae got up on her hands and knees.

"Come on, Scotty," the wanton blonde whispered back over her shoulder, wriggling her creamy
bare ass around in front of the whimpering collie's nose. "Now give me a nice, hot fuck."

Knowing what was going to happen, the well-trained animal began excitedly sniffing and licking
around her ass and pussy.

"That's it, Scotty," she sighed. "Just stuff your cock into my hot little cunt."

Having done this hundreds of times over the years, the beautiful collie threw his forepaws up
over her shoulders and drilled the entire length of his shiny, red cock into the naked slut's
horny cunt.

"EEEEEEEGGGHHH!" Mae shrieked in ecstasy, feeling his fantastic prick spearing into her pussy.

The itching in Abby's cunt was increasing with every passing moment. Seeing the dog bury his
long, hard cock into Mae's blond-fringed cunt seemed to make her pussy itch even more. Abby was
slowly discovering that the itch wasn't altogether too unpleasant. She was also finding that
the brisker she rubbed her cunt, the better her pussy felt. As disgusting as the whole thing
was, Abby was strangely intrigued at the way this beautiful dog was wildly humping over the
kneeling blonde's naked body. She couldn't understand how Mae could support the animal's weight
on her back, but she was doing it and obviously enjoying the fuck.

"Oh, sweet Scotty!" the woman was whimpering as she felt her dog's canine prick fucking in and
out of her sizzling pussy. Writhing in ecstasy, her hot, juicy cunt flesh was squeezing
deliciously around his hard cock-shaft, bringing more and more joy to her overheated pussy.

"Oh, sweet pissin' Jesus!" gasped Mae as the collie's wildly fucking prick stimulated every
nerve ending in her hotly sizzling cunt. Shivering with rapture as she knelt beneath him, a
heavenly ecstasy was rippling through Mae's pussy as her wonderful pet feverishly fucked into
her. As always happened when Scotty fucked her, the intense pleasure seemed to increase as the
aroused animal quickened the tempo. Tonight the rapture was intensifying so rapidly that Mae
was almost on the verge of losing her mind.

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" she cried as her fantastic collie fucked deeper and faster, bringing her
more joy than she had ever experienced with him. Tonight he was giving her the fuck of fucks.

"OH, SWEET FUCKIN' SCOTTY!" screamed the feverishly aroused blonde as the animal deliciously
reamed out her juicy hot fuckhole.

Kneeling with her head down, Mae could look back between her legs and see his wondrous cock
fucking in and out of her hotly clasping pussy. Crazed with the joy of this heavenly
animal-fuck she was getting, the perverted blonde was slamming her creamy-white ass back to
meet every thundering thrust of her dog's hotly pistoning boner.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried, feeling the rapture of his long, red prick fucking deep into her
seething cunt. "Fuck me harder, Scotty! Fuck me harder!"

On and on they fucked, Mae violently thrusting her ass back to better receive every hard thrust
of the dog while the reverend's wife excitedly watched them through the window. Having
accidentally discovered the joys of her clit for the first time, Abby was vigorously fingering
her pussy as she stared at Scotty's long cock fucking in and out of the blonde's hotly oozing
cunt. The reverend's wife no longer gave a shit whether it was sinful or not to play with her
hot little pussy. She'd never enjoyed anything so much in her life, and being fucked by a dog
didn't seem as depraved to her as it had a little while ago. Excitedly fingering her tingling
clit as she watched, Abby began wondering how a dog's hot, hard cock would feel in her own

"EEEEEEEGGGHHH!" she heard Mae scream as the relentless fucking continued.

The feel of his super-hard boner fucking in and out of her writhing slit was almost blowing
Mae's mind. The voluptuous blonde's sizzling- hot cunt was sucking passionately on the collie's
slippery, juice- slickened prick-shaft as he fucked in and out of her lust-swollen cunt. Her
face was a mask of the fiery passions that were flooding through her steaming pussy, and she
was aware of nothing else in the world except this big shaft of canine-cock that fucked so
deliciously into her writhing cunt.

Watching them, Abby was feverishly finger-fucking herself, almost able to feel that beautiful
big dog-cock in her own overheated cunt. She no longer gave a shit whether messing around with
her pussy was evil or not. It felt fantastic, and from now on she was going to play with her
cunt as often as she wished. She would even let a dog fuck her if she could find one that knew
how to fuck. Listening to the dull thud of Scotty's furry belly slapping against Mae's soft ass
as he fucked into her was driving Abby wild.

"Oh, sweet doggy!" she heard the blonde squeal in ecstasy. "I love that beautiful fuckin' cock
of yours."

The feel of his super-hard prick fucking in and out of her writhing cunt was almost blowing
Mae's mind.

"Shit, Scotty!" she squealed as the intense pleasure increased in her pussy. "I love your cock,
you sweet fucker!"

She could feel every ridge and sinew on the animal's deliciously hard dog-prick rubbing against
every tingling nerve end in her hotly squeezing cunt. The rock-hardness of his heavenly cock
was fucking deeply into the magical hotness of her squeezing fuck-hole, reaming out big globs
of slippery cunt juices from deep in her pussy.

"THAT'S IT, YOU BIG-COCKED DARLING!" she cried, almost hysterical from the intense pleasure she
was feeling. "KEEP THAT BIG COCK FUCKIN'!"

The animal was thrusting his long prick-shaft into her with rapid, cunt-splitting strokes, each
quick thrust bringing her closer to a climax.

"That's it!" she screamed when the hot gush of his dog-cum into her cunt triggered her orgasm.

Watching through the window as the blonde climaxed all around her dog's spurting prick, Abby
began rubbing her clit more vigorously. Trembling with excitement, she leaned back against the
building to support herself as she feverishly rubbed her clitty until she, too, exploded into a
wild orgasm.

Chapter 3

When Abby awakened the next morning, she was filled with shame. As soon as the reverend left
the house, she knelt by the bed and tearfully prayed for over an hour, begging forgiveness for
her evil sinning. Accompanying her husband to church the following Sunday, she was still filled
with guilt and remorse.

After the services that day, Reverend Walker once more excitedly watched little Marci Wilks and
her brother get into their father's car for the ride out to their farm. The reverend couldn't
understand why, but he seemed to get a hard-on every time he saw the cute, blonde youngster.

Driving home with her dad and brother, Marci's mind was on a conversation she had had with her
friend Joyce Gibson before church this morning. Joyce had excitedly told her about sucking off
her older cousin last night.

"Did it taste icky?" Marci had wanted to know.

"Shit, no," her friend had giggled. "It's sorta slippery, but it has a neat flavor."

"What does a cock feel like," was Marci's next question, starting to get all hot and itchy
between her legs as she listened to Joyce.

"Haven't you ever played with a guy's prick?"

"You know I haven't," Marci said and giggled.

"You're missing a lot," her friend had sighed. "I just love hard cocks."

"What do they feel like?"

"Well." Joyce had paused, a warm glow in her eyes. "It's sorta hard to explain. It feels a bit
like soft, wet velvet stretched over a big hot pipe, except there's a hard, rubbery feeling to
it, and it jerks and throbs in your hand."

Thinking about cocks now, as she was riding home from church, Marci was feeling all hot and
sticky between her legs.

"And nothing feels better than a hard cock in your cunt," Joyce had said with a dreamy
expression on her face.

"I'd be afraid to let a guy fuck me," Marci had admitted.


"I dunno. It sounds sorta scary."

"Then suck him off," her friend had suggested.

"How do I do that?"

"It's sorta like jacking him off, only you use your mouth."

"That doesn't tell me much," Marci had complained. "I don't know anything about jacking off

"Why don't you get Kirk to teach you," Joyce had suggested, referring to Marci's older brother.

Now, riding home next to her big brother in the car, Marci suddenly wondered if he might let
her mess around with his prick.

That night when her father drove in to attend the evening services at the church, Marci plopped
herself out on a deeply cushioned chair in the living room, her shapely young legs spread out
in front of her. Thinking about the exciting conversation with Joyce this afternoon, her finger
was absently tracing tiny circles around her navel that was deliciously exposed between her
cut-offs and the halter that covered her firm young breasts. Sitting there with a dreamy
expression in her eyes, she was a picture of innocent beauty, but her hot little pussy was
burning with passion.

She was acutely aware of her brother sitting across the room, intently reading a sports
magazine. Kirk's biggest interest was athletics, and next fall, as a senior, he would be
captain of the high school football team. Looking at her handsome brother, Marci could
understand why Joyce had suggested him as her teacher. Staring over at Kirk, she suddenly
wondered if he would let her jack him off. He'd always treated her as his pesky little sister,
but maybe she could change his mind this evening.

As the burning between her legs increased, Marci walked across the room and sat down on the
floor in front of him.

"Kirk," she said when he paid no attention to her.

"Bug off, Sis," he muttered, not taking his eyes away from the magazine. "I'm trying to read."

"Kirk," she continued after a few moments of silence. "Do you like me?"

"Of course I do," he said, looking at her for the first time. "Why do you ask such a dumb

"Well," she began slowly. "Will you show me your ... er ... th-thing?"

"What thing?" he asked, turning his attention back to the magazine.

"You know," she said, hesitating. "Your thing ... your prick."

"What?" he gasped.

"Please, Kirk," she whispered.

"Have you lost your mind?" he asked in a stunned voice.

"Please, Kirk," she begged, her little pussy getting hotter by the second. "Just let me see

"My God!" he gasped. "I can't believe you!"

"Please?" she persisted, reaching for his zipper.

"Stop that!" he shouted, roughly pushing her hand away. "Why the hell do you want to see my

"Because I've never seen one!" she shouted back at him.

"You're not supposed to see one," he snapped, pushing her hand away again.

"Damn you!" she shouted, her eyes blazing with frustrated anger. "If you won't, I'll get some
of your friends to show me their cocks!"

"You wouldn't dare!" he gasped.

"I sure would," his little sister hissed, reaching for his zipper again. "And you know they'd
be more than happy to let me play with their pricks.

Knowing that she was right, he just stared at her with disbelief as she opened his fly. While
he sat in stunned silence, she reached in and gently withdrew his soft, limp cock, staring with
awe at the warm prick in her trembling hands.

In spite of the circumstances, the soft touch of her fingers on his prick sent a warm, tingling
glow through his cock.

The exciting feeling between her legs increased as Marci felt his prick-shaft begin to swell
and throb in her hand. Staring in complete fascination, she watched his swelling purple
cock-head start protruding from his foreskin. Gently squeezing his prick, she couldn't believe
how big his cock was getting.

"No, Sis, this isn't right," he weakly whispered as her hand began moving up and down the
length of his fully erect cock.

The young girl had never been so excited in her life, and she was finding it difficult to
breathe as her fingers explored every bump and vein on his big blood-engorged prick. Slowly
skimming the soft foreskin up and down over his throbbing cock-shaft, she rubbed his
deliciously hot cock-head against her soft, warm cheeks, up through her hair, under her chin
and lightly across her moistly parted lips as his body trembled and lurched with ecstasy.

"Oh, God, Sis!" he whispered, completely surrendering to her loving caresses when she
momentarily released his tingling boner from her fingers. "Don't stop honey ... don't stop!"

Grasping his prick more firmly in her trembling hand, she was shocked at the expression on her
brother's face. His mouth was gaping open, with his lips drawn back from his teeth while his
glazed eyes rolled up crazily toward the ceiling.

A feeling of triumph surged through her body when Marci realized how easy it was to control a
man's emotions through the manipulation of his cock. She couldn't believe the intense power she
had over his body as she rapidly learned how to please him. The faster she stroked his cock,
the wilder he shivered and lurched, and when she slowed down the action, he moaned and begged
for more. This was the first time in years that her big brother hadn't dominated her.

"Please don't stop, Sis!" he groaned when she again momentarily released his prick. "Oh, God,
honey, don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Kirk thought he would lose his mind with ecstasy as she brought him close to a climax time
after time, only to let him slip back and skillfully bring him up again.

"Oh, God, honey, that feels so good!" he moaned as her gentle fingers continued deliciously
stroking the length of his throbbing cock-shaft.

As his body began lurching more violently, Marci began instinctively moving her hand more
rapidly up and down over his big, straining prick. Crazed with the wild excitement, she could
feel her hot cunt juices oozing out into her panties. She was pumping faster and faster while
her brother lurched and moaned on the chair. Kirk could feel an explosive orgasm building up
deep in his balls. He felt as if his blistering prick was burning as his jism started its fiery
journey up through the tingling length of his cock.

"OH, SIS!" he shouted in ecstasy as the thick hot cum gushed out from his big prick-head,
splattering against her startled face. Thrilled by what was happening, she continued pumping
frenziedly on his spurting prick until the last bit of jizz dribbled out.

Finally releasing her brother's rapidly shrinking prick, she began wiping her cum-drenched face
with the back of her hand.

When she drew her hand across her mouth, she was delightfully pleased with the slightly salty,
bitter-sweet taste of his jizz, remembering that Joyce had told her how good cum tasted.

Kirk was completely exhausted, his eyes closed and head thrown against the back of the chair as
he slowly recovered from his intense climax. With his burning lust now relieved, he suddenly
felt terribly ashamed for allowing his little sister to jack him off. Unable to look her in the
eye, he stood up and closed his zipper. Still not saying a word to her, he walked upstairs to
his room.

When he'd gone, Marci just sat on the floor for several minutes, trying to sort her thoughts
out. It had been a traumatic experience for the young girl, yet jacking her brother off had
been the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her. Finally pulling her cut-offs down,
she lustily finger-fucked herself to a wonderful orgasm before going to bed.

Unable to sleep, she lay tossing and turning for hours. She was finally almost ready to fall
asleep when she heard her bedroom door open.

"Who's there?" she whispered.

"It's me," she heard her brother answer as he closed the door behind him and walked over to the
side of her bed.

"What do you want?" asked Marci turning on the bedside lamp.

"Well," he nervously began, "I was wondering if you'd like to jack me off again?"

"Sure!" she squealed, throwing back the covers. "If you'll play with my pussy while I'm jacking
you off."

Marci was completely naked, and Kirk just stared numbly at her firm young tits with the hard
pink nipples standing up so deliciously erect. Her youthful body tapered down to her slim waist
and then flared gently out again at her softly rounded hips. Her shapely little legs were
slightly parted, exposing her smooth inner thighs that led up to her delicious little
gold-fringed pussy.

"Take your stupid shorts off," she commanded as he stood there staring at her.

An exciting tingle rippled through her pussy when he dropped his shorts. Earlier in the evening
she'd only seen his prick through his open fly, but now she was staring at a man's balls for
the first time in her life. Her unbelieving eyes focused on his hairy sac that swung lewdly
between his muscular legs. The sight of his long, hard cock- shaft thrusting up from his mass
of curly pubic hair made the juices flow hotly from between her legs.

