The Beastmistress - Pt 1 by Paul Wain

The Beastmistress - Pt 1

It had been a long weekend for Dee, with her inner fantasies being exposed and her sexuality explored to the limit. She had arrived home tired, drained but utterly fulfilled. Her mind though was buzzing with possibilities and permutations. Had two women and their assortment of animals really taken her to the limits of ecstasy? Had she really been so turned on that reason went out of the window?

These were questions that played on her mind as she eased herself into a warm, relaxing bath. The questions were answered quickly as her hands slid down her body, trying to recreate the feelings of the time she had spent in perverted bliss. Her fingers lingered over her now erect nipples, teasing them into taut cones, which were begging for a mouth to be wrapped around them and teased by a flickering tongue. She sighed at remembered pleasures of her pussy being invaded by both humans and animals, each bringing their own unique pleasures to her pliant body.

She masturbated, slowly at first, dipping her fingers inside her warm cunt whilst stimulating her clitoris with her free hand. The waves of pleasure began to build quickly to a crescendo wracking her body from head to toe in the form of a shattering orgasm. She slumped back into the tub satisfied but empty at the same time, she needed to relive the heights she had felt but was unable to recreate for herself, would her life be the same again? She climbed into bed dreaming of the joy of depravity.

The days and weeks that followed were the usual humdrum and tediousness that seemed to occupy her life. She had not had her calls returned by Sam or Natasha and this to Dee seemed the ultimate in cruelty, turn her on then leave her dangling in a void that seemed impossible to fill.

Dee found herself walking in her favourite stretch of countryside, the place she returned to when all else seemed to fail. It usually lifted her spirits but in the warm twilight even that was failing her. She sat on a bench overlooking the valley below as the sun was casting the last of its warming rays when a faint noise behind her caught her attention. It sounded like half -remembered pleasure that had for so long forsaken her, it must be a trick of the mind. The sound came again and this time there was no mistaking the whimpers of delight that were coming from the wood directly behind her.

She walked silently to where the sound originated and crouching down behind a small tree was amazed at the sight that confronted her. There was a woman with not one but two Great Danes and whilst one of the dogs looked on impassively the other was having his cock sucked. Once the initial shock had subsided, Dee began to take more notice of the scene in front of her. The two dogs were beautiful black Great Danes, standing the size of small ponies, they made a direct contrast to the woman who was with them. Dee guessed her to be in her early twenties. She wore high-heeled stilettos and a long coat that had become unbuttoned and Dee could clearly see that she was naked underneath. She caught glimpses of her breasts, which were full but standing proudly, topped by dark nipples that were clearly erect either by the sexual excitement or the cool of the air. The woman had an obvious tan that gave her an athletic appearance and as Dee watched in fascination she saw the final coup de grace that the woman had a shaven pussy.

Dee's fingers wandered down to her own crotch and gently began to rub her pussy lips over the fabric of her jeans. It was obvious from the way the dog was bucking his hips that he was going to come very shortly. His cock, being lovingly massaged by the mouth of this woman, was engorged to a size that looked impossible to fit in her mouth but somehow was being taken to the back of her throat. The huge cock was pumping backwards and forwards and the veins on it were standing proud of the crimson sword. The knot at the base of the cock was the size of a small grapefruit. The woman was alternately sucking and running her tongue along its entire length. With a final thrust the dogs cock burst free from her mouth and copious amounts of semen gushed onto the floor. No sooner had this happened than the woman replaced the cock in her mouth and began to swallow greedily. The look on her face was one of pure bliss, this was something she was obviously enjoying.

Dee moved forward to ease the access to her pussy when she caught her foot in a tree root and tumbled forward. The noise startled the other woman and the cock sprang from her mouth with the residue of semen dripping from the side of her mouth.

Both Dee and the woman just looked at each other, neither sure what to say, both caught red handed.

The dark haired woman broke the silence, "Never seen a woman really enjoying herself before?" the words were spat out like an accusation and for a moment Dee was stunned into silence.

"No, no it's just that it wasn't what I was expecting when I heard the noise. I'm sorry for disturbing you. You really looked like you were enjoying it." said Dee, now growing in confidence.

"Of course I was enjoying it and I don't want any outbursts of moral indignation." She stared at Dee with a defiant look in her eyes as if daring her to pass judgement.

"If you must know I actually found it a turn on," said Dee, surprising herself with the words that sprang from her lips. "I'm also quite jealous as a matter of fact, that was really quite a show"

"It wasn't intended for public viewing, as I'm sure you realise, some people just wouldn't understand."

With that she stood up and wrapped her coat about her but not before allowing Dee a glimpse of the heavenly body beneath it. She began to walk away slipping the dogs onto their leads.

"Don't go," said Dee "I am being serious when I say that I was turned on by what I saw"

"Walk with me then and tell me more about yourself"

With that the two women walked down the path towards the cottage that lay at the end of the clearing. The dark haired woman said her name was Debbie and that she lived alone with her two dogs, Max and Blackie and her horses. The cottage had been bought with a large legacy from her grandfather who had made a fortune in real estate. This meant that Debbie was financially independent and could indulge her passions of dogs, horses and the solitude of the country. She invited Dee in for a drink and went to dress. When she returned Dee appraised her as she moved around the kitchen. She was about 5'7", long dark hair with a figure that oozed sex appeal. Since her encounter with the two girls, Dee had begun to look more and more at the potential of women as sexual partners. She found herself buying top shelf magazines so that she could take her time in looking at the women that adorned the pages. She could definitely feel that Debbie would be able to get her juices flowing. How could she force the pace? Would Debbie reciprocate?

