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My husband & I ran a kennel some years ago, and at any given time we have about
a dozen dogs tocare for and feed.  One night I went out the pens to help my
husband feed the animals.  Being the Newlyweds that we are, it wasn't long
before we wound up on the ground making love.  We did a sixty-nine first and
then I let my husband take me in the ass.  We were relaxing in the afterglow of
our lovemaking when my husband pointed out that most of the male dogs were
shaking.  Still naked, I got up and took a poodle out of its cage.  I tried to
calm the dog down but instead he got more & more exicted and try to mount my
leg.  My husband said that the dogs were all horny from the smell of our
lovemaking and that they'd keep us up all night with their yapping.

Well, we put our clothes back on and returned to the house, where we showered
and then made love again while outside the dogs barked and whined something
awful.  At 3 a.m. the dogs were still going strong and my husband said that
something would have to be done.  Wearing a funny grin, he reached into the
nightstand drawer and took out a paperback book "I want you to take a look at
this, honey." he said.  I took the book and flipped throught it.  Dogs having
sex with women was the subject of the book and there were pictures of dogs
coupling with women in a variety of positions.  I must have looked shocked
because my husband tried to take the book out of my hands and said he hoped he
hadn't offended me.  It was just that for the longest time he'd been
fantasizing about me making it with one of the dogs in our kennel.

Well, I spent the next couple of days thinking about what my husband had said
and looking at the paperback book, and then we sat down and talked.  I told my
husband that I loved him dearly and that I was willing to do anything and
everything to make him happy.  But how would he feel about me, I asked, after I
had been with one of the dogs?  His reply was that he would love me even more
then he already did.  Ten minutes later, my husband and I were in the kennels,
both of us naked and looking forward to a new and exicting experience.

First, we made love with me on top, and the he let out the Poodle I had tried
to calm down a few nights ago and an Irish Setter.  I sat down on the floor
with my legs spread.  The Poodle immediately began humping my leg, his 4 inch
penis rubbing against my knees.  I watched in growing fascination as the dog
came all over my leg.

My husband then brought over the Setter as I positioned myself on all fours. He
sniffed my wet pussy for a minute or so and then mounted me, his long skinny
cock sliding inside me when he thrust forward.  He fucked me furiosly, and when
he came I felt the knot on hid cock swelling inside my vagina.  When the Setter
finally pulled out of my hole, his cum gushed from me in rivers. I watched as
he trotted off to join the Poodle in the corner.  Then, grinning up at my
husband, I told him to let out all the male dogs.

There were seven in all; two Hounds, a Bulldog, a Great Dane, two German Police
dogs, and the offspring of a Timber Wolf mated to a Huskey.  My husband was
nearly knocked to his feet as the dogs rushed to get at me.  Still on all
fours, I let the seven dogs lick and sniff me until I was beside myself with
lust.  When one of the Police dogs mounted me, I reached back and guided his
cock into my dripping love hole.  The Police dog started fucking me hard as the
others continued licking and sniffing all over my body.  One of the dogs even
tried to mount my face.

My knees were beginning to hurt so when the Police dog pulled out of me I asked
my husband to get me some pillows to kneel on.  He came back a few minutes
later with the pillows and an Instant Camera.  I knelt on the pillows and let
the Great Dane mount me.  This dog had an especially large penis and he brought
me to the point of no return several times as my husband took pictures of the
action.  The Bulldog and the other Police dog were next.  The Police dog
mounted me from behind and then, when the Bulldog jumped up and draped his paws
over my shoulders, I managed to work my head down to his underside and take his
exicted penis into my mouth.  It was deliciously wicked to have one dog
thrusting into me from behind while I sucked the sex organ of the other.  And
when the animals came, one in my pussy and one in my mouth, I thought I'd flip
out altogether.

I rested for a while after that and then my husband brought over the Timber
Wolf/Husky.  He smiled broadly when I told him I wanted the dog in my ass. The
animal mounted me and my husband guided its exicted cock to my anus.  As soon
as penetration had been effected, I told him that I want to suck him.  He
stepped in front of me and I practically bit off his penis in my wild desire to
get it in my mouth.  With the dog thrusting in my ass, I sucked my husband with
a passion that was almost frightening to me.

After being sodomized by the dog and gulping down my husband's delicious cum, I
went into the house to clean up while my husband locked up the dogs.  In the
bathtub I gave myself a thorough scrubbing.  A little later, we look at the
pictures he had taken of me and the dogs.  They exicted us so much that we made
wild, crazy love before going to sleep.

I suppose some people would think that we are doing something wrong, but we
love each other very much, we love the dogs, and we see no harm in occasionally
allowing the animals to join us in our sexual activity.

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