Crawling into bed, Kirk drew his little sister's soft, warm body up against him, covering her
moistly parted lips with his mouth as they rubbed their hips against each other. He slowly
moved his hand down over the smooth flesh of her back until he had her soft, wiggly asscheeks
gripped in his palm, and, as he pulled her sweet, naked body closer to him, Marci could feel
his throbbing cock burning against her quivering belly.

Finally releasing her cute ass, Kirk trailed his hand around her body until it was resting
between her smooth inner thighs. Trembling with lust, he let his fingers slowly wander up until
they brushed against the hot, juicy opening of her little virginal cunt.

"Ooooooooooh!" Marci excitedly whimpered when his finger gently moved up and down along the
edges of her soft, wet pussy-lips. Dipping his finger into her creaming cunt, he slowly moved
the tip of his digit up toward her erect little clitty.

"Oh, Kirk," she whimpered, covering his mouth with her warm, moist lips. "That feels so neat."

Kirk had fucked his share of the girls in town, and he expertly massaged his little sister's
clit until she was squealing with joy. Deciding to give her even more pleasure, he began
plunging his thick middle finger in and out of her little juice-drenched cunt, making certain
to brush his finger against her clit with each inward thrust. The ecstasy was almost more than
she could stand, and with every thrust of his plunging finger, he was carrying the squealing
youngster to new heights of blissful joy.

"Oh, Kirk!" she cried, wildly rotating her slippery cunt around his thrusting finger. "Go
faster, honey! Don't stop! I'm almost there!"

His wildly aroused little sister let out another squeal of joy when her body suddenly exploded
into a bone-rattling orgasm, the first climax she'd ever had without using her own hands. She
kept coming for what seemed hours to her, and when she finally stopped, she gave him a deep,
tongue-sucking kiss.

Finally opening her eyes, she was once more aware of the big, hard boner that was throbbing up
from between his legs.

"Kirk," she whispered as she began sliding his velvety foreskin up and down over his throbbing
cock-shaft. "Would you like me to suck you off?"

"What do you know about blow-jobs?" he asked in a shocked voice.

"Joyce told me."

"Your friend with the big tits?"

"That's the one," she said, still lovingly stroking his tingling boner.

"Does she suck guys off?"

"Sure," said Marci, "and she loves to fuck, too."

"Can you fix me up with her?"

"I'm sure I can," Marci promised, lowering her face down toward her brother's hard cock.

Slowly and gently, she pulled his foreskin back until his big, purple cock-head was deliciously
revealed. She heard her brother let out a soft moan when she enveloped his sensitive prick-head
with her warm, moist mouth.

"Oh, shit, Sis!" he whispered as she began sucking gently on his delicious prick. "That feels
so fuckin' good!"

Moving her mouth up and down over his straining cock, she began a slow sucking action that had
him writhing all over the bed. Her head was soon bobbing faster and faster as she sucked more
passionately on his big delicious prick. Kirk's entire muscular body was trembling and jerking
from the heavenly sensations being induced by the sweet, soft mouth of his little cock-sucking

He could feel his climax building deep in his balls, and, as his orgasm drew closer, he
unconsciously grabbed the girl's head and shoved her sucking mouth down tighter over his
throbbing cock-shaft.

"JESUS CHRIST!" he roared as he started shooting his wad.

Marci's entire body shivered with delight when his hot cum started gushing into her mouth. Not
wanting to miss a drop of his delicious fuck-cream, she desperately sucked and swallowed until
she'd drawn every bit of cum out of his slowly shrinking prick. When Marci had licked and
washed his limp cock completely clean, Kirk kissed her softly on her lips and left the room.

Chapter 4

From that night on, Kirk was finger-fucking his little sister two or three times a day while
she was sucking him off.

"Kirk," Marci whispered to him one afternoon when she was up on his bed with him.

"You've fucked lots of girls, haven't you?"

"I've had a few."

"Is fucking fun?"

"Of course it is."

"Would I be fun to fuck?"

"Shit, yes," he said, grinning.

"Then will you fuck me?" she excitedly asked, her eyes glowing with lust.

"I wish I could," he sighed. "But that would be impossible."


"Because you're my sister."

"So what," giggled Marci. "I've got a cunt, and you've got a cock. Isn't that all fucking

"It's not that simple," he explained. "Fucking your own sister is incest."

"I know that," she pouted. "But I want to be fucked."

"Then start out the way I began fucking," Kirk advised.

"How was that?"

"My first piece of ass was with one of our nanny goats," he laughingly explained.

"Are you shittin' me?" gasped the startled youngster.

"Hell, no," her brother replied. "They're fun to fuck. I still fuck a goat once in a while when
no one is around."

"Are you suggesting that I let a goddamn smelly goat fuck me?"

"Why not," he asked. "They have nice, hard cocks, and that's all fucking takes."

"I think you're bullshittin me," complained Marci, brushing her long blonde hair back from her
face. "Have you really fucked a goat?"

"Yes, Marci," he answered, looking the youngster straight in the eyes. "I've fucked goats, and
I think it's fun."

"Will you let me watch you?"


"Right now," she said quickly. "Dad's gone into town and so no one else is here but us."

"Okay," he agreed, thinking it would be fun to fuck a hot, juicy goat right in front of his
little sister.

Taking Marci's hand, Kirk led her out behind the barn where the goats were kept.

"Which is your favorite piece of ass?" giggled Marci when they were in the enclosure with the

"That one," said her big brother, pointing to a brown and white nanny goat. "She's got a hot
little pussy."

"Now what happens?" giggled Marci, still unable to believe her big brother was going to fuck a
stupid goat.

"You'll see," he answered, lowering his zipper and whipping his thick, limp cock out. Flipping
his prick around with his fingers, Kirk stepped in front of the brown and white animal who
began excitedly pawing the ground with her hooves as she sniffed.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Marci when the nanny goat's thick, wet tongue began licking her
brother's soft prick.

"That's a good girl," she heard Kirk softly whisper as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his
jeans and shorts down around his ankles.

Marci excitedly watched as the goat lovingly licked his balls as well as his rapidly swelling
cock. When his prick had reached a throbbing erection, the animal's tongue was feverishly
licking up and down the meaty length of his cock.

"God, what a cock-sucker!" cried Marci, feeling the hot juices leaking out from between her
legs as she watched the goat eagerly going down on her big brother.

When the goat had licked Kirk's cock to a throbbing hardness, the youth gently turned the
animal around so he could invade her juicy cunt from the rear. Having been fucked by Kirk often
enough to know what was coming, the goat was trembling with delicious expectation.

Watching her brother guiding his bloated cock-head toward the animal's pink, wet pussy, Marci
was surprised at how much the animal's cunt resembled her own. Excitedly rubbing her hot little
pussy through the material of her tight jeans, Marci could see her brother's deliciously naked
tool slipping in between the shivering, goat's pink cunt-lips.

"Oh, fuck, she's nice and hot today!" panted Kirk as he felt the scalding slickness of the
animal's slippery pussy walls closing around his tingling boner.

Seeing how the excited goat was backing up against her brother, Marci realized the horny animal
was trying to work even more of his prick into her sizzling cunt.

"Jesus, Kirk!" Marci exclaimed to her brother. "She really digs your cock."

"You're not shittin," he groaned. "This stupid goat loves to be fucked."

After a short pause, Kirk partially withdrew his hard boner and began fucking into the bleating
animal with long, rhythmic thrusts.

"Fuck her good, honey!" his excited sister cheered him on.

The feel of Kirk's big, human cock fucking in and out of her snug little cunt was driving the
horny goat wild. The animal's entire body was tingling from the delicious bigness of his hard

Marci had never seen anything so erotic as her brother fucking his thick, slippery cock in and
out of the goat's girl-like pussy. Naturally the youngster had never seen anyone fucking
before, and this lewd action was almost blowing her mind.

At first Marci had wondered how her brother could possibly enjoy fucking a goat, but seeing the
ecstasy on his face, she realized how much pleasure he was getting from the goat-fuck.

"That's it, Kirk!" the little blonde squealed with joy. "Just fuck her silly!"

Wishing her big brother's cock was zipping in and out of her hot little cunt, Marci was
vigorously rubbing her pussy through the material of her jeans. Becoming more aroused by the
second, the youngster pulled her zipper down and wormed her finger through the leg opening of
her panties, drilling it into the slick hotness of her itching, dripping little cunt. Excitedly
rubbing her erect clitty, Marci stared at her brother's hard cock fucking in and out of the
goat's juicy cunt.

"Oh, yes, Kirk!" she squealed. "Fuck her good!"

Excitedly watching, Marci could see that her brother was fucking the wild-eyed goat for all he
was worth, his panting mouth gaping open as he stared crazily ahead of him. She could see the
juicy pink lips of the animal's frothy pussy sucking and pulling on the slippery length of his
thick prick as he wildly fucked in and out of her steaming pussy. His virile young cock-shaft
was glistening with the creamy juice that was oozing out from between the goat's squeezing

Frantically fingering her own swollen clitty, Marci was staring at the goat's juicy little cunt
as the goat-pussy squeezed and sucked on her brother's hard boner. The goat's pussy-lips had
swollen and turned a dark pink from the delicious friction of his torrid cock.

"Fuck her good, honey!" cried Marci. "Just fuck her tail off!"

The horny goat was slamming her haunches back against Kirk, trying to get even more of his big,
human cock into her cunt. The animal was bleating loudly with joy as the young man fucked his
prick deeper and deeper into her sizzling little goat-cunt.

"FUCK HER HARDER, HONEY!" Marci hysterically cried as her handsome big brother's hard cock
fucked in and out of the animal's hot pussy. "FUCK HER GOOD!"

With her naughty fingers clawing at her throbbing clit, Marci was every bit as aroused as her
feverishly fucking brother.

"Holy shit!" Kirk shouted. "This is fantastic!"

Marci was wantonly rubbing her hard little tits through the material of her T-shirt with one
hand while she frenziedly fingered her clit with the other. Already on the verge of blowing her
mind with excitement, the sound of her brother's juice-slickened prick slamming noisily into
the goat's scalding cunt was almost more than Marci could take.

"OH, SHIT!" Kirk suddenly cried at the top of his lungs. "I'M CREAMIN' HER, SIS! I'M COMIN' IN

When her brother had finally emptied the last of his hot load into the animal's cum-drenched
pussy, he pulled his limp, wet cock out of her cunt.

"Oh, Kirk, honey," his sister sobbed. "I wanta be fucked, too."

"Then try this beauty," he suggested, patting the back of a handsome, big billy goat that was
standing next to him.

"How do I get him hard?" she excitedly asked as she quickly pulled off her jeans and panties.

"The same way you get me hard," explained her brother. "Suck on his prick."

Too aroused to care whether it was an animal or not, Marci rolled onto her back beneath his
belly. Curling her fingers around his cock-shaft, the beautiful, young blonde raised her head
and slipped his cock-head into her mouth. Locking her soft lips tightly around his prick, she
could feel his tasty cock swelling rapidly as she sucked. In less than a minute the handsome
billy goat had a horrendous boner.

"Okay, honey," she giggled as she released his hard cock from her mouth and crawled out from
under him. "Now it's time to fuck."

Crouching on her hands and knees, the horny youngster began wriggling her sweet young ass
around in front of his nose.

"Can you show the dumb bastard what to do?" she complained to her brother as the goat sniffed
and licked at her bare ass without trying to mount her.

"Come on, goat," urged Kirk, lifting the animal up onto his sister's back. "Fuck her hot little

When the stupid goat didn't move, Kirk gently grasped the animal's hard cock and brushed his
sensitive prick-head between Marci's hotly oozing cunt-lips.

"Come on, dummy," he whispered. "Stick, your cock in her."

Feeling the heavenly heat of Marci's juicy cunt against his throbbing hard-on, the big billy
goat instinctively lunged forward.

"OOOOOOH! EEEEEEGGGHHH!" the youngster screamed when the animal's hard cock speared through her
hymen. "There goes my cherry!"

The momentary pain only lasted briefly, and once his prick was buried in the snug confines of
her cute little unused pussy, she felt a deliciously warm glow spread throughout her body.

With his horns held high and his brown eyes glazed with lust, the handsome, big billy goat
began fucking his cock into her with blinding speed.

"OOOOOH, SHIT!" little Marci squealed with joy as the lusting animal further increased the
tempo of his rapid thrusts.

The blonde's sweet young tits were jiggling like crazy as the big goat fucked her crouching
body. He was practically knocking the breath out of her every time his hard boner fucked into
her cunt.

"YES! YES!" the girl squealed. "FUCK MY CUNT!"

Excitedly watching, Kirk could see how much his little sister was enjoying her first fuck even
if it was with a goat. Her pretty little face was distorted with lust as she wantonly slammed
her cute little ass back to meet every deep plunge of the animal's prick. Helplessly aroused by
the delicious friction of the handsome billy goat's hard boner, Marci was creaming all over the
slimy length of his bright-red goat-cock, making his prick glisten obscenely with her slippery

"OH, YOU SWEET FUCKIN' GOAT!" she screamed. "This feels so fuckin' good!"

The horny youngster's face was glowing with excitement as she eagerly took the hard, rapid
strokes of the animal's fucking boner. The hard meat of his thoroughly aroused cock was pumping
the hot juices right out of her sizzling pussy, the thick cream splattering all over the goat's
shaggy belly.

"Oh, so good ... so good!" she moaned.

The goat's hips were moving at a blinding speed as he excitedly fucked his throbbing boner into
the slick hotness of the teenager's little, gold-fringed cunt. There was almost a lusting grin
on the face of the bearded animal as he feverishly fucked into the hotly writhing youngster.

Watching the goat and his little sister, Kirk was more excited than he'd ever been. Nothing had
ever turned him on so much in his life.


With the screaming ecstasy still mounting in her fiery cunt, the insanely aroused blonde was
slamming her ass back even harder to take the full thrust of his plunging cock.

"FUCK, GOAT, FUCK!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

This was a scene that Kirk would never forget. Holding his horns high, the magnificent billy
goat was humping into Kirk's sister with a savage powerfulness, rocking her beautiful young
body, making her firm tits bounce beneath her with joy. Marci was in a state of unequaled
ecstasy, and her big brother could clearly see how much she was enjoying herself. Her pretty
face was twisted into a wicked grin of lust as she slammed her sweet cunt back around his
wildly fucking cock.

"EEEEEGGGHHH!" she shrieked in wanton delight. "FUCK IT TO ME, YOU SWEET GOAT!"

Excitedly watching, Kirk couldn't take his gaze away from his little sister's pussy. The pretty
blonde's face was glowing with sexual bliss, squealing with rapture as she took the repeated
thrusts of the animal's hard goat-prick. The goat's hips were twitching and jerking with a
blinding speed as he feverishly fucked into the slippery slickness of her hot little virginal

"Oh, sweet pissin' Jesus!" she squealed with delight, raising her deliciously ravaged ass
higher to give the wildly fucking goat even easier access to her overheated pussy. "FUCK, GOAT,

Little Marci's beautiful young body was being thoroughly fucked by the rampaging animal's
steel-hard boner. The machine-gun rapidity of the goat's deep thrusts was almost more than the
writhing blonde could stand. The wanton joy built and built in her seething loins as his
blood-red cock streaked in and out of her juicy cunt.