They chatted easily and long into the night as the two women enjoyed each other's company. They found they had much in common and the wine that flowed helped to remove any further inhibitions that either of them may have felt. The conversation turned to the scene of the afternoon. Debbie explained that since she had moved to this cottage she realised that men really held no appeal for her. She had begun to experiment with the dogs and she quickly realised that a fuck with a Great Dane was completely fulfilling, a feeling that no man had been able to replicate. The next logical step had been to try her horses, she had two stallions and a mare, and again the intensity of orgasm that she felt when giving head to her horses had been indescribable. She was addicted to the semen of her animals either to swallow or to have inside her cunt. The orgasms she got from feeling those huge cocks fill her up with semen was heavenly.

Dee found the descriptions such a turn on and could feel an involuntary flow of pussy juice begin to wet her panties. Her cunt was aching for release and she knew what it would take.

"Debbie please can I watch you with the dogs? I've been sitting here getting hornier by the minute and I don't think my panties can take much more."

Debbie smiled, got up and walked to the door and called the dogs. Immediately they came bounding through the door with a look, that Dee could have sworn, that meant they were ready for sex.

They both sat at Debbie's feet looking expectantly. Debbie reached behind her and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood there naked except for her high heels and motioned for Dee to come to her. She walked over to her and gently ran her finger down her spine, squeezing her buttocks very gently in her hands. Dee shivered as Debbie released her breasts, briefly cupping them in her hands and teasing the nipples between her thumb and forefinger and then moved back to the couch to watch the scene unfolding.

Dee stepped out of her panties and was naked. Turning to Debbie, so that she could see the pout of her pussy, she gently parted her lips to show the juices welling up inside her. She looked stunning and for a brief moment Dee felt profoundly jealous of the two beasts that would soon possess Debbie.

The two dogs stood up and Debbie dropped to her knees so that she had better access to the cocks that were now in front of her face. She grasped the sheaths firmly and gently fondling them until their cocks began to protrude. She then lay underneath them both and slowly took each of the cocks in turn into her mouth. Very quickly both Max and Blackie had the most enormous erections which glistened in the light with Debbie's saliva dripping from them.

Both of the dogs seemed to know what was expected of them and while one stood there stock still, with his prick throbbing rhythmically, the other backed away to allow Debbie to crouch down in front of him. Debbie moved closer to the first dog and began to take his prick deep into her mouth again. Max moved behind Debbie and very carefully straddled her so that his cock was just brushing her cunt lips. Dog pre-cum and cunt juice mingled together while the dog showed great restraint just resting his cock against the parting pussy lips. Dee spread her legs and began to stroke her clit as she watched in fascination and mounting sexual excitement.

With one hand wrapped around a dog cock and sucking hungrily on it, Debbie used her free hand to guide the dripping erection into her waiting cunt. The tip of the prick slowly pushed aside the wet lips and inch by inch slid inside her.

Debbie squealed with excitement as that huge cock spread her ever wider. Her cunt stretching to accommodate that monster prick but her juices giving her enough lubrication to be well and truly fucked. As she began to buck against the dog it took its cue and began to quicken the pace until he was slamming his knot against her sopping pussy. Debbie was panting and moaning as she was taken to heaven and back. She was still managing to fellate the other dog and Dee could see his semen running down the side of Debbie's mouth as his cock pummeled her mouth. His pace intensified and Debbie swallowed a rush of cum which seemed to go on forever. She loved the salty taste and as it washed down her throat she savoured every drop of it.

The intensity of the cock in her pussy declined as the dog tried to push his knot inside the juicy cunt that held him firmly. It seemed impossible for her to accommodate it but it slowly slid inside her, parting her lips to an impossibly wide limit. Debbie was panting and moaning as the knot tried to split her open. Dee, acting on impulse and sheer desire, came and lay on her back in front of Debbie and spread her legs. She offered her pussy, which Debbie eagerly accepted, peeling back her lips and clamping her mouth firmly over the gaping orifice. Dee gasped as her cunt was probed by Debbie's fervent tongue. Debbie was timing her orgasm to match the one that was building deep inside Dee. With a mighty scream both women collapsed in a quivering heap on top of each other. For a full ten minutes Debbie was tied to Max, then the knot slipped out from between Debbie's lips accompanied by a gush of sticky semen.

Blackie was obviously ready for some action and Dee quickly got onto all fours exposing her gaping cunt. Blackie moved to straddle her and Debbie grasped his cock and gently eased his huge cock into Dee's pussy. The effect was electric as she was stretched wide to accommodate that monstrous weapon and all her feelings of exquisite lust came flooding back. Debbie held onto his cock and began to rock it backwards and forwards into Dee's wet pussy. Dee was intermittently screaming and gurgling with pleasure, she was meant to enjoy these bestial encounters and sex with a like minded woman. In and out the prick pushed, nudging her cervix with every thrust. Debbie's fingers had found her clit and were massaging it in time with the thrust of the cock. This had to be heaven, as she reminded herself that no man could ever come near the limits to which she was being taken.

Debbie, sensing that her orgasm was close, pushed Blackie's cock until the knot slid past the lips that grasped his cock. Dee screamed in pain and delight as she too was tied to a dog for what seemed like an eternity of orgiastic pleasure. Eventually when the cock slipped out Debbie greedily sucked it into her mouth to taste the mix of dog cum and pussy juices that clung to Blackie's cock and drained it dry.

"That was wonderful," said Dee.

"Wait until you've met the horse," said Debbie, "you've one more lesson yet!"

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