"Oh, you beautiful goat," she moaned. "Make me come! MAKE ME COME!"

Feeling herself rushing toward a traumatic orgasm, the beautiful youngster braced her hands
against the ground as she slammed her cunt back around the hard, slippery length of the goat's
plunging cock.

"OOOOOOOH!" she suddenly squealed. "I'M COMING ... COMING!"

Marci's orgasmic juices began swirling hotly around the throbbing length of the goat's prick as
her cunt muscles involuntarily contracted around his hard cock-shaft. Then, right in the middle
of her bell- ringing climax, she felt his hot, wet cum gushing into her well-fucked cunt.

When the exhausted animal finally pulled his limp prick out of the youngster's spunk-filled
pussy, Kirk took his sister's hands and helped the pretty little girl to her feet.

"Well?" he asked. "How did you like your first fuck?"

"It was just fantastic," she sighed wearily as she felt the goat's slimy spunk leaking out from
between her swollen pussy-lips.

Chapter 5

A few Sundays later, the reverend asked Marci if she could stay after the services and help him
make arrangements for the upcoming church picnic. When he promised her father that he would
drive her home after they were finished, the girl was more than willing to stay. Reverend
Walker had earlier appointed Marci as chairman of the young people's committee just so he could
find excuses to be with her.

They'd been working alone in the church for about an hour when he sent her downstairs to the
Sunday school room to get some papers he'd left on the desk. Only moments after she'd gone, the
reverend heard a loud crashing sound followed by a scream.

Rushing to the top of the stairs, he looked down and saw Marci sprawled out where she'd tripped
and fallen.

"Are you all right?" he asked when he got to the bottom of the steps.

"I don't know," she answered as the reverend helped her to her feet. "My leg hurts.


"Right here," she answered, rubbing the back of her thigh.

"You've probably pulled a muscle," said the man, putting his arm around her. "Let's go over
here where I can check it."

Holding onto him as he grasped her around the waist, the girl hobbled across the room to a cot
that was sometimes used for the children's naps.

"Now just lay down here," he said.

When Marci was spread out on her tummy, the preacher raised her skirt up and began rubbing the
back of her leg.

"Oh, that's where it hurts," she gasped when his fingers pressed against a muscle up on the
inside of her inner thigh.

"I can feel a knot there," he said. "I think a massage will probably loosen it."

Spread out flat on her belly with her head resting on her arms, Marci began relaxing as the
minister's strong fingers gently rubbed and massaged the sore muscle. She was finding it a bit
exciting to feel the handsome, older man's hands rubbing the inside of her bare thigh. No one
except her big brother had ever touched her this intimately, and she was thoroughly enjoying
the erotic feel of his fingers teasing around only inches from her horny little pussy.

"Mmmmmmm," she contentedly crooned. "That feels better."

Reverend Walker had never been so excited in his life. He'd been lusting over this sweet young
child for a long time, and, now, he was staring at her cute little panty-clad ass as he
caressed the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

Continuing to massage her vibrant young flesh, he moved his hands higher until he was able to
slip his fingertips up under the leg openings of her wispy little panties. Still gently
rubbing, he was soon goosing his fingers around in the soft, warm meat between her deliciously
rounded asscheeks.

"Oh, Reverend Walker," she whispered, thoroughly enjoying the erotic touch of his fingers on
her bare ass. "That's sure starting to make me feel better."

"I'm glad," he said. "But I'm afraid I'll have to remove your panties to do this right."

"That's okay," she answered, considering preachers the same as doctors when it came to
undressing in front of them. After all, a man of God wouldn't have any evil thoughts.

By the time he had exposed her sweet bare ass to his lecherous eyes, the reverend's big cock
was throbbing wildly in his pants. The feel of her naked flesh against his gently kneading
hands was driving him crazy.

Marci knew deep in her heart that it wasn't necessary for the preacher to play with her bare
ass, but it felt so good she didn't want to stop him.

"Now turn over," he whispered to her a few minutes later.


"So I can massage the front of your thigh," he explained. "This muscle pull is a bit more
extensive than I first thought."

Marci hesitated at first, but then she decided it would be fun to show him her naked pussy.
Only her brother had ever seen her cunt before, and she suddenly wanted the handsome preacher
to see her pussy, too.

"Okay," she agreed, rolling over onto her back.

The man almost shot off in his pants as he gazed between her deliciously bare thighs at the
soft triangle of golden cunt hair that surrounded her pink little pussy. The sight of her sweet
pussy cream glistening on the moist lips of her cunt was enough to blow his mind.

"You're going to feel so much better," he whispered, tenderly parting her juicy cunt-lips with
his thumbs.

Marci knew she should stop him, but it was so exciting to feel the handsome man touching her
naked pussy. A bit apprehensive, yet trembling with excitement, she closed her big blue eyes as
his feverish fingers began probing around her wetly pulsing cunt. Her entire young body lurched
slightly when his stiff middle finger wormed its way between the hot slick folds of her young

"Oooooooh," she softly moaned when he slipped his invading digit in and found the hard bud of
her shiny little clit.

With his prick throbbing wildly in his pants, he began tenderly stroking her tingling clit,
feeling her pussy wildly pulsating under his touch.

Marci knew she should stop the man before things went too far, but she had no will to stop him.
She just loved that intense pleasure between her legs, and, after all, letting him play with
her pussy wasn't the same as fucking.

Feeling his hot breath on her twat, the beautiful youngster opened her eyes and raised her head
to see the man lowering his face down toward her feverishly hot little cunt.

"Oooooooooh!" she gasped when the tip of his tongue flicked out and wedged into her
juice-slickened pussy between her frothy cunt-lips. Her entire young body shivered when his
long, moist tongue began licking in little circles around the hard nub of her tingling clitty.
Her smooth, naked thighs jerked violently as he sent jolt after jolt of heavenly ecstasy
charging through her deliciously young body.

Finally removing his tongue from her throbbing clit, he plunged his tongue through the open
petals of her cunt-lips, hungrily licking up the sweet fresh pussy juices from deep in her
hotly aroused cunt. Digging her fingers into his thick head of hair, she moaned with delight as
her young body writhed and quivered with excitement.

Momentarily taking his mouth from her tasty little pussy, the man stood up and removed her
dress as she just lay smiling at him. Not wearing a bra, the beautiful young blonde was
suddenly completely naked.

Once more lowering his face into her deliciously scented crotch, he began pinching and
squeezing her deliciously swollen nipples as he fucked his tongue deeper and deeper into the
youngster's hot little teen-aged pussy.

Squealing in ecstasy, the girl squeezed her soft young thighs against his juice-drenched face.

"Oh, God!" she whimpered, grinding her steaming crotch up more tightly against his slavering

Unable to control himself any longer, the insanely aroused reverend quickly stood up and
removed every stitch of his clothes.

"What are you doing?" she gasped, shocked at the size of his big, naked boner. His cock was
almost twice the size of her brother's prick.

"We're gonna fuck!" he gasped, throwing himself onto the cot with her.

"NO WE'RE NOT!" she shouted, unable to believe this man of God would do such a thing.

The horny girl always loved it when her brother finger-fucked her, and she had enjoyed herself
the time the billy goat fucked her, but she didn't want the preacher to shove his big goddamned
cock into her little, practically virginal cunt.

"Please don't," she whimpered as he began forcing her thighs apart with his hands. "My little
cunt is too small for your big prick."

"Don't worry," he panted. "It'll stretch."


"Shut up, you lousy little prick-teaser!" he roared. "When you let a man lick your pussy,
you're just asking to be fucked!"

"NO!" she shrieked, struggling desperately as he forced himself between her legs.

Cruelly twisting her hair, the wildly aroused man nudged the head of his prick against her
little pussy opening and gave a hard thrust, driving almost half the length of his thick cock
into her painfully stretched cunt.

"AAAAAAAUUUGGG! EEEEEEGGG!" she shrieked in agony as he forced his big invading cock-shaft
deeper into her little hole.

Ignoring her screams, he sadistically fucked his lust-thickened, hard prick even deeper into
her cunt.

"OOOOOOOH!" she shrieked, frantically pushing at his body with her hands, desperately trying to
dislodge the huge cock that was buried deep in her belly. "I can't take it! Please pull it out!
You're ripping me apart!"

As he continued forcing his thick cock even deeper into her little teen-aged pussy, Marci
suddenly felt a curious mixture of both pain and pleasure. The sensation started almost
imperceptibly at first, but from somewhere deep in her cunt she felt a strange wave of rapture
building with an increasing intensity throughout her body.

Feeling his thick, hard prick fucking harder and deeper into her pussy, the girl's body began
responding, and she suddenly found herself moving in unison with him. Clinging passionately to
the fucking preacher, she was soon bucking wildly beneath him, slamming her aroused cunt up to
receive every lusty stroke of his big, pistoning cock.

"Oooooooh, yes ... yes!" she whimpered, wantonly grinding her naked young cunt up against his
fucking prick. With the initial pain now completely gone, her only thought was to get as much
of his cock as possible into her hungrily clasping cunt.

Hearing her desperate cries for more, the man began fucking into her with a renewed vigor, each
long, hard thrust bringing squeals of delight from the beautiful little blonde's baby-soft

"Ooooooh, shit!" she squealed, feverishly writhing her pussy up around his thick plunging
cock-shaft. "Fuck it to me, honey!"

Staring down between their legs as he fucked into her, the preacher was excitedly watching his
hard cock fucking in and out of her furry little pussy. He had never seen anything as erotic as
the sight of his big, blue-veined boner coated with her slippery cunt cream. He was completely
fascinated by the sight of her soft, pink pussy-lips clinging moistly to his thick cock as his
prick-shaft moved in and out. Thoroughly enjoying the delicious tightness of the young girl's
hot little cunt, he slowly pulled back until only the bloated head of his cock remained in the
juicy folds of her feverishly sucking cunt-lips. Then, pausing briefly, he slammed violently
forward, driving his hard tingling prick back into her juicy little cunt.

"Oh, shit!" she whimpered, lovingly squeezing his big, lusty balls as his thick, hard cock
fucked in and out through her hot little cunt tunnel. Squealing with joy, the pretty teenager's
breath was coming in short, hot gasps as the sizzling fire between her legs increased.

The wildly aroused reverend rapidly increased the tempo of his powerful strokes until he was
fucking into her little pussy with the ferocity of an enraged bull. Even more aroused than he
was, Marci was fucking back at him with a crazed urgency, her little overheated cunt spiraling
up and down the length of his slippery, cream-coated cock-shaft. As the man of God mercilessly
fucked into her, Marci was passionately responding to his heavenly assault, slamming her
sizzling pussy up to meet every powerful thrust.

Marci had never dreamed that fucking could bring such an intense ecstasy to her entire body.
The lovely girl's big brother was always fingering her cunt, but she'd never experienced
anything like this. Aflame with a burning lust, Marci was aware of nothing but the joy of their
lewdly fucking bodies as her insanely aroused pussy squeezed and sucked on his plunging cock.

The preacher, too, was aware of nothing but the delicious hotness of her tight little cunt as
her insanely aroused body writhed beneath him.

"Oh, you sweet baby!" he panted, passionately fucking his big prick into the very depths of her
squirming pussy. "This is really fucking!"

"Oh, God, Reverend Walker," she excitedly whimpered. "Jesus, how I love this big cock of

The soft, pink walls of her hotly grasping cunt seemed to be sucking his hard prick deeper and
deeper into her writhing pussy. The deliciously obscene sound of his big balls slapping lewdly
against her sweet young ass was adding to the intense joy she was experiencing. Passionately
fucking her hot cunt up around his plunging cock, Marci was taking more and more of his tool
into her little overheated fuckhole.

The man could feel his cum screaming to be discharged from his aching balls as he violently
fucked into her, and he realized he couldn't hold back his fiery stream of cum much longer.
Feeling his climax drawing nearer and nearer, each hard deep thrust of his cock brought more
squeals of ecstasy from the writhing youngster beneath him.

"OH, SHIT!" Marci squealed with joy. "FUCK IT TO ME, HONEY! FUCK IT TO ME!"

Aware that they were both on the verge of climaxing, the preacher began fucking into her for
all he was worth, hoping to bring her off before he shot his wad.

"Oh, Reverend Walker!" she suddenly squealed, feeling the top ridge of his thick boner
vibrating wildly against her swollen clit. "You're gonna make me come!"

Wanting to give the lovely young girl as much pleasure as possible, the man pounded even deeper
and harder into her writhing cunt. Completely lost in the wild frenzy of her very first human
fuck, Marci wildly slammed her juicy little cunt up to meet every plunge of his fucking prick.
Never had the cute little youngster felt the intense ecstasy she was experiencing now.

"Oh, shit, Reverend!" she squealed, biting her pearly teeth into his broad shoulder. "Fuck it
to me, honey! Fuck me harder!"

The man was almost out of his mind from the delicious sensation that was streaking up and down
the length of his tingling cock-shaft. He'd never found another cunt that felt as good as this
cute little teen- aged pussy. The ecstasy streaking up and down the thick length of his prick
as he fucked in and out of her sucking, milking cunt was almost enough to blow his mind.
Savagely fucking into her pussy like a wild animal, the man could tell from the way Marci was
jerking and twisting her hot cunt around the length of his cock that she was rapidly
approaching an orgasm.

"YES! YES!" squealed the beautiful little blonde, feeling her climax building up in her loins.
On the verge of hysteria, she wildly rotated her hotly clinging pussy around the hard thickness
of his wonderful boner.

Feeling the hot cum churning around in his balls, the man feverishly fucked into her little
teen-aged pussy, anxious to shoot his hot load into the youngster's writhing cunt.

"OOOOOOOH, YES!" she shrieked as the first tremors of her orgasm began streaking through her

Lurching and bucking wildly beneath him, Marci was practically out of her mind from the intense
ecstasy she was feeling.

"FUCK! FUCK!" screamed the youngster, wrapping her arms and legs more tightly around his
fucking body. "I'M COMMIIINNNGGGG!"

Feeling her hot orgasmic juices flowing around his tingling prick, the man suddenly blasted a
sizzling stream of swirling cum into her little spasming cunt.

"OOOOOH, YES!" Marci squealed at the top of her lungs. "SQUIRT, BABY! SQUIRT! I'M COMING ALL

Their two wildly fucking bodies writhed frantically together as he pumped her juicy cunt full
of his scalding cum.

Chapter 6

As the days passed, the reverend's wife couldn't seem to get Mae Langford and her big collie
out of her mind. As filthy and disgusting as the whole thing had been, Abby got all hot and
itchy between her legs every time she thought about seeing Mae and her dog fucking. She knew
dog-fucking was horrible, but the dog's big, red cock was always in the back of her thoughts.

Filled with curiosity when Mae didn't show up for the Wednesday evening services, Abby slipped
out of the church and walked over to the woman's house. Seeing the shade up and the light on in
Mae's bedroom as they had been before, Abby once again peered through the window.

A hot tingle streaked through Abby's cunt when she saw Mae spread out nakedly on the bed again.
The woman's ass was perched on the very edge of the bed as she lay back with her widely spread
legs hanging over. Standing between her thighs with his hind feet on the floor and his forepaws
up over Mae's shoulders, the big collie was feverishly fucking into her from above.

The sight of that slippery red cock fucking in and out of the woman's pussy again was enough to
blow Abby's mind. Panting excitedly, the collie's tongue was hanging out as he fucked into her
cunt with deep, rapid thrusts. Abby could see how hard and long the dog-cock was as Scotty
worked his prick in and out through the slick flesh of the perverted woman's hotly creaming
pussy. The sight of Mae's hungry cunt- lips sucking and pulling on the animal's hard dog-cock
was further arousing the reverend's wife.

She could hear the blonde slut breathing heavily as her well-trained collie fucked his rigid
prick in and out of her cunt like a burning sword. Watching the dog fuck on top as Mae lay on
her back, Abby could see Scotty's big furry chest rubbing back and forth over Mae's tingling
tits. As the bestial fucking continued, the dog began slamming into her pussy with harder,
faster strokes.

"That's it, Scotty!" Mae cried. "Fuck me good, you sweet doggy!"

Watching the dog's big, red boner fucking into Mae's hungrily devouring cunt, Abby could see
little beads of pussy juice glistening on the soft, pink flesh of her slippery, wet cunt-lips.
A little trickle of hot pussy cream was being forced out between Mae's hotly sucking cunt- lips
by the pressure of the animal's fucking prick.

Abby excitedly watched the rivulet of juice dribbling down over the lusty blonde's softly
rounded ass. The deliciously lewd sound of the dog's hard cock squashing and slurping into the
woman's hotly sucking cunt was driving Abby wild. She could vicariously feel every thrust of
the animal's hard cock into her own hotly dripping slit.

The reverend's wife stared with fascination at Mae's pleasure-ridden face. The woman's head was
thrown back, her long blonde hair cascading over the bed as her glazed eyes stared insanely at
the ceiling. Mae's mouth was open, her tongue hanging out like a bitch in heat as she moaned
and groaned in ecstasy. Abby could almost feel the joy that was etched on the depraved woman's

Watching the erotic scene, Abby had unconsciously reached up under her skirt and was
frantically finger-fucking herself.

"Oh, Scotty, baby!" she heard Mae moan. "You big-cocked beauty!"

By now, Abby was almost insane with excitement. She was rubbing her tingling clit with a
blinding speed as she vicariously felt every sensation that was streaking through Mae's hotly
sucking cunt. She could almost feel the animal's long, red prick fucking deep into her own
juice-drenched pussy.

"FUCK, SCOTTY, FUCK!" Mae screamed as she writhed beneath the animal's wildly thrusting body.
Watching the woman getting fucked by her big collie dog was the most exciting thing that Abby
had ever witnessed. Vigorously fingering her own cunt, the preacher's wife stared in total
fascination at the sex-crazed woman. Mae's head was lolling wildly back and forth, mouth open
and lips drawn back over her teeth as she frantically ground her cunt around the dog's rapidly
fucking cock.

Abby was shaking with excitement as she watched Scotty wildly fucking his cock in and out of
the screaming woman's feverishly hot pussy.

"Oh, Christ!" squealed Mae as the big collie further increased the speed of his lightning-fast
thrusts. "You sweet fuckin' dog!"

Each time he jerked his cock back, Abby could see Mae's pink cunt-lips grasping after his
prick, and when he fucked his cock back in, her pussy-lips swallowed his prick in with a
delicious slurping sound.

The night echoed with the sounds of her cunt juices squashing around his glistening

"Oh, you sweet fucker!" Mae screamed with delight.

As always, the feel of her dog's big, red cock slithering against the sizzling walls of her
deliciously tingling cunt was driving the blonde crazy. The grasping lips of her steaming pussy
were squeezing and sucking on the entire hard length of his fantastic dog-prick.

"That's it, sweet doggy!" sobbed Mae. "Fuck it to me, baby!"

The feel of his furry chest rubbing against her big, bare tits was almost as thrilling as the
hard cock between her legs.

"GODDAMN, THAT'S GOOD!" she screamed.

The sight of Mae being fucked by the beautiful big collie was the most erotic thing Abby had
ever seen. Frantically fingering her own hotly oozing cunt, she stared as if hypnotized by the
woman's deliciously swollen nipples rubbing around in Scotty's long thick coat. She couldn't
keep her gaze away from Mae's shapely legs as the beautiful beast lustily fucked his cock into
the juicy pussy between the woman's legs.

"YES! YES, SCOTTY!" screamed the near-hysterical blonde as the frenziedly aroused collie once
more speeded the tempo of his fucking as he neared a jizz-shooting climax. "FUCK IT TO ME,

Abby was almost out of her mind with excitement as she watched Scotty fucking into the blonde
on the bed. Staring at the golden pussy hairs around Mae's pink cunt-lips as the dog's shiny
red cock fucked in and out, Abby was frantically fingering her own dripping pussy. The entire
surface of the animal's plunging boner was thickly coated with Mae's creamy cunt juices.

"Come on, Scotty!" the feverishly aroused woman shouted beneath the fucking dog. "Finish me
off, baby! Make me come!"

On the verge of coming, the aroused dog fucked his long, red boner into her cunt at an
ever-increasing speed.

"That's it, sweetie!" the blonde squealed with delight. "Faster, baby! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

Completely out of her mind with excitement, Abby was clawing at her inflamed snatch with both
hands. The expression of ecstasy on Mae's sex-crazed face was the most exciting thing the
reverend's wife had ever seen. Abby could vicariously feel every deep thrust of the dog's cock
in her own empty cunt. The loud slurping sound of his hard boner fucking into the juicy meat of
Mae's pussy was almost blowing Abby's mind.

"That's it, Scotty!" Mae screamed. "I'm almost there!"

Mae's long blonde hair flailed wildly around her face as her head rolled from side to side on
the bed. Her mouth hung open, eyes squeezed shut and her nails clawed into the bedding.


Just as the lurching woman exploded into her tumultuous orgasm, she felt her dog's hot jizz
gushing into her convulsing cunt.

"Oh, yes, sweet doggy," she moaned. "That's the way to fill a cunt."

When the dog finally pulled his limp prick out of her cum-drenched pussy, Mae's face was aglow
with rapture.

"I guess you wanta take a piss," Mae said a few minutes later as she slowly got up from the
bed. Not bothering to put a robe on, the woman walked to the back door and let the dog out.

As if in a trance, Abby Walker slowly walked over to where the big dog was pissing against a
tree. When the dog had finished, she stooped down and gently petted his head. "Nice doggy,"
Abby whispered, her entire body trembling with excitement.

Still petting the animal, she moved her hand down around his side and under his belly until her
quivering fingers found the furry sheath that protected his prick. Tenderly squeezing and
caressing his prick-shaft, she could feel his cock starting to swell again inside.

Moments later, she was rewarded when the shiny, red prick-head came into view as the animal
started getting a second hard-on from her lewd caresses. When the big animal's cock was once
more completely hard, she began lustily stroking his prick. Because his rigid boner was thickly
coated with Mae's slippery juices, Abby found the slick, hot texture of his cock extremely

Squatting in front of the animal as she excitedly stroked his fantastic boner, she was suddenly
aware of his cold nose rooting around between her thighs. Feeling his hot breath through the
thin material of her panties, the hopelessly aroused woman stood up and removed them.

In her heart, Abby knew she was doing a depraved and sinful thing, but she forced herself to
lie down on the lawn with her thighs parted and skirt pulled up so the dog could get at her
naked pussy.

"Oooooooh!" she squealed when Scotty suddenly swiped his hot, wet tongue up along the juicy
length of her oozing cunt-lips.

Remembering how she'd watched the dog doing this to Mae the other night, she felt delicious
sparks streaking from her hot cunt up to every part of her body as his tongue made slurping
contact with her sensitive clit.

Thrilled by this heavenly new sensation, she began frantically rubbing her hot, wet cunt up
against his face. Squealing with uncontrolled excitement, the reverend's wife grasped the
collie's beautiful head and shoved his mouth down harder against her steaming pussy.

"Oh, yes!" she whimpered, spreading her thighs farther apart, making her juicy cunt even more
accessible to the dog's hotly lapping tongue. "It feels so fuckin' good!"

The wildly aroused animal licked urgently on her smoldering pussy, lapping up the tasty fuck
liquids as they flowed up from the depths of her hot, slick pussy. Plunging his long tongue
even deeper into her steamy cunt, the big collie soon had her writhing around on the lawn in a
feverish frenzy.

"Oh, you sweet fuckin' dog!" she squealed with rapture, excitedly writhing her juicy cunt up
against his face as Scotty's long, wet tongue swirled deeper and deeper into the tasty depths
of her overheated cunt.

The woman was almost hysterical, and her breathless squeals filled the night with passion.
Grasping at the dog's head, she feverishly pushed his mouth down tighter against her open cunt
while the joys of her very first tongue-fuck filled her pussy with excruciating pleasure.

"Oooooooh ... ahhhhhhh!" whimpered the reverend's wife, hotly writhing her dripping cunt around
the dog's fucking tongue.

Abby was completely overwhelmed by these wild new sensations. The uncontrollable lust built up
faster as she excitedly pulled her knees back to give the dog even easier access to her hotly
bubbling cunt.

The woman fully realized she was committing a depraved act, yet she'd never experienced such
intense ecstasy in her life. Nothing else seemed to matter except her rapidly approaching
climax that was only seconds away. She frantically strained her cunt up, trying to get a bit
more of his heavenly tongue into her steaming pussy.

The intense pleasure between her legs grew and grew until nothing else mattered in her life but
the electrifying sparks of sensation that were exploding throughout her body.

"Ooooooooooh, sweet Jesus!" sobbed the reverend's wife as the intense ecstasy increased.

Whimpering and twisting his head from side to side, the big shaggy collie was thrusting his
tongue still deeper into the woman's frothy pussy. The animal was frantically lapping and
licking against her sensitive cunt walls. Abby had never experienced anything as wonderful as
this big thick tongue that was deliciously reaming out her hot pussy.

Twisting his nose back and forth, the dog was burrowing deeper and deeper into her
juice-slickened cunt, his long, pink tongue drilling into the heated depths of her writhing

"Oh, God!" Abby screamed with elation when the top of his wet nose rubbed deliciously against
her sensitive clit. "Oh, you sweet doggy!"

Abby was just on the verge of coming when the dog suddenly pulled his face out from between her
legs and began humping his hard cock against her leg. Realizing the animal was anxious to fuck
her, she quickly scrambled to her hands and knees, deliciously exposing her bare ass to him as
she pulled her skirt up higher above her hips.

The collie began sniffing around her cunt with his wet nose, his bone- hard cock throbbing out
from under his furry belly. With an excited whimper, the huge dog suddenly jumped up and threw
his front paws over her shoulders, driving the full length of his fiery-red cock into her
waiting cunt. Pinned down under the animal's weight, Abby was soon groaning in ecstasy as his
slippery cock-shaft rapidly fucked in and out of her hotly bubbling pussy-hole.

As the deliciously wild sensations mounted in her sizzling cunt, the reverend's wife braced her
hands more firmly on the ground to support the crazed dog's weight.

"Jesus Christ!" she squealed, thrusting her creamy-white ass up to give the excited dog easier
access to her slippery cunt. "Just fuck it to me, baby!"

The woman's entire body was charged with electricity as the animal's super-hard boner vibrated
hotly against her swollen clit. The machine- gun rapidity of the dog's thrusts was bringing her
such intense ecstasy that Abby was almost out of her mind.

"It's so good!" she squealed. "Oh, Scotty, you're so fuckin' hard, honey!"

Feeling the woman's scalding pussy cream flowing around his long, red cock, the big collie
began fucking deeper and faster. Having absolutely no conception of self-control, the
feverishly aroused beast almost knocked Abby off her knees with every savage thrust of his

The woman fucked back at him with a blinding joy as his hard dog-prick drilled deeply into her,
deliciously stimulating every square inch of her sucking, grasping cunt.

"Ooooooooooh, yes!" she ecstatically moaned, creaming all over his blood-red prick as she shook
and wriggled her ass for him. "That's the way, Scotty! Fuck it to me!"

Kneeling, with her pretty asscheeks high in the air, Abby's entire body tingled with ecstasy as
the animal's powerful hips frenziedly drilled his fantastic boner in and out of her drooling
pussy-hole. The usually sexually cold bitch was half-crazed from the unbelievable rapture she
was feeling. The deliciously erotic sound of the animal's long, red cock slurping in and cut
between her legs was absolutely blowing her mind.

"Oh, shit, Scotty!" she wailed. "I love it! LOVE IT!"

Abby Walker had never enjoyed anything so much in her life. Each lusty thrust of the dog's cock
was carrying her to new heights of ecstasy. With an insane grin on her flushed face, Abby's
eyes rolled wildly around in her head as she frantically clawed at the lawn with her fingers.

"Harder, doggy, harder!" she chanted. "Fuck me harder!"

Abby couldn't get over how good her cunt felt to be fucked by this magnificent animal's long,
red prick. Her cunt felt raw, numb and tingly, bringing her an ecstasy beyond description. The
slippery walls of her pussy were afire from the heavenly friction of his fantastic cock-shaft.
She rushed toward a screaming climax.

"OH, FUCK!" she suddenly shrieked, writhing her exploding cunt back around the animal's wildly
thrusting prick. "I'M COMING ... COMING! OH, FUCK, HOW I'M COMING!"

Shivering from head to toe as her inflamed pussy began convulsing around the length of his
cock, Abby was swept up into the wildest orgasm she'd ever had. The ecstasy was further
intensified when she felt the animal's hot, slippery dog-jism gushing out of his prick.

"YES, SCOTTY!" she shrieked as the collie's hot cum shot up into her sizzling pussy-hole.

Collapsing under the dog's weight, Abby could hear Mae calling to her pet from the back door.
There was a broad smile of contentment on the reverend's wife's face as she watched the
exhausted dog slowly wander back to the house.

Chapter 7

After church the following Sunday, Reverend Walker once more asked Marci to stay and work on
the plans for the upcoming picnic. Anxious to be fucked by his big man-sized cock again, the
cute youngster readily agreed.

"Well," said the reverend when the last of the congregation had gone. "I guess we better get

"Yeah," she agreed. "Let's go downstairs and get busy on that cot."

"You naughty little girl," he scolded. "You're acting like you want to fuck."

"You better believe it!" she exclaimed, taking his hand to lead him downstairs.

"I guess we might as well get undressed," suggested the reverend when they were standing by the

"Good thinking, Rev," she agreed, kicking off her shoes.

Within a matter of a few seconds, they were both stark naked. Marci could feel the hot juices
boiling out of her horny little cunt as she stared at his deliciously swollen boner again.

"Get on the cot," she whispered. "I can't wait any longer."

As the reverend lay on his back with his hands behind his head, Marci straddled his chest, and,
with a knee folded on either side of his head, she began grinding her oozing pussy down against
his mouth.

"Now eat me," she playfully teased.

She was thrilled with the heat of his panting breath on her wetly dripping cunt as she writhed
her pussy up against his mouth.

"Kiss it," she whispered. "Kiss my naughty little pussy."

His face suddenly buried in the fragrant softness of her oozing cunt, he was completely
enraptured by the fluffy texture of the youngster's pussy curls against his face as he sucked
on her fragrantly scented cunt. The slippery hotness of her steaming cunt flesh was enough to
blow his mind as he excitedly worked his lips up and down over her widely spread cunt.

"Oh, sweet Reverend," she whimpered as he teasingly scattered hot, wet kisses all around the
wiggly lips of her juicy cunt.

She could feel the heavenly warmth radiating from between her legs to every part of her body as
she excitedly listened to the obscenely moist sounds of his mouth sucking hungrily on her tasty
cunt. Delicious sensations were building and building in her pussy as she felt his thick tongue
teasing her quivering clit. Sitting on his face with her wet, open pussy against his mouth, she
was feeling an intense joy she'd never experienced before.

With his prick throbbing wildly between his legs, he thrust his tongue deeper into the girl's
hot, slippery cunt, forcing soft squeals of pleasure from deep in her throat.

"Mmmmmmm, yes!" whimpered Marci, squeezing her soft, naked thighs tighter against his face as
her hot cunt juices flowed down into his mouth. She was wildly sloshing her sopping pussy all
around his face as he flicked his tongue even deeper into the fiery depths of her hot, slick

The intense pleasure between her legs built and built until she was aware of nothing but the
flaming sparks of ecstasy that were charging throughout her body. Feeling a beautiful warmth
deep in her cunt, the youngster's stomach muscles tightened for a brief period, then,
momentarily unable to breathe, she seemed to freeze. Suddenly she exploded.

"OH, SWEET SUCKIN' JESUS!" she shrieked. "I'M COMING ... COMING!"

A delicious, thick stream of her hot orgasmic juices flowed down into his mouth as he plunged
his tongue deeper and deeper into her gushing cunt. He could feel his cock throbbing with a
huge hard-on as her oozing pussy soaked his face with her hot fuck-cream.

"Oh, Reverend," she whispered a few minutes later as she lay in his arms. "That was so

"It sure was," he answered.

Pressing her softly parted lips to his, she could feel the man's deliciously swollen boner
burning against her belly. He held her tightly against him while his fingers goosed around in
the soft wiggly crack between her sweet young asscheeks.

"Oh, you naughty man," she teased when the tip of his finger began probing around her cute
little puckered asshole. "That feels so good."

"Do you really like that?" asked the depraved reverend as he lewdly wormed his fingertip into
the youngster's hot, tight asshole.

"God, yes," she panted. "I love it." With his lusty cock throbbing wildly against the
youngster's belly, he shoved the entire length of his finger into her asshole.

"Does that still feel good?" he excitedly asked.

"Fuck, yes," she giggled. "Now stick two fingers up my ass."

Quickly complying, he drilled a second finger into her deliciously hot little ass.

"Have you ever ass-fucked a girl?" she suddenly asked.

"No," was his honest answer. "But I've always wanted to."

"Do you wanta try mine for size?"

"Are you serious?"

"Sure," she assured him. "I think it would be fun."

"Aren't you afraid my cock will hurt you?' he asked.

"We can always stop if it does."

"Okay," he agreed. "This is something I've wanted to do for a long time."

"Good!" exclaimed the youngster. "I'm ready whenever you are."

Scrambling up onto her hands and knees, the beautiful young girl began waving her soft, bare
ass around in the air as the reverend knelt behind her.

"Be gentle," she whispered back over her shoulder, feeling him resting the long, thick
underside of his throbbing cock-shaft between the fleshy cheeks of her deliciously warm little

Wanting to reassure her, he reached around and gently cupped a tit in each hand.

"Oooooh, yes," she breathlessly whimpered, feeling his fingers manipulating her big
lust-swollen nipples, filling her trembling body with renewed passion. With the warm flesh of
her soft asscheeks pressed against his cock, she shivered with excitement as he continued
massaging and kneading her firm young tits with his tender hands.

"Mmmmmm," she softly moaned with anticipation, feeling the hot thickness of his hard prick
throbbing against her quivering asscheeks. His incredibly smooth cock-head slipped up and down
in the soft crevice between her wiggly asscheeks.

With the naked length of his bloated cock throbbing against the smooth, warm flesh of her
quivering ass, he lovingly jiggled and caressed her lush tits in his hands as the deliciously
resilient flesh rippled between his fingers.

"Oh, Reverend," she whimpered. "Stick that big beauty up my ass, but, please, try not to hurt

When the cute youngster reached back and parted her asscheeks with her trembling fingers, the
man released her tits and stared excitedly at the pinkness of her little puckered asshole.
Pressing his thumb against the tight opening, he gently rotated his thumb until it suddenly
plopped through her tiny asshole.

"Oooooooh!" the cute blonde squealed with delight.

Feeling the girl's slick, hot asshole squeezing against his thumb, the reverend excitedly
plunged the full length of his thumb in and began screwing his digit around in the slippery
depths of her hot, buttery asshole.

"Oh," she giggled. "That feels funny, but I like it."

Another soft moan escaped her lips when he pulled his thumb out and drilled his long middle
finger all the way up her ass.

"Oooooooh, yes!" she squealed with delight, wriggling her ass around his deeply embedded
finger. "I love it ... love it!"

After screwing his finger around, trying to relax and enlarge the tiny opening for his cock, he
pulled his finger out and firmly grasped her hips. Her deliciously rounded ass looked so young
and inviting, gleaming under the soft light coming through the basement window. Spreading the
cheeks of her sweet ass apart with his fingers, the man excitedly gazed at the small opening he
was about to fuck. Not certain how to enter her tight little asshole without hurting her, he
eased the throbbing head of his prick up against the puckered opening, and then, grasping her
hips firmly, he gently pushed forward. Shoving against her, the slippery cock-juice that was
oozing out from the tip of his prick seemed to lubricate the tight opening as his throbbing
boner started sliding into her asshole.

"Oh, Reverend," whimpered Marci when his big, bloated cock-head slipped into her tight,
virginal asshole. "Your big prick feels fantastic in my ass."

As anxious as he was to ram the full length of his cock all the way into her tight little ass,
he remained exceptionally patient, working his cock in an inch at a time until his prick was
finally almost all the way in.

"Ooooooh, that's so good," she whispered, when the full length of his ass-splitting cock was
completely buried to the hilt in the slippery hotness of her tight little asshole. "Your cock
feels so good in my ass."

"Doesn't it hurt?" he asked.

"A little bit," she admitted. "But I love it."

After letting his hard prick luxuriate in the delicious tightness of her squeezing asshole for
a few unforgettable seconds, he slowly withdrew his cock until only his bloated prick-head
remained inside the clenched ring of her asshole. Then, taking a deep breath, he drilled the
entire length of his hard boner back into her tight, slippery asshole with one deep lunge,
forcing squeals of joy from her passionately parted lips.

"Wait a second," gasped the beautiful youngster when he violently rammed his cock back in
again. "That sorta hurts. You're gonna have to take it easy until I get used to that big
bastard in my ass."

With every inch of his throbbing prick lodged deep in the slippery hotness of her deliciously
stretched asshole and his cum-bloated balls resting against the hot wetness of her oozing cunt,
he paused to allow the youngster's little asshole to adjust to the bigness of his prick. The
backs of her softly rounded legs were pressed warmly against the front of his muscular thighs
as he held her firmly against him, letting his throbbing cock-shaft soak in the squeezing heat
of her tight little asshole.

After letting his wildly tingling boner simmer in her cute little asshole for several heavenly
moments, and, feeling her ass muscles starting to relax, he slowly pulled back, feeling her hot
asshole clasping and clinging passionately to the thickness of his hard cock. Then pausing for
just a split second, he once more drilled the length of his prick back into her helplessly
impaled asshole with one lusty thrust.

"Ooooooh, Reverend!" she squealed with unrestrained joy. "That's the way to fuck an asshole!
Now just fuck me to death!"

With the discomfort completely gone, Marci joyously felt him fuck his hard cock into her
asshole again and again, each wild plunge bringing her more pleasure than the last. The intense
ecstasy in her burning ass kept increasing as the thickness of his plunging boner rubbed and
massaged against the sensitive flesh of her tight asshole. She could feel the softly ridged
tissues of his gnarly shaft as his cock plunged in and out through the slippery meat of her
hotly aroused asshole.

Now his slippery prick was slithering in and out easily, and, from the churning in his balls,
the man knew he'd soon be shooting his hot load up her ass. The thought of blasting into her
asshole seemed to further arouse him.

Kneeling obscenely beneath the reverend's wildly fucking body, Marci was shuddering from the
ecstasy that was flowing through her. The beautiful little blonde could feel the feverish
pleasure building up in her burning asshole as she excitedly waited to feel his swirling cum
gush into her ass.

"Oh, you sweet ass-fucker!" she cried. "Fuck me harder, Rev! FUCK ME HARDER!"

Urged on by the beautiful little girl's frenzied squeals, the man began fucking his hard cock
even deeper into her deliciously tight little ass. She frantically ground her deeply impaled
asshole back around his thrusting prick.

"Oh, Jesus, Rev!" she squealed on the verge of hysteria. "Fuck me good!"

God, their hot ass-fuck was so wonderful! Each and every backward thrust of her horny ass
brought her more and more pleasure, and Marci couldn't seem to get enough of his wonderful cock
in her ass.

"Oh, sweet Reverend!" she squealed, frenziedly grinding her cock- stuffed ass around his wildly
pumping prick. "Give me more ... more!"

As the intense pleasure mounted in her deliciously sodomized body, she excitedly raised her
squirming ass, offering even more of her slippery asshole for their mutual enjoyment. Writhing
hotly beneath him, the beautiful girl was almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy she
was feeling.

Knowing that the big-cocked reverend was about to shoot his hot load up her ass, she wildly
bucked back against him, trying to work even more of his swollen prick into her fiery asshole
while her sweet young tits bounced crazily beneath her.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed with joy. "Fuck my asshole, Rev! Fuck me to death!"

The man's face was glazed with lust as he watched his thick cock disappearing and reappearing
in and out of the youngster's hot little ass. He was fucking into her asshole with all his
power, his eyes rolling crazily in his head as he felt the velvety-smooth walls of her tight
young ass suck and squeeze against the thick, sensitive length of his magnificent hard-on.
Snorting like a wild stallion, the reverend held tightly to her hips as he fucked deeper and
harder into the forbidden depths of her little adolescent asshole.

"Oh, Rev, it feels so shittin' good!" Marci squealed as the unbelievable pleasure in her hot
ass increased, the heavenly thickness of his big rod massaging and rubbing against the
sensitive flesh of her asshole until the youngster thought she'd lose her mind from the
delicious friction. Marci could even feel the softly ridged flesh of her ass passage clinging
hotly and moistly to his massive cock as he fucked in and out of her deliciously tingling

"COME ON, REV!" she screamed. "FUCK ME HARDER!"

Kneeling beneath the wildly humping preacher, Marci's entire body was aflame with the ecstasy
that was flowing through her. Her deliciously moist lips were hanging open as wave after wave
of perverted pleasure flooded through her naked body. The squealing youngster could feel the
intense ecstasy mounting in her little, sodomized asshole, and she momentarily wondered if she
might actually reach an orgasm in this unnatural form of fucking.

"Yes, Rev!" she whimpered. "Fuck it to me, honey!"

The turned-on youngster was aware of nothing else in the world except this fantastic ass-fuck
she was getting. His horrendously big cock was almost splitting her open, yet she was loving
every ass-stretching moment of their fuck. Every throbbing inch of hot cock-meat that he was
stuffing up the youngster's tingling ass was bringing her nothing but undreamed of joy.

"FUCK IT TO ME!" she screamed, driven almost insane by his fantastic cock.

Urged on by her depraved squeals, the preacher fucked his thick boner even deeper into the cute
little girl's scalding ass. She violently writhed her blistering asshole around his hard prick.
Each backward thrust of her hot little ass was bringing more and more pleasure to her
deliciously sodomized asshole.

"Oh, fuck it to me, Rev!" squealed Marci. "FUCK MY ASS!"

Part of the intense pleasure she was feeling was from the knowledge that she was performing
such a depraved act, and the wickedness of their ass-fuck added immensely to the fun. Never had
she experienced such intense ecstasy.

"GODDAMN!" she shrieked. "SHOOT ME THE JUICE!"

Marci had thought it was nonsense when she'd once read that some women were capable of reaching
orgasm with ass-fucking, but now she felt that might even happen to her.

"Jesus!" the man panted to the youngster. "I think I'm gonna shoot my wad, honey! I don't think
I can hold back much longer!"

"Fantastic!" she cried, wriggling her hot asshole more feverishly around his aching cock.
"Shoot it to me, Rev! I think I'm gonna come, too!"

Bucking beneath him like a wild bitch in heat, Marci was rushing toward a mind-blowing climax.

"Here it comes!" shouted the reverend, fucking his prick deeper and harder into her deliciously
burning asshole. "Here comes my jizz!"

"Cream me good!" screamed the half-crazed youngster. "Fill my ass!"

As his wild orgasm exploded in her, Marci's entire body began shuddering and jerking from the
intense ecstasy.

"OH, SWEET FUCKIN' JESUS!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. "I'M COMING, REV! I'M COMING!"

Then she felt his big purple cock-head shoot a thick stream of cum deep into her ass.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed, falling flat on her belly as he continued pumping her ass full of

"Goddamn!" he exclaimed a few moments later after finally pulling his limp, wet prick out of
her cock-stretched asshole. "That was some wild fuck."

"It sure was," she agreed. "And we're gonna have a lot more before this afternoon is over!"

Chapter 8

The following morning, Abby Walker slept in late which was very rare. The reverend was an early
riser who always ate a hearty breakfast, and Abby was ordinarily up preparing it for him
shortly after sunrise. On this day, however, her husband had left early to drive over to
Hanksville where he had a breakfast appointment with another minister.

Feeling lazy, and with nothing urgent to be done, she was lounging around in bed with her
thoughts on Mae Langford's big collie dog. She hadn't been able to think about much of anything
else since the beautiful animal had fucked her the other night.

Spread out on her back without anything on, the sexually aroused woman was idly fondling her
big, full tits. She rarely let the reverend touch them, but she was rather enjoying the feel of
them against her own fingers this morning. Thinking about the dog's long, red prick, her
swollen nipples were taut with desire as she teased them with her fingers, making them stand
out even more erect. As the moist heat increased between her legs, Abby continued slowly
rubbing her tits until her deliciously hard nipples were aching with desire.

Excitedly squirming around on her back as she caressed her tits, she spread her thighs and
casually moved her other hand down to the hair- fringed lips of her hotly oozing pussy.
Shivering with excitement, she probed her finger against the soft, hot flesh of her slippery
cunt-hole that the dog had fucked last Wednesday night.

Staring down over her quivering belly, the woman lazily watched her fingers tenderly part the
slippery lips of her hotly leaking cunt. With her head thrown back against the pillow, the
reverend's feverishly aroused wife teased her middle finger along the moist furrow until her
finger slipped into her deliciously slippery pussy. Tenderly stroking the throbbing hardness of
her sensitive clit, she felt her clit swell to a tingling erection.

Closing her eyes, the woman began lazily playing with her obscenely dripping cunt, her soft,
bare ass wriggling all over the bed as she wantonly screwed her finger around deep in her
steaming pussy. Her other hand fondled her tits, her fingers naughtily rolling and pinching the
turgid flesh of her erect nipples. Thinking about how the dog had fucked his hard cock in and
out of her cunt, Abby was becoming more aroused with every passing second.

The woman's fingers were soon plunging madly in and out of her steaming pussy as she feverishly
stroked herself into a writhing passion. Her creamy ass was squirming around wildly on the bed
as she wantonly ground her seething pussy up around her plunging finger. Unable to get the
dog's big, red cock out of her mind, Abby's finger was fucking in and out of her pussy at a
blinding speed. Panting heavily as the ecstasy in her cunt increased, the half-crazed woman was
fucking her finger deeper and deeper into her scalding pussy, the intense pleasure becoming
almost more than she could stand.

Abby was almost on the verge of reaching a climax when the doorbell rang. Slipping into a robe,
she hurried downstairs to answer the bell. Opening the door, she was surprised to see Mae
Langford standing on the front porch with her collie on a leash.

"Oh, Abby," the woman blurted. "Would you mind taking care of Scotty for a few days?"

"Certainly not," murmured the reverend's wife, her pussy tingling with delight. "It would be a

"I have to go to the city to take care of my sister who is ill," explained Mae. "And she lives
in a small apartment where pets aren't allowed."

"Well, you have nothing to worry about," Abby assured her. "I'll take good care of him for

The moment Mae was gone, Abby hurried up to her room with the dog.

"Okay, Scotty," she whispered, spreading herself out naked on the bed. "Start lickin', you
sweet cunt-lapper."

Without a moment's hesitation, the dog leaped onto the bed and burrowed his nose into her
smoldering cunt.

"Mmmmmmmm," she softly crooned when the animal's long, hot tongue snaked out and swiped up
along the length of her hotly oozing pussy. The intense ecstasy of the tongue-fuck sent
delicious chills racing up and down her spine. She let out another soft moan of delight when
the beautiful, big collie again swiped his tongue over her juicy cunt, sending more heavenly
sensations streaking through her body. Lewdly spreading her legs farther apart for the animal,
she felt his magical tongue wetly licking from her asshole to her belly as he deliciously ran
his mouth over the flowering lips of her obscenely exposed cunt.

"Oh, yes, Scotty," the woman whimpered. "Lick me good, you beautiful thing."

The animal's long, pink tongue wormed in between the woman's hair- fringed cunt-lips, sinking
deep into her helplessly aroused pussy-hole. Abby whimpered with joy as Scotty's tongue drilled
in deep between her wantonly spread legs, reaching up inside her tasty cunt.

"Oh, sweet Scotty," she passionately sobbed as the big collie feverishly licked into the hot
depths of her deliciously open pussy.

Thankful that Mae had left this magnificent animal with her, Abby whimpered with delight as his
long thick tongue licked her into a writhing frenzy. She knew in her heart that God would never
forgive her for committing such a depraved act, but she had never enjoyed anything so much in
her life.

Drawing her knees back, the reverend's hopelessly aroused wife grabbed the dog's ears and
pulled his panting snout deeper into the slippery hotness of her scalding cunt. Whimpering
softly, the animal drilled his long tongue even deeper into the slick, hot passage of the
woman's deliciously ravaged pussy-hole.

"Oh, yes, Scotty!" she moaned with joy as the feverishly aroused animal lapped and licked
hungrily into her heated cunt. "That's the way to eat pussy."

Glancing down as the animal continued devouring her cunt, Abby suddenly saw his long, red cock
thrusting out from the furry sheath just in front of his big, dangling balls. His long, pointed
dog-prick was red and slippery with drops of thick juices oozing out from the cock-head.

"Oh, Scotty," she softly whispered to him as the animal hungrily licked her cunt. "Are you
gonna fuck me with that beautiful, big boner?"

The reverend's wife had been thinking about nothing except this dog's hard cock since he fucked
her last Wednesday night, and now here his prick was, right in front of her again.

"Are you ready to fuck?" she softly crooned as the aroused animal continued lapping at her

The sight of his long cock was getting her more and more excited, and she could hardly wait to
feel his prick stuffed up between her legs. Unable to control her depraved desires any longer,
the woman pushed Scotty's face away from her pussy and quickly got up on her hands and knees.

"Come on, Scotty," she whispered, waving her bare ass in front of his nose. "Wanta fuck my hot

As the animal sat on his haunches directly behind her, Abby reached back between her legs and
gently grasped his slippery red cock and guided the prick-head toward her open cunt.

"Nice doggy," whispered the woman. "Are you gonna give me a nice hot fuck?"

Letting out an excited whimper, the beautiful big collie suddenly mounted the woman, drilling
the full length of his blood-red cock into her pussy with one hard thrust.

"OH, YES!" she squealed with joy when she felt the animal's fantastic boner fucking into her
hotly sizzling cunt.

Crouched on her hands and knees under the animal's weight, Abby moaned with rapture as his
long, slippery cock-shaft fucked in and out of her tingling pussy-hole.

"Oh, shit, Scotty!" she excitedly whimpered. "Your prick feels so fucking good!"

Like a bitch in heat, the reverend's wife kept her creamy ass high in the air, giving the dog
plenty of access to her juicy, hot pussy.

Whimpering with joy, Scotty fucked his hard, red boner deeper and deeper into the woman's hot,
slick pussy. The animal's furry hips were just a tan blur as he feverishly fucked his hard
prick in and out of her sopping-wet cunt-hole with the speed of a machine gun.

Hunched on her hands and knees beneath the rapidly fucking animal, Abby's mouth gaped open as
she stared blindly ahead.

"YES! YES!" the woman squealed with joy as the big collie increased the tempo of his rapid

Now, fucking into her as only a dog can fuck, Scotty's cock zipped in and out at dizzying
speed. His hotly dripping tongue drooled all over the woman's naked back. Abby's big, full tits
jiggled and bounced wildly beneath her as the animal violently rocked her obscenely crouched
body around on the bed. He was almost knocking the breath out of her with each deep thrust.

"That's it, you sweet bastard!" she cried. "Just fuck it to me, baby!"

The woman's usually attractive face was distorted with lust, her tongue lolling out just like
the dog's as she frenziedly slammed her creamy ass back to meet every deliciously deep plunge
of his cock. Almost out of her mind from the red-hot friction of the animal's wildly fucking
prick, the hopelessly aroused woman was creaming all over the slippery length of his
cock-shaft, making his prick glisten with her oozing wetness.

"OH, FUCK, DOGGY, FUCK!" she screamed. "Give me more of that beautiful cock!"

The depraved woman's face was flushed with excitement as she eagerly took the hard rapid
strokes of Scotty's wildly fucking boner. The animal's long, red cock was pumping the slippery
juices right out of her cunt, the sticky discharge splattering all over his furry belly.

"Ooooooh, it's so good ... so good!" she whimpered.

Like any other dog, there wasn't anything slow or gentle about the way he was fucking her. As
far as Scotty was concerned, this was just another bitch with a hole to be filled. Because he
usually had to fight off other dogs to get a piece of ass, nature had taught him to fuck a cunt
as fast as possible before another dog took it away from him.

The handsome animal was fucking into her with a powerful savageness, rocking her naked body all
over the bed, making her full-blown tits bounce and jiggle with joy. Puffing and blowing
beneath the feverishly humping beast, the breath was being almost knocked out of her every time
he fucked his hard prick into her sizzling pussy-hole. The room was filled with the obscenely
squishy sound of his blood-red cock reaming the hot juices right out of her cunt.

The reverend's wife had never experienced such rapturous ecstasy. Her face was twisted into an
evil grin of lust, her tongue lolling out just like any other bitch in heat. Rhythmically
slamming her ass back to meet his forward thrusts, Abby's cunt was tingling from the red-hot
friction as the animal fucked her pussy.

"EEEEEEGGGHHH!" she wantonly shrieked in the privacy of her room. "FUCK IT TO ME, YOU SWEET

The wildly screaming woman was flushed with sexual bliss, squealing hysterically as she took
the repeated thrusts of the animal's heavenly boner.

"THAT'S IT, SCOTTY!" she cried, clawing at the sheet beneath her. "THAT'S THE WAY TO FUCK A

Thoroughly enjoying the hot slickness of Abby's juicy pussy-hole, there was almost a grin on
the dog's face. His white teeth gleaming with joy, the animal's long, red tongue was hanging
farther out, dripping more and more moisture onto her back. His hips were jerking with a
blinding speed as he savagely fucked into the slippery hotness of her heavenly cunt.

The fucking was becoming obscenely noisy as the dog's long cock continued reaming out the
depraved woman's hotly oozing pussy. Abby was almost out of her mind with ecstasy as she
rapidly approached her climax.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she whimpered, raising her deliciously ravaged ass a bit higher to give her
canine lover even better access to her tingling cunt. "I love that goddamn cock!"

The depraved woman's entire naked body was suddenly sparkling with an even more intense ecstasy
as his steel-hard prick-shaft began vibrating against her clit. The machine-gun rapidity of the
animal's strokes, combined with the scalding heat of his long, red cock was carrying the
reverend's wife to new heights of sexual rapture.

Crazed with lust, the dog was fucking even more violently into the delicious hotness of her
juicy cunt, spurred on by the animal instinct to shoot off his wad.

"YES! YES!" squealed the woman. "FUCK THAT HOT CUNT!"

Excitedly anticipating each thrust, Abby was whimpering little obscenities as she rapidly
thrust her ass back to meet his deep, hard plunges. With Scotty's furry paws wrapped around her
waist, the naked woman was wantonly undulating her bare ass in tight little circles while the
feverishly aroused collie continued fucking into her juicy cunt from the rear.

"Oh, Scotty!" she whimpered, her face glowing with rapture from this fuck that she needed and
wanted so badly. "I just love your nice, long prick."

The well-fucked woman's dangling tits were jiggling deliciously beneath her, swinging to the
rhythm of the dog's rapid thrusts.

"OH, FUCK IT!" she cried out as Scotty's blazing dog-cock fucked in and out of her
lust-slickened pussy-hole. "FUCK IT TO ME!"

Almost out of her mind from the overwhelming pleasure she was feeling, the woman's wantonly
kneeling body swayed obscenely under the animal's pounding thrusts.

"FUCK! FUCK!" she screamed at the dog, wanting him to fuck her deeper and faster. "FUCK THAT

Remembering how good she had felt when Scotty shot his hot load into her cunt the other night,
Abby could hardly wait for him to come in her again.

"FUCK! FUCK!" she kept screaming, thrilled that she was once more being savagely fucked by this
magnificent animal.

Almost out of her mind from the glorious rapture she was feeling, the depraved woman wantonly
writhed her feverishly hot cunt back around the throbbing length of Scotty's fucking cock.
Squeals of prurient delight were emanating from Abby's parched throat as she writhed beneath
the collie's big body. Her hair was hanging down over her beautiful, flushed face as she knelt
beneath the wildly thrusting animal.

"Oh, sweet doggy!" she mindlessly whimpered. "Fuck that cunt!"

Feeling an orgasm building deep in her pussy, the depraved bitch screwed her cunt back hotly
around the animal's blistering dog-prick. Panting heavily as he deeply fucked into her, the
huge animal's tongue lolled out of his mouth, still dribbling spit all over the depraved
woman's back.

"OH, SHIT!" she suddenly screamed, writhing back against the feverishly humping dog when she
felt his scalding-hot cum gushing into her cunt. "THAT'S IT, BABY! CREAM ME GOOD! SHOOT THAT

Starting her own orgasm, the nearly hysterical woman's cunt began convulsing wildly around the
dog's obscenely spurting cock.

"SQUIRT, BABY, SQUIRT!" she insanely squealed with joy. "I'M COMING WITH YOU!"

It was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to the woman, and when the dog finally
stopped filling her spasming pussy with his slippery jizz, he pulled his limp, red prick out of
her cunt.

"Oh, Scotty," she whispered, collapsing on the bed. "I sure hope Mae leaves you with me for a
long time."

Chapter 9

After dinner that night, Reverend Walker kept watching his wife through the corner of his eye.
There was a radiant glow in her smile that he hadn't seen for years, and he couldn't understand
what had brought it on. The reverend had always known that his wife was attractive and had an
extremely nice figure, but tonight she looked absolutely beautiful.

As the evening dragged on, he felt a tingling in his cock whenever he looked at her. By the
time they were ready for bed, Reverend Walker had a horrendous hard-on. As they walked up the
stairs to their bedroom together, the man was dying to fuck her.

He realized Abby wasn't very enthusiastic about sex, but she would occasionally agree to fuck,
and he fervently hoped this would be one of the times. He wished she would suck his cock like
Marci did, but he knew that would be out of the question with his wife. He would be lucky to
just get a piece of ass in the proper missionary position.

Lying in bed, waiting for his wife while she discreetly disrobed and put on her nightie in the
privacy of a closet, he wondered if her pussy would taste as sweet as Marci's. Of course, he
realized she'd never allow him to eat her cunt. Shortly after they were first married, he'd
asked her to suck his cock, but she'd raised so much hell about it that he never mentioned
cock-sucking again.

That was the one thing that bothered him about their marriage--the dull routine of the same
missionary position. God, how he wished they could put a little variety into their bedroom
games. Because of the boredom, he'd turned more and more to other women for his sexual release,
but tonight he was extremely excited by her.

When she finally crawled into bed with him, the reverend drew her into his arms. As he pressed
his lips to hers, Abby was a bit surprised because he seldom kissed her anymore. The feel of
his hard cock throbbing against her through the material of her nightie seemed to faintly
excite her. Three wild fucks with the dog today had left her in a rather horny mood.

"James," she softly whispered to her husband. "Do you want to make love tonight?"

"I sure do," he answered, still hoping that she might give him a blow- job someday. Moving
under the covers, Abby squirmed around until she had her nightie off.

"It's sure been a long time," said the reverend as he got out of bed and removed his pajamas.

"Oh, honey," she whispered, noticing how big his cock looked as he got back into bed. "Your
thing looks larger than usual."

"It's the same old prick," he said bluntly as she lowered her head to get a better look at his

"Look at that," she said, momentarily resting her face on his belly. "It's getting bigger."

Suddenly feeling the heat of her breath on his cock as she studied the length of his
prickshaft, the man seemed to lose his mind. Trembling like a leaf, he began pressing on the
back of her head, hoping she would take his tingling cock-head into her mouth.

"Oh, God!" he blurted, giving her head a gentle nudge. "Please lick the end of my prick."

"WHAT?" she gasped, springing up to a sitting position.

"Please suck my cock." he begged, his entire body shaking with lust.

"You fuckin' asshole!" she shouted at him. "Get away from me!"

"What the hell's bugging you?" he roared back at her. "Other wives suck their husbands off."

"Bullshit!" she screamed at him. "Only sluts and whores would do anything that filthy and

"Goddamn it!" he shouted, his entire body shaking with both rage and lust. "Suck me off!"

"Get away from me, you filthy beast!" she screamed, clawing at his face with her nails. "Don't
you ever come near me again!"

Roughly grabbing the woman, he threw her down on her back and straddled her chest, his big hard
prick pointing right at her mouth.

"Now suck it!" he shouted, his ass pressing down on her full tits.

"I won't do it, you filthy pig!" she spat at him.

"I said suck it!" he shouted again.

"No, you rotten bastard!"

Grabbing her long hair in his hand, he began pulling and twisting it until the frightened woman
was afraid he'd pull her hair out by the roots.

"EEEEEEEEGGGHHH!" she screamed from the searing pain.

The usually gentle man would never dream of inflicting this cruelty on her in his right mind,
but tonight he'd lost all control of himself. The years of pent-up frustration had exploded,
turning him into a wild animal.

Afraid he might even kill her in his deranged state of mind, she helplessly grasped the thick
base of his wildly throbbing prick-shaft and brushed his big cock-head across her half-parted
lips. Closing her eyes so she wouldn't have to took at his prick, her trembling hand guided his
huge cock into her mouth.

At first he sat perfectly still on her squashed tits, enjoying the sight of his thick prick
embedded between his wife's ovalled lips. Holding her head in his hands, he began moving her
head up and down so her slippery mouth would slide back and forth over his sensitive cock-
shaft. His entire body began trembling from the feel of her warm, wet tongue and lips working
on his spit-coated prick. As the excitement mounted in his cock, he suddenly thrust his hips
forward, drilling his big boner further into her mouth, forcing her head back down on the

Abby almost gagged as his thick, oozing prick-head pressed against the back of her throat, but,
afraid he would inflict more pain on her, she continued valiantly sucking on his hard cock.

"That's the way," he panted, pumping his gnarly prick in and out of her mouth. "See how much
fun cock-sucking is."

God, how she hated this vile, disgusting man! She couldn't believe this was the same gentle
husband she'd lived with for so many years.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" he said, an evil grin on his face as he pulled his wet prick
out of her mouth. "Now I'll give you that hot fuck you wanted so badly."

"No, James," she whispered, tears welling up in her eyes. "I don't want you to ever touch me
again. From now on you can pay whores to do those filthy things to you."

"That's okay with me," he said, leering at her as he moved down and roughly parted her thighs.
"But I'm going to give you one last fuck to remember me by."

"Please don't," she sobbed as he guided his pulsing cock-head up against her numb cunt-lips.
"I'm too dry in there! I can't take it!"

He was panting and snorting like a wild bull as his big body moved over hers. Feeling the head
of his prick pressing between her dry cunt-lips, she closed her eyes and bit her lips to keep
from screaming.

"Here it comes," he panted, "and you better not give me any more shit!"

"No, James!" she pleaded, tears running down her cheeks. "Please don't!"

A searing pain streaked through her entire body as his hard boner knifed up into her dry pussy.
The woman had never felt such intense discomfort in her life.

"STOP!" she shrieked. "You're killing me!"

Ignoring her squeals, he kept pushing until he'd forced every inch of his steel-hard cock into
her dry, burning cunt.

"Goddamn you!" she sobbed, feeling the thick length of his swollen cock lodged in her pussy. "I
hate you!"

In spite of the pain and her revulsion for him, the feel of a big cock in her cunt started her
juices flowing. The pain had completely vanished, and, when he began slowly fucking his prick
in and out, Abby could feel her tight inner flesh becoming warm and slippery. Against her will,
the woman's body started responding to his deep thrusts.

"Does my cock feel good now?" he whispered to her as he rhythmically fucked his big prick in
and out of her rapidly responding cunt.

"No!" she snapped.

Abby didn't want to admit it to him, but, as her hot juices began flowing around his thick
boner, a delicious rapture spread throughout her body.

"Mmmmmmmmm ... ooooooo ... mmmmmmmmm," she mewled, no longer able to hide her burning ecstasy
from him.

"Do you still think I'm a filthy pig?" he panted as he increased the tempo of his thrusts.

"God, no," she whispered, every last vestige of her hate completely gone. "I love your prick.

With his wonderful cock plunging deeper into her hotly creaming pussy- hole, she was clinging
tightly to him, squealing from the intense joy he was bringing her. As her juices poured more
profusely, his prick was slithering much more easily in and out of her slippery cunt, each
thrust pounding her ass deeper into the mattress.

Lost in his wild lust, the reverend was frenziedly fucking into his wife, aware of nothing but
the incredible pleasure that was streaking up and down the tingling length of his hard cock.
Pounding his thick prick into her pussy for all he was worth, he was sending shivers of
unbelievable ecstasy flooding through his wife's naked flesh, sending waves of rapturous
delight washing through her writhing cunt.

No longer feeling the shame and disgust that she'd felt earlier when he forced her to suck on
his cock, Abby was now thoroughly enjoying herself.

"Oh, shit, honey!" she excitedly whimpered. "This feels so good!"

Becoming more heatedly aroused with every hard thrust of her husband's thick prick, Abby
wrapped her deliciously naked legs tightly around his lurching body. Sobbing with delight, she
feverishly ground her sopping pussy up around his throbbing boner, trying desperately to get
more and more of his bloated cock into her steaming cunt-hole.

"Oh, God, darling," she sobbed, pulling his face down to hers, slipping her tongue into his
panting mouth. With their lips welded passionately together, the woman sensually explored his
mouth with her tongue.

She hadn't been very interested in fucking, but, now, writhing and bucking beneath him, she
couldn't seem to get enough of the man's cock. Her flaming lust increased with each heavenly
thrust of his big boner.


More sexually aroused than he'd been in years, the reverend quickly increased the tempo and
depths of his fucking.

"OOOOOOOH, YES!" squealed Abby, thoroughly enjoying the way he was fucking his hard cock into
her. Her hot, tingling pussy hungrily welcomed every mighty plunge of his rampaging boner. She
couldn't remember when her husband had ever fucked her with such fervor and authority. Clinging
passionately to him, Abby was almost hysterical with joy. She bucked and churned beneath him.

"Jesus Christ, honey!" he gasped. "I've never seen you like this before."

"That's because you've never fucked me like this before," she gasped.

As the reverend increased the tempo of their fuck, he began driving his cock even deeper into
his wife's hotly sucking pussy. Abby could feel her hot slick cunt expanding and contracting
wildly around the thickness of his big, plunging cock. Violently slamming her hips up to meet
his delicious thrusts, Abby's seething cunt was gulping hungrily on his bloated cock-head. The
woman's slippery, oily juices were creaming all over his well-lubricated prick-shaft as they
frenziedly fucked each other.

"Harder!" she shouted. "I'm almost there!"

The burning pleasure in her fiery pussy was almost blowing the woman's mind as they
passionately fucked themselves into a wild delirium. Abby felt that if the intense rapture
increased anymore, she would literally explode. Yet, as she desperately clung to him, the
ecstasy mounted and mounted.

"OH, FUCK HONEY!" she screamed. "FUCK IT TO ME! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" The glorious feeling of his
thick cock fucking in and out of her overheated cunt was almost unbelievable. Screaming little
unintelligible obscenities, Abby's lovely face was distorted with passion while her head
flopped crazily from side to side on the pillow. Her eyes stared sightlessly at the ceiling,
her face a hedonistic mask of lust as she writhed and bucked beneath her wildly fucking

Abby was reaching a point where she didn't think she could stand another second of this
agonizing rapture, yet she was screaming for more.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" she chanted, wildly slamming her pussy up to get the deepest penetration
from every stroke of his big, blistering prick.

Aware that he was rapidly approaching a climax, the man was speeding the tempo of his violent
fucking, trying to bring her off before he shot his hot load into her.


Abby's body was filled with a heat she had never experienced before. It felt as if every nerve
in her wildly lurching body was on fire. The unbelievable ecstasy burning between her legs and
through her body was beyond description.

"Ooooooooh!" she mewled, clutching him tighter in her arms. "That feels so fuckin' good!"

The reverend began slamming his cock into her with longer, harder strokes.

"That's it, honey!" she sobbed. "Fuck me good!"

Reaching down and grasping her ass, he pulled her cunt up tighter around his thrusting cock.
Clutching her wiggly asscheeks in his palms, he began slamming his cock up her hot, slippery
pussy passage at an even faster pace.

As he drove his cock-shaft in and out, he goosed his fingers into the soft crack between her
soft, round asscheeks.

"Oooooooh, Christ!" she squealed with joy when one of his probing fingers brushed across her
puckered asshole.

Encouraged by her squeals of delight, he plunged his finger deep into her ass.

"Oh, yes, honey!" she squealed, lifting her asscheeks off the bed. "All the way, baby! Ram your
finger all the way up my asshole!"

Plunging his finger in, the reverend couldn't believe that his puritanical wife was behaving
like this. Her lovely face was distorted with passion, and her shapely legs were kicking
frantically in the air as his lewdly embedded finger lifted her ass to better receive every
thrust of his fucking cock.

Abby suddenly wondered what her husband would say if he knew a big collie dog had been fucking
into this same cunt only a few hours ago. As she raced closer and closer toward a climax, she
suddenly felt as if every nerve in her body was centered around her cunt.

"Oh, sweetheart!" she sobbed as she began riding his wonderful prick over the crest of a
wondrous orgasm. "Oh, sweet darling, I'm coming ... COMING ... COMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGG!"

Later, as they both sprawled out naked on the bed, Abby was filled with the warmest afterglow
that she had ever experienced. Glancing down, she suddenly noticed that his limp prick was
starting to swell again. When his cock had reached a full erection, Abby decided it was
probably only fair that she should start sucking him off if blow-jobs meant so much to him.

"What are you doing?" he gasped when his wife lowered her face down toward his new boner.

"I'm gonna suck you off," she whispered, gently taking his big, stiff cock in her hand.
Tenderly holding his prick, she could feel the hot blood pumping through the extended veins of
his magnificent cock.

Recalling that his cock had tasted rather pleasant when her husband forced his prick into her
mouth a little while ago, she lightly flicked the tip of her tongue across his cockhead.
Clutching the base of his thick prick-shaft, Abby began greedily licking on the big mushroom-
shaped cock-head. When her hot, wet tongue made contact with the sensitive underside of his
prick-head, she felt him lurch with excitement. Realizing that she'd discovered an erotic nerve
center, Abby continued nibbling at the area with a feather-light pressure that was driving him

Momentarily deserting the super-sensitive nerve center, she began licking up and down the
entire length of his hard cock-shaft. His thick cock was saturated with her hot, wet spit. The
reverend's legs were trembling with excitement as the horny woman's tongue continued hungrily
licking the entire underside of his throbbing prick. He could hardly control his shaking legs
when her hot mouth and tongue reached his lusty balls.

Thrilled with the exciting taste and aroma of his ball-sac, Abby was soon sucking her husband's
balls in and out of her slurping mouth. The crinkly texture of the skin around his ball-sac
felt erotic against her lips.

Finally sliding her lips back up along the underside of his hard, glistening cock-shaft, she
opened her lips wide and took the shiny prick-head deep into her eager mouth.

"Oh, my God!" gasped the reverend as her soft, tender lips closed tightly around the tasty head
of his cock.

Sucking deeply, her tongue licking rapidly around the base of his prick-head, Abby began
pumping her leeching lips up and down over his cock-head. With each plunge of her head, she was
taking more and more of his big prick into her mouth.

"Holy shit!" he sobbed in a shaken voice. "Don't stop, honey! Just keep suckin'!"

Frantically curling his fingers into her long hair, he forced her mouth down farther over his
trembling cock.

"Here it comes!" he shouted.

Abby was not prepared for the huge hot stream of cum that suddenly exploded out of his
throbbing cockhead. She had to swallow rapidly as his jerking prick continued filling her mouth
with fuck-cream. Though the bitter-sweet taste of his jizz was new to Abby, she found the taste
strangely exciting. She frantically sucked on his spurting cock, not wanting to miss a single
drop of this new taste treat.

Chapter 10

The next day, Reverend Walker had to drive out to Marci's farm to pick up a list that she had
prepared for the picnic, and he took Abby with him for the drive. While her husband and the
girl were going over some of the details, Abby decided to take a walk out by the barn.

The woman had just walked around the corner of the building when she saw Marci's big brother,
Kirk. His pants and shorts were down around his ankles and he was trying to insert his hard
cock into a nanny goat's cunt. Completely stunned, she just stared at them, unable to speak or
move. From the way the goat was excitedly trembling as she patiently waited, it was obvious
that Kirk had fucked her many times before. Bent over behind the animal, Kirk was probing his
cock-head against the soft flesh of her open cunt.

Unable to believe what she was seeing, Abby stared wide eyed as she watched the boy's hard
prick slowly slipping through the juicy opening of the nanny goat's pussy. There was a wild
grin of ecstasy on the young man's face as he worked his naked cock into the warm slickness of
the goat's hot cunt-hole.

Watching how the animal was rearing back against him, trying to get more cock into her cunt,
Abby could see how much the goat wanted to fuck. When the young farm boy had the entire
throbbing length of his hard boner completely buried in the heavenly hotness of the goat's
pussy, he began fucking his cock in and out. The glazed expression in the bleating animal's
eyes told Abby how much she was thoroughly enjoying the fuck.

Having loved Scotty's dog-cock so much, Abby could understand how much fun Kirk was having as
he quickened his thrusts. There was something about sex with an animal that was absolutely
fantastic. Watching the young man's hard cock fucking in and out between the goat's juicy cunt-
lips was driving Abby wild. Turned on by the sight of Kirk's juice- slickened boner fucking
into the animal's steaming pussy, Abby raised her skirt and began finger-fucking her pussy
through the leg opening of her panties. Each time he slammed his naked prick in, Abby could see
a hot stream of slippery cunt juice oozing out from between the goat's cock-squeezing

Bleating excitedly, the feverishly aroused goat was slamming her hot cunt back around the boy's
plunging prick while Kirk fucked his cock deeper and deeper into her sizzling pussy-hole.
Wildly fingering her deliciously erect clit, Abby stared at the goat's pink pussy as her
cunt-lips grasped and sucked on Kirk's slashing prick.

Seeing the way the goat was writhing and twisting under the fucking youth, the reverend's wife
could tell how much the goat was enjoying the fuck. Staring excitedly, Abby held her skirt up
with one hand while she wildly fingered her clit with the other. The sight of Kirk's hard cock
fucking noisily into the animal's slippery cunt was almost blowing her mind.

Kirk was almost on the verge of shooting his hot load into the goat's deliciously hot cunt when
he glanced up and saw the reverend's wife watching him, feverishly finger-fucking herself.

"Don't stop!" shouted Abby when she saw the embarrassed youth start to pull his cock out. "Keep
fucking! I wanta watch!"

Anxious to blast off his big load of jizz, the young man resumed his frantic fucking.

"That's it, Kirk!" the preacher's wife cheered him on. "Make her come!"

Suddenly hearing a snorting sound, Abby glanced to her left and saw a beautiful young horse
excitedly pawing at the ground with his front hoofs. The sight and odor of Kirk fucking the
goat must have turned the stallion on because he had a horrendous hard-on. His big magenta-
colored cock was deliciously long and thick as his prick throbbed out from beneath the brown
horse's smooth belly.

Instantly recalling how good Scotty's dog-prick had felt in her cunt, Abby suddenly wondered
how this big beauty of a cock would feel. As if in a daze, she slowly walked over to where the
beautiful steed was excitedly pawing the ground. Standing next to the magnificent beast, Abby
instinctively reached under his belly, her fingers seeking his big, swollen balls. She could
feel his entire body trembling as she lightly caressed his cum-filled balls.

"Goddamn," she giggled to the horse. "You're really hung."

Tenderly stroking his balls, the reverend's wife stared excitedly at his deliciously big boner.
Still fondling his balls with one hand, she used the fingers of the other to rub the hard
slippery surface of his throbbing cockshaft.

As she stroked his prick a bit more vigorously, she suddenly noticed a big, bubbling drop of
cum fluid oozing out from the tip of his big cock. Kneeling below his belly, the reverend's
depraved wife swiped her hot, wet tongue across the head of the horse's prick, making the
magnificent steed whinny with excitement. Thrilled with the taste of his milky discharge, she
clutched the thick, meaty base of his cockshaft in both hands and rubbed the head of his prick
against her soft cheeks and neck. Taking a deep breath, she began licking the sensitive tip of
his massive boner, and from the way he was trembling, she could tell how much the big stud was
enjoying her tongue.

Becoming hornier by the second, she was soon slurping noisily on the horse's hard, thick cock
while her feverishly lapping tongue soaked the head of his prick with spit. More aroused than
she had ever been in her life, she passionately worked her lips and tongue back along the
sensitive underside of his heavenly boner until the full length of his cock was completely

Whinnying excitedly, the beautiful brown stallion began pawing the ground more urgently with
his hoofs.

Taking another deep breath, Abby then opened her mouth as wide as possible and wrapped her
juicy lips around his bloated cock-head. Little beads of perspiration were standing out on her
upper lip as her grasping mouth deliciously sucked and pulled on his magnificent boner.

Momentarily releasing his swollen prickhead from her mouth, the reverend's wife once more
started licking her hot, wet tongue up and down the entire length of his cockshaft. The
whinnying stallion lurched wildly as Abby continued fondling his balls while she licked his
tasty cock.

Finally deciding to rest for a minute, the woman slowly stood up to catch her breath. She was
barely on her feet when the animal suddenly lowered his head and pushed his muzzle up under her
dress, nuzzling his nose in between her naked legs. Anxious to feel his big tongue on her pussy
Abby quickly pulled up her skirt and dropped her panties.

"Oh, my God!" she sobbed as the wildly aroused steed began licking her steamy cunt with his
magnificent big, wet tongue.

Trembling so strongly that her legs could hardly support her, Abby suddenly noticed a bale of
hay next to the fence. Knowing the horny horse would follow her, she moved over and spread
herself out on the bale, her legs spread wide so that the horse's tongue could get at her cunt.

"Ooooooh, yes," she moaned in ecstasy as the magnificent stallion began passionately licking
her hotly oozing cunt.

"God, Mrs. Walker," gasped Kirk who'd finished fucking the goat. "That sonovabitch sure digs
your pussy."

"And I sure dig his tongue," she replied with a giggle.

The way the big stud's rough tongue was licking around her pussy was the most exciting thing
Abby had ever felt. She was almost out of her mind with ecstasy as his thick, moist tongue
continued licking and lapping her frothy, hot cunt.

Finally pulling his head out from between her widely splayed thighs, the horse began moving up
over her body with a leg on each side of the bale. It wasn't until she felt his huge cockhead
probing against her cunt that she knew what he had in mind.

"Goddamn!" gasped Kirk. "I think the silly bastard wants to fuck you!"

"I know he does," Abby grinned.

"That big cock will split you open," said Kirk. "Shall I pull him away?"

"No thanks," she giggled. "Cunts are made to stretch."

"Do you want him to fuck you?" gasped Kirk in an unbelieving voice.

"Fuck, yes!" she excitedly answered. "That's a real cock."

Trembling with anticipation, the reverend's wife reached up and took the horse's throbbing
boner in both hands. With her legs spread wide apart she began rubbing his enormously swollen
cock-head between her hotly leaking pussy-lips.

"Okay, baby," she softly whispered. "Now start fuckin'."

As if he understood what she said, the powerful stallion suddenly reared back and drilled his
cock into her with one thunderous thrust.

"EEEEEEGGGGHHHH!" she screamed with both shock and ecstasy.

Just before he entered her, Abby had momentarily wondered if fucking a horse might be painful,
but her elastic pussy had deliciously stretched to take the stud's big prick, and now she felt
nothing but an ecstatic glow in her cunt-hole.

"Oh, sweet fuckin' Jesus!" She smiled at wide-eyed Kirk as the bigness of this horse-boner
plowed deeper and deeper into the hot slick depths of her juicy cunt tunnel. "This is a real

Her entire body began tingling with rapture when the gallant steed started fiercely fucking his
massive prick in and out of her juicy pussy.

"Holy piss!" she exclaimed as her snug cunt sheath sucked on the hot thickness of his wildly
fucking cock. "This has gotta be the greatest cock in the world!"

"Does it hurt at all?" Kirk excitedly asked.

"Fuck, no! His prick feels fantastic!"

The woman's body gyrated madly beneath the feverishly fucking stallion as she spiraled her
hungry cunt up and down over the slippery length of his thrusting cock. Her creamy, bare ass
was writhing shamelessly on the bale of hay as the screaming pleasure intensified in her pussy.
The depraved woman's eyes were aflame with her prurient passions as uncontrollable lust raged
through her helplessly aroused body. Her sizzling cunt was clasping obscenely to the long
thickness of his slippery horse-cock.


Shrieking obscenities to the magnificent stallion, she grabbed and squeezed his big, lusty
balls. Abby was so involved in her depraved animal-fuck that she didn't notice her husband and
Marci when they came around the corner of the barn.

"My God!" Reverend Walker gasped to Kirk. "What the hell's going on here!"

"It looks like fuckin' to me," Kirk said smugly.

"Or it could be a rodeo," Marci added. "Except the horse is riding the person."

"Oh, you sweet fuckin' bastard!" they heard Abby cry as the horse quickened the tempo of his
long, deep thrusts. "I've never felt anything so shittin' good in my life!"

The thick meatiness of the big stud's fantastic cock was carrying the writhing woman to new
heights of ecstasy as his prick drilled deeper and deeper into her deliciously stretched pussy.

"Ooooooooh!" she moaned in ecstasy, an unbelievable joy sweeping through her body as the
magnificent steed continued fucking his prick in and out. The thickness of his plunging boner
rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her deliciously stretched cunt walls was enough to blow
her mind.

"Are you okay?" Marci excitedly asked as she knelt down to get a better view of the woman's
incredibly stretched cunt.

"Fuck, yes!" cried Abby. "You ought to try him! I've never felt anything so shittin' good in my

On and on they fucked until the reverend's wife was nearly hysterical.

"YES! YES!" she suddenly screamed, feeling the animal once more quickening his thrusts as he
rapidly approached his climax. "FUCK IT TO ME!"

Frantically scratching the horse's sleek belly as she wantonly waved her legs around, Abby
could feel an orgasm building up deep in her pussy.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" she chanted.

Again and again the magnificent stallion fucked into her. Little Marci moved closer to get a
better look. As the ecstasy increased in Abby's loins, she felt the stud's legs jerking and
trembling spasmodically, and she realized he was about to shoot his load.


Frantically thrusting her hips up off the bale, Abby was taking more and more of the beautiful
steed's cock. Her legs waving crazily in the air, the wantonly aroused woman was screaming out
a torrent of obscenities as the wildly snorting stallion fucked deeper and harder into her
deliciously stretched cunt.

"OH, SHIT!" she suddenly cried at the top of her lungs. "HERE I COME! OH, SHIT, I'M COMING ...

As the depraved woman exploded into her mind-blowing orgasm, she could feel the beautiful
steed's thick horse-cum gushing into her cock- squeezing cunt. His massive discharge seemed to
never end as his jizz gushed into her writhing belly like water out of a fire hose. Writhing
through the most intense orgasm she'd ever had, the nearly hysterical woman could feel her cunt
fill to overflowing. Then the cum started oozing back out from between her cock-grasping

When the animal finally pulled his long, fat prick out, he slowly backed away from the bale.

"Goddamn, look at that," Marci panted, excitedly staring at the thick coat of cum and cunt
juice that covered his half-hard cock.

Then, unable to control her lust any longer, the horny little blonde grasped his prick in both
hands and began wildly licking the slippery juices from his cock-shaft. The magnificent animal
had just shot his wad, but, as the cute, young girl passionately tongued his prick, his body
began jerking excitedly. Feeling the beautiful stallion's cock starting to expand, little Marci
began sucking harder, anxious to feel his prick in her own horny pussy. As his big
magenta-colored cock continued to swell, the cute blonde deliciously teased his balls with her
fingers. Trembling with excitement, Marci ran her soft, moist lips and tongue all up and down
his prick-shaft, impatiently trying to get his cock hard again. With the minister, his wife and
her brother all watching, Marci was completely lost in her lust. Not giving a shit what they
thought about her, the only thing that mattered was getting this horse's cock hard again. She
could feel the hot wetness increasing between her legs, and she could hardly wait to have her
sizzling pussy hosed out by the cock of this beautiful stallion.

Passionately mouthing the animal's prick, the cute little youngster was playfully teasing his
balls with her fingers. Tenderly fondling his smooth ball-sac, she continued running her warm,
wet tongue up and down his slippery cock.

Getting hotter by the second, Marci could feel the slippery juices leaking out from between her
little gold-fringed pussy-lips. She deliciously sucked and slurped on the horse's rapidly
swelling cock. Having never been so completely aroused in her life, Marci could hardly wait to
feel his massive boner in her cunt.

"Oh, shit!" exclaimed her brother who was excitedly watching. "He's got another hard-on."

"I know," gasped Marci as she removed her mouth from his cock and rapidly stripped.

"Now I hope he'll fuck me."

"He will," Abby assured her when she saw the animal trying to lick Marci's cunt. "Just spread
out on that bale of hay. He's more than ready now."

The moment Marci was positioned on the bale, the big horse moved his body over hers.

"Nice horsy," Marci whispered, grasping his thick cock and brushing the head of his prick
against her slippery cunt-lips. "Are you gonna give me a nice hot fuck?"

A delicious ripple raced down her spine when she felt the stud's big, swollen cock-head part
the juicy lips of her pussy. Further aroused by the thrilling size of his magnificent prick,
the youngster could hardly control herself as she felt his cock slowly entering her juicy cunt.
A delicious ecstasy swept through her body when his wonderful, big boner sank into her little
deliciously stretched pussy-hole.

"Oh, shit," she whispered, a dreamy expression glowing on her face as his long, thick cock
slowly filled her horny cunt. "Now just fuck me silly, you big beauty."

When the big, brown stallion began fucking his throbbing cock-shaft in and out between the
youngster's wantonly spread legs, she was thrilled at the way his thick prick pressed out
against the tight walls of her incredibly stretched pussy. Her thick, bubbling cunt juices soon
had the magnificent stud's steel-hard cock all slick and slippery as his prick squished noisily
in and out of her frothy young pussy.

Writhing beneath the beautiful horse, the horny little blonde's cunt muscles were sucking and
pulling hotly around the entire thick length of his plunging cock-shaft. Squirming and twisting
around on the hay, Marci couldn't seem to get enough of the horse's big, fourteen-inch cock as
the magnificent prick plunged in and out of her little deliciously impaled pussy.

"OH, YES!" she frenziedly squealed at the top of her lungs. "THAT'S THE WAY TO FUCK A HOT

The beautiful blonde had never enjoyed a fuck as much as this fuck. Her deliciously stretched
pussy loved every deep plunge of the snorting stallion's thrusting boner. The fantastic
horse-fuck was bringing her more unadulterated joy than she had ever felt in her life. Gripping
the bale of hay beneath her, Marci feverishly thrust her hips up to meet every deep plunge of
his cock.

"Holy piss!" she whimpered. "This feels so fuckin' good!"

Marci suddenly felt the horse's big cock swelling even thicker as he quickened the tempo of his
thrusts. Aware that the wildly aroused stallion was about to shoot his load, the horny
youngster planted her feet flat on the bale of hay and ground her cunt up around his thrusting

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" she shouted, her big, blue eyes rolling crazily around in her head. "I'M

Her fantastic climax was further enhanced when she felt a torrent of horse-jizz gushing into
her cunt.

"JUICE ME, BABY!" she shouted in ecstasy. "I'M COMING! I'M COMING!"

The big, trembling stud continued fucking until he had emptied the very last of his
animal-spunk into the youngster's hot little pussy.

"Goddamn," said her brother when the horse finally pulled his thick, limp prick out of her
pussy. "I guess you'll never be satisfied with the goat again."

"Yeah," sighed the reverend. "I guess you're finished with me, too."

"Not on your life!" cried Marci as she winked at Abby. "We're both ready for you guys right

"That's right," the reverend's wife agreed wantonly. "I'm ready to fuck all afternoon."

